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ZOWIE Gear is BenQ’s gaming division. It originally started as its own company, and Zowie’s mice rapidly became a large hit with competitive gamers. ZOWIE’s mice and mousepads are still massively popular with professional gamers.

67.32% (927 of 1377) players are currently using ZOWIE equipment

Top ZOWIE products used by pros


  • BenQ Zowie XL2566K Review

    BenQ Zowie XL2566K Review

    BenQ ZOWIE XL2566K ReviewWhen it comes to professional gaming monitors, ZOWIE reigns supreme. Their monitors get used by a ton of professional gamers, and you see them at pretty much every serious CS:GO tournament (sometimes with the logos stickered over,… read more

  • Zowie EC3-C Review

    Zowie EC3-C Review

    For years, Zowie has been the brand of choice for professional CS:GO players and one of the most often recommended brands for competitive shooter gamers. In recent times, however, the brand had fallen behind the rest of… read more

  • Zowie S2-C Review

    Zowie S2-C Review

    Zowie is one of the most used brands in the competitive gaming scene. Their mice are tailor-made for (tactical) shooter games, and that shows in their usage numbers. The brand has consistently been on top in our most… read more

  • Zowie FK2-B Review

    Zowie FK2-B Review

    The Zowie FK line has technically already received an update but that updated version was only available with a glossy coating as part of their Divina line. With the release of this regular FK-B series model and the… read more

  • Zowie G-SR Review

    Zowie G-SR Review

    Mousepads are an often overlooked piece of gaming equipment. They’re not necessarily the most important piece of equipment, but a decent pad will definitely improve your gaming experience and performance. Much like other peripherals mousepads have their own… read more

  • BenQ Zowie XL2546K Review

    BenQ Zowie XL2546K Review

    If you follow our site somewhat you will know that the BenQ Zowie XL2546 is one of the most popular monitors with professional gamers. That’s not all that strange: it’s a fantastic gaming monitor with a refresh… read more

  • Zowie EC2-A Review

    Zowie EC2-A Review

    Zowie EC2-A – ReviewFor years, Zowie esports mice have dominated the professional CS:GO scene with a variety of gaming peripherals, being lauded mostly for their mice and their super comfortable and amazing to use shapes. At the very top, the… read more

  • Zowie FK1 Review

    Zowie FK1 Review

    The Zowie FK series (the FK1, FK2 and FK+) have been staples in the CS:GO world for quite some time now, with some really big names using it as their weapon of choice. Zowie absolutely dominates the CSGO… read more

  • Zowie EC2-B Review

    Zowie EC2-B Review

    Zowie EC2-B – ReviewThe Zowie EC2-A (and EC1-A) has been lauded for many years now as one of the best gaming mice on the planet. You can read why that is in our full review here. Users have been calling… read more

  • BenQ Zowie XL2546 Review

    BenQ Zowie XL2546 Review

    Serious gamers have known for a while now that a high refresh rate monitor is the way to go. When it comes to fast moving images you want to be able to follow the action fluidly and… read more

  • Zowie ZA12 Review

    Zowie ZA12 Review

    When we first started doing gear reviews on this website we thought Zowie’s EC2-A would be an ideal starting point, since Zowie is by far the most dominant mouse manufacturer for our analyzed CS:GO pros. Since then we’ve… read more

  • Zowie S2 Divina Review

    Zowie S2 Divina Review

    Zowie has existed for just over a decade now, and their mission hasn’t changed since they were founded way back in late 2008: to bring the best competitive FPS gaming gear to the public, without any unnecessary… read more

  • Zowie G-SR-SE Divina Review

    Zowie G-SR-SE Divina Review

    Mousepads come in a massive variety of sizes, textures, thickness, looks, and so forth so it can be kind of hard to find the one that’s right for you. Getting a pad that fits your playing style… read more

  • Zowie EC2-B Divina Review

    Zowie EC2-B Divina Review

    When Zowie launched their new S2 model in the Divina colorways they also released a special edition of the EC2-B and EC1-B in these striking colors. Most people seem to think that this is just a recolor… read more

  • Zowie S2 Review

    Zowie S2 Review

    Zowie’s newest S line of mice initially only came out as a sort of limited edition release as part of their Divina line, and while that’s an admirable initiative people were obviously clamoring for this new design to… read more

  • Zowie Celeritas II Review

    Zowie Celeritas II Review

    Zowie are mostly known and renowned in the gaming scene as manufacturers of excellent gaming mice and gaming monitors, but they also produce other peripherals. Today we’re taking a look at one of those other products in… read more

  • Zowie Camade II Review

    Zowie Camade II Review

    If you ever had a nice frag denied because of the fact that your cable managed to get stuck behind something on your desk then you’ll know how handy a mouse bungee can be. It seems like… read more

  • Zowie FK2-B Divina Review

    Zowie FK2-B Divina Review

    Ever since Zowie released the updated version of their famous EC mouse, people have been clamoring for a refresh of that other public darling; the FK line. Now the time has finally come. The new ‘FK-B’ line… read more

  • Zowie EC2 Review

    Zowie EC2 Review

    If you could study Counter-Strike at university then the Zowie EC would be a mandatory piece of equipment to start out your first year. This mouse has been a favorite of CS:GO pros for years now and it… read more

  • Zowie EC2 Tyloo Review

    Zowie EC2 Tyloo Review

    Zowie are known for their subtle and performance-focused black peripherals, but sometimes they do release some more colorful editions of their products. Every time that happens it’s for a reason, though. The Divina line, for example, was… read more

  • Zowie GTF-X Review

    Zowie GTF-X Review

    We all know that it’s important to find a gaming mouse that fits your preferences and playing style, but mousepads are often (unfairly) treated as an afterthought. That’s a shame, because there are many different styles out there,… read more

  • Zowie ZA13-B Review

    Zowie ZA13-B Review

    When you say ‘Zowie’ most people tend to think about the EC and FK series when it comes to mice. The ZA series is one of the OG Zowie mice but it, perhaps oddly, gets forgotten from time… read more

  • Zowie FK2-B Review

    Zowie FK2-B Review

    The Zowie FK line has technically already received an update but that updated version was only available with a glossy coating as part of their Divina line. With the release of this regular FK-B series model and the… read more