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The Vaxee Corporation is a PC gaming peripherals company mostly known for their esports-focused mice and mousepads. The company was founded by the founders of the original ZOWIE gears team.

12.59% (184 of 1461) players are currently using VAXEE equipment

Top VAXEE products used by pros


  • VAXEE ZYGEN NP-01S Wireless Review
    Mouse, VAXEE

    VAXEE ZYGEN NP-01S Wireless Review

    The moment VAXEE started producing gaming peripherals, professional and competitive gamers have been flocking to the brand in rather large numbers. When it comes to gear uptake in the professional scene, VAXEE is definitely one of the most successful new more

  • VAXEE XE Wireless Review
    Mouse, VAXEE

    VAXEE XE Wireless Review

    The VAXEE XE was a wired mouse that came out when a wireless connection had already pretty much become the standard in the gaming mouse scene, and due to the fact that it had a detachable cable many people (including our reviewer) more

  • VAXEE XE Review
    Mouse, VAXEE

    VAXEE XE Review

    VAXEE is a relatively new peripherals manufacturer that was founded by the people behind the original ZOWIE team. As such, it shouldn’t be a surprise that their first couple of launches were focused on the competitive esports audience, but this more

  • VAXEE PA Review
    Mousepad, VAXEE

    VAXEE PA Review

    VAXEE is a company that has been aiming their products at professional and competitive gamers ever since they first started off, and so far all of their products have been hits. The NP-01 in particular has been adopted by a lot of more

  • VAXEE ZYGEN NP-01S Review
    Mouse, VAXEE

    VAXEE ZYGEN NP-01S Review

    VAXEE is a company that hasn’t even been making mice for more than a year and yet they’ve already managed to carve out a respectable position in the mouse market for themselves. It should perhaps come as no surprise: the more

    Mouse, VAXEE


    VAXEE’s first mouse was met with lots of praise from reviewers and consumers alike thanks to its laser focus on competitive gaming. That focus also landed it on the desks of a fair amount of (mostly CS:GO and Valorant) pros, which is more

  • VAXEE ZYGEN NP-01 Review
    Mouse, VAXEE

    VAXEE ZYGEN NP-01 Review

    Vaxee is a new peripheral/esports company that has a couple of industry veterans working for them, so when they first revealed their plans to make a new gaming mouse there was quite a bit of interest from all ends of more


  • Most Popular PC Gaming Gear – Q1 2023

    Most Popular PC Gaming Gear – Q1 2023

    In a world that’s as fast-moving as the world of PC gaming gear, it can be hard to see the forest for the trees. Every single week, new gear gets announced, and it’s easy to get stuck in an everlasting more