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ZOWIE Gear is BenQ’s gaming division. It originally started as its own company, and Zowie’s mice rapidly became a large hit with competitive gamers. ZOWIE’s mice and mousepads are still massively popular with professional gamers.

68.62% (1006 of 1466) players are currently using ZOWIE equipment

Top ZOWIE products used by pros


  • ZOWIE G-SR II Review
    Mousepad, ZOWIE

    ZOWIE G-SR II Review

    The ZOWIE G-SR is a legendary control pad that’s primarily used in tactical shooters (see our best mousepad for CS:GO guide) and other games where stability is key, but it has been one of the default recommendations for players looking ...read more

  • ZOWIE EC3-CW Review
    Mouse, ZOWIE

    ZOWIE EC3-CW Review

    ZOWIE mice have always been very respected in the professional tactical shooter world for their focus on performance, durability, and stability without blindly going for the latest trends, but when most brands went wireless with their flagship models, ZOWIE remained ...read more

  • ZOWIE XL2566K Review
    Monitor, ZOWIE

    ZOWIE XL2566K Review

    When it comes to professional gaming monitors, ZOWIE reigns supreme. Their monitors get used by a ton of professional gamers, and you see them at pretty much every serious CS:GO tournament (sometimes with the logos stickered over, but they’re very ...read more

  • ZOWIE G-SR-SE Rouge Review
    Mousepad, ZOWIE

    ZOWIE G-SR-SE Rouge Review

    ZOWIE’s G-SR-SE mousepad has long been a favorite of professional gamers, but it can’t be denied that the pad had some issues in the past. The durability, for example, wasn’t all that, and the G-SR-SE also suffered from humidity issues, ...read more

  • ZOWIE ZA12-C Review
    Mouse, ZOWIE

    ZOWIE ZA12-C Review

    ZOWIE’s C line of mice has been received with praise for bringing the ZOWIE design philosophy to the modern age of mice without losing sight of what makes pros and casual gamers alike love their products, but the C releases weren’t without ...read more

  • Zowie S2-C Review
    Mouse, ZOWIE

    Zowie S2-C Review

    Zowie is one of the most used brands in the competitive gaming scene. Their mice are tailor-made for (tactical) shooter games, and that shows in their usage numbers. The brand has consistently been on top in our most used lists ...read more

  • Zowie EC3-C Review
    Mouse, ZOWIE

    Zowie EC3-C Review

    For years, Zowie has been the brand of choice for professional CS:GO players and one of the most often recommended brands for competitive shooter gamers. In recent times, however, the brand had fallen behind the rest of the market a bit. In ...read more

  • Zowie XL2546K Review
    Monitor, ZOWIE

    Zowie XL2546K Review

    If you follow our site somewhat you will know that the BenQ Zowie XL2546 is one of the most popular monitors with professional gamers. That’s not all that strange: it’s a fantastic gaming monitor with a refresh rate of 240Hz that focuses on ...read more

  • Zowie FK2-B Review
    Mouse, ZOWIE

    Zowie FK2-B Review

    The Zowie FK line has technically already received an update but that updated version was only available with a glossy coating as part of their Divina line. With the release of this regular FK-B series model and the updated ZA series we now have the full ...read more

  • Zowie ZA13-B Review
    Mouse, ZOWIE

    Zowie ZA13-B Review

    When you say ‘Zowie’ most people tend to think about the EC and FK series when it comes to mice. The ZA series is one of the OG Zowie mice but it, perhaps oddly, gets forgotten from time to time, ...read more


  • Most Popular PC Gaming Gear – Q2 2023
    Logitech, ZOWIE, RAZER, Wooting

    Most Popular PC Gaming Gear – Q2 2023

    In our quarterly series on the most popular PC gaming gear, we take a deep look at the gear that the best players in the world are using and how those particular gear markets are evolving. In the second quarter ...read more

  • Big Gear for Big Plays – The Gear of the Paris Major 2023 Winners
    CS:GO, Logitech, ZOWIE

    Big Gear for Big Plays – The Gear of the Paris Major 2023 Winners

    The very last Major of our beloved CS:GO has come to an end and -spoiler alert- Vitality has written history by getting their hands on this iteration of Counter-Strike’s most prestigious trophy in Paris. It’s a win that was seemingly ...read more

  • Most Popular PC Gaming Gear – Q1 2023

    Most Popular PC Gaming Gear – Q1 2023

    In a world that’s as fast-moving as the world of PC gaming gear, it can be hard to see the forest for the trees. Every single week, new gear gets announced, and it’s easy to get stuck in an everlasting ...read more

  • The Differences Between ZOWIE monitors

    The Differences Between ZOWIE monitors

    When it comes to gaming monitors, ZOWIE is without a doubt one of the most important brands in the professional gaming scene. Everyone from tournament organizers to professionals playing in lower tier teams are using their monitors, and with ZOWIE ...read more

  • How to use Zowie XL Setting to Share

    How to use Zowie XL Setting to Share

    When Zowie released their ‘K line’ of monitors they also released a neat feature called ‘Setting to Share’. This basically allows users of the K line of Zowie monitors (you can check to compatible monitors here) to export and import monitor ...read more

  • The Best BenQ Monitor Settings

    The Best BenQ Monitor Settings

    Grabbing a great monitor to game on is only half the battle. Most monitors come out of the factory with a drab and washed out color scheme, or the default setting might not be optimal for gaming, and then we ...read more

  • What is DyAc?

    What is DyAc?

    DyAc (Dynamic Accuracy) is a proprietary BenQ Zowie technology which is used on their (higher end) gaming monitors, designed to reduce eye tracking motion blur (see: Blur Reduction Technology) during gameplay. It is the successor to the company’s Blur Reduction, featuring improved ...read more

  • What is Black eQualizer

    What is Black eQualizer

    Black eQualizer is a proprietary BenQ Zowie technology which is used in their gaming monitors. It aims to brighten dark areas of the game world without overexposing the brighter areas, so that gamers can more easily spot enemies in darker ...read more