CS:GO Pro Settings and Gear List

Welcome to our CS:GO Pro Settings and Gear List. This is where we get our data from to give you our analysis on the most used gaming peripherals and gear and our competitive settings guide. We research everything we can find from settings like DPI & eDPI, sensitivity, resolution to gear and hardware like monitors, mice, mousepads, keyboards.

Maybe you don’t want to know what the average sensitivity of professional players is but are much more interested in what sens your specific favorite CSGO pros like f0rest, scream, GeT_RiGhT, shox, device, s1mple or fallen are using. Well, in that case, this is the right place. We chose the top 30 teams in competitive CS:GO and listed them in our internal ranking which is aggravated by recent and historical competitive performance.

The list you see below is connected to our database where we update the information as soon as possible. If we made any mistakes, please feel free to join us in the comments to discuss these settings and their sources. If you have any further questions, you can refer to our FAQ as well. Thank you for reading.

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      1. Stump is right, Zowie only offer 400/800/1600/3200 dpi so them being on 500 is not possible. I think you just simply confused the two 😀

  1. s1mple uses 800×600 rn but he changes between it and 1024×768 🙂 just a suggestion but u guys should post pro crosshairs too 😀

  2. Hello there is some contradiction when listing Kjaerbye’s keyboard as every site has a different one listed. Here you have Logitech RGB G610, a site that links to you has K70 RGB Reds and astralis also has Corsair RGB STRAFE silent cherry MX. So which one is correct and why would he go to a Logitech that is in my opinion inferior to K70 or even STRAFE. I like this site, but one suggestion I would make is add a column where it lists when the player’s setup was last updated and from which event you got the info from. Adding crosshairs would also be very good 🙂

  3. Niko Resolution is 1024×768. The !resolution command shows his video settings from Dec 30th which is the same time he updated his config showing 1.55 sens.

    1. nvm, he change it to 4:3 | 1280×1024, but on his stream is still 16:9 | 1280×720
      Sorry guys! 😀

  4. Hiko changed his mouse sens to 4.2 on stream yesterday or the day before. Just in case if this is still updated often :]

  5. KennyS is back to the Deathadder, I saw it today on the stream from SLTV, but I dont know if it is the Elite or the normal one.

  6. Do you know kennyS’s Nvidia settings/ brightness settings, when I have the settings in game it still looks different than what his game actually looks like.

  7. Taco have a new crosshair
    Crosshair: cl_crosshairsize 3; cl_crosshairstyle 4; cl_crosshair_drawoutline 0; cl_crosshairalpha 255; cl_crosshairdot 0; cl_crosshaircolor 1; cl_crosshairthickness 1.15; cl_crosshairgap -2;

    and new sens too
    sens 1.7

    source : Stream

  8. Guardian has a new crosshair
    crosshairsize 2, crosshairstyle 4, gap -2, cl_crosshairgap_useweaponvalue 1,cl_crosshairthickness 2)

    and mouse too i guess, but im not sure whitch one he’s using
    FK2 or ZA13, its from his nightbot.

  9. Draken is playing in game sens 1.19 instead of 1.20.

    And jw is playing 1024×758 instead of 1280×960 confirmed on stream updated mods

  10. krimz again new crosshair, same as JW but only size 2 not 3.

    I feel like a csgo pro stalker haha 😀

  11. Astralis
    Kjaerbye change his resolution to 1024×768 | BB
    Dupreeh change res to 1280×800 | Stretched
    Shox -> 400 dpi and 3.0 sens -> 1200 edpi, not 900 😀

    1. Unfortunately Astralis playerpages are really outdated. Shox eDPI is 900 because he is using 5/11 windows sensitivity. 🙂

  12. Why do so many pro players use sennheiser game zero or one? is it a good headset for csgo ? or are they just sponsored

  13. Olof now 1.75 @ 400, doesnt use 1.7 anymore. H0bbit uses 3 @ 400, 1024 stretch (src: https://vk.com/h0bbitzce?z=photo-85634299_456239750%2Falbum-85634299_00%2Frev 4th of March pretty recent source).
    Shroud is back on 2 @ 400. Stream’d last night and i saw it. Faze Rain is at 1.75 @450dpi. (src: https://www.twitch.tv/raingomg) Updated recently. G2 Bodyy is on 2.6 @ 400, Downloaded latest config and this was his sens. Dev1ce is now on 2.5 (src: http://astralis.gg/dev1ce/) His config is avalible on there, however is old and is still on 2.3 on that cfg. Karrigan is at 1.2 @ 800, I asked him on latest twitch stream and he said 1.2 @ 800. Liquid Twistzz is on 2.36 @ 400 and 800×600 bb. (src: https://www.twitch.tv/twistzztv).

    Just tryna help 🙂

  14. freddieb crosshair from twitch
    cl_crosshairsize 3 cl_crosshairgap -2 cl_crosshairthickness 0 cl_crosshaircolor 1

    his new sens is 2.3/400

      1. they are sponsored but they are not forced to use mouse XXXX, but they can’t say what mouse they really have like hiko, he was forced to say he use a deathadder, but he was playing with a other mouse all the time.

  15. hmm @Flow0w

    i am 100% sure hes on 2 @ 400, and 1024 stretched. been watching stream all morning. and he claims to be on fnatic flick mouse

    1. he showed his sens on mirage when he was dead, score was like 10/13 or something.

      and now he said he uses the Fnatic Flick mouse.

      Pro’s stop switching ur settings all the time xD

      1. but 5/6 is 0.83(not 0.75, 4/6 is 0.75), so only 0.167 lower than the 6/11 setting ( 1.00 is 6/6), hence shoxie is on 1000dpi and not 900

    1. it is the elite, since they are sponsored by razer so.. why not use the new deathadder from a sponsor…

  16. Any chance we could an update on the Zowie GSRs? I’d love to know who is using the Black GSR, Blue GSR, HLTV GSR

  17. The math for BIG – Nex’s sensitivity doesn’t add up. Currently says [400 dpi | 1.15 in-game sensitivity | 920 eDPI].

  18. Jayzwalkingz uses 600 CPI, 1.9 sens, 6/11, 1280×960

    Swag also switched from 1.2 sens to 1.5, shown on last stream

    AdreN on 2.0 sens, Draken on 1.2 sens

    fox uses stretched now, 400 CPI and 4.7 sensitivity

    BARBARR uses 1.45 sensitivity, 1024×768 black bars (Facebook page)

  19. Hi. Everybody know the crosshair of scream actually? And the sensitivity of niko faze using actually? Plz tell me

  20. How did you know device is back on 2,5 again And how did you know fallen is change of 2.3 to 2.2

  21. Can you make one for hazed? He is playing for Optic, and i was just curious as to what settings he has.

  22. ChrisJ isn’t using FK1, just saw it on stream. I think hes using the same mouse as Rain

  23. Taz – G403 Wired
    H0bbit – ZOWIE FK (not sure which model, i can make an educated guess and say the fk2 as he used to use ec2)
    Mou – Zowie ZA13 White
    Karrigan – Razer Mamba (ew)
    gla1ve – Zowie ec1-a
    lowel – g pro (at major hes on it)
    Chrisj – Qpad8k
    ropz – Normal EC2-a not white
    aizy – fk1
    Dosia – Zowie FK(not sure size)
    dennis – Zowie FK(not sure size)
    Xizt – EC2-A
    Get_RiGhT – Zowie ec1-a
    niko (heroic) – ec2-a
    valde is not longer on heroic btw, remove his team logo and name
    n0thing – G100S (he didnt like g pro)
    xms – EC2-a
    LUCAS1 – Zowie FK1
    autimatic – G403 Wireless (you have wired atm)
    wayLander – Zowie EC(not sure size)
    Amanek – Zowie EC1-a
    smooya (hes in epsilon now i know all his settings) – DA Elite, 1.8 @ 400, 1024 stretched, qck+ (not heavy), Blackwidow tourney edition keyboard.Windows 6/11 Raw input 1, zoom sens 1

    🙂 I look at settings constantly some reason i feel like i have to know all pros settings lol theres my knowledge

    1. Hey Jack!

      Amazing work. Thank you for taking the time to write all of this down and share it with us. Your work is great help for us and much appreciated. 🙂

      Edit: ChrisJ is on the Mionix Naos 7000 and ropz is on the white EC2-a everything else is fixed. 🙂

        1. Yes! My bad mate i just did some research and found out that he is, Turns out lowel is also on white zowie ec aswell now lol.

  24. How is this right:
    Shox 3 ingame sens 5 window sens 400 dpi = 900 effective
    Hen1 2,5 ingame sens 4 window sens 400 dpi = 1000 effective how

  25. Spiidi’s crosshair is now:

    cl_crosshairsize 4.4 cl_crosshairthickness 1 cl_crosshairgap -1 cl_crosshairstyle 4 cl_Crosshair_drawoutline 1 cl_crosshair_outlinethickness 0.1 cl_crosshaircolor “5”cl_crosshaircolor_b “174” cl_crosshaircolor_g “180” cl_crosshaircolor_r “8” cl_crosshairalpha “200”

    Check his Stream

  26. its true that fox uses 400 dpi 4.7 and 1 fot awp in game cause its says that on stream but he cant be using am gs pro mouse anymore cause it only has 450 dpi setting saying that on his twitch says that he is using that mouse but he probs forgot to update it. would be cool if you could update the mouse hes using

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