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  • Logitech G Pro X 2 LIGHTSPEED Headset Review

    Logitech G Pro X 2 LIGHTSPEED Headset Review

    The Logitech G Pro X Headset line has been a massive success for Logitech. It’s the first line of headsets to truly challenge the HyperX Cloud II as the most used headset in competitive gaming, and now Logitech is trying... read more

  • Fnatic JET Review

    Fnatic JET Review

    The world of gaming mousepads is evolving at a rapid pace. Just a couple of years ago, it seemed like a ton of gamers used the exact same pads and treated mousepads as an afterthought, but in recent times there’s... read more

  • ZOWIE EC3-CW Review

    ZOWIE EC3-CW Review

    ZOWIE mice have always been very respected in the professional tactical shooter world for their focus on performance, durability, and stability without blindly going for the latest trends, but when most brands went wireless with their flagship models, ZOWIE remained... read more



    For the longest time, 1080p gaming monitors have been the standard in professional gaming. That’s because professional/competitive gamers prefer high framerates over visual fidelity since it’s quite simply better for performance reasons. Technology never stands still, however, and with the constant increase in... read more

  • Pulsar Superglide Mousepad Review

    Pulsar Superglide Mousepad Review

    Pulsar is a brand that has been killing it, releasing some really strong products that made significant waves in the enthusiast scene, and we even saw some pros moving to mice such as the Xlite V2.  All of this was (and... read more

  • VAXEE XE Wireless Review

    VAXEE XE Wireless Review

    The VAXEE XE was a wired mouse that came out when a wireless connection had already pretty much become the standard in the gaming mouse scene, and due to the fact that it had a detachable cable many people (including our reviewer)... read more

  • Ducky One 3 SF Aura Review

    Ducky One 3 SF Aura Review

    Ducky is a legendary brand in the keyboard scene. Their popularity may have passed its peak at this moment (though nothing says that they can’t get back to that level) but it’s undeniable that the brand has been instrumental in... read more

  • SCUF Instinct Pro Review

    SCUF Instinct Pro Review

    We did a review of Corsair’s Scuf Instinct Pro because it consistently shows up on pro players’ profiles, trailing just behind the console manufacturers’ own devices. Touted as a premium controller, our reviewer put it through some paces to test... read more

  • Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT Review

    Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT Review

    Corsair is a well-known brand best known for keyboards, but they’ve produced some nice mice and headphones as well. We’ve previously looked at the Sabre Pro and the K100 Air Wireless. In this review, we’re changing gears and looking at the Corsair Virtuoso... read more

  • Xtrfy M8 Review

    Xtrfy M8 Review

    Xtrfy has never been a brand that plays it safe when it comes to their mice. Rather than just copying whatever is the most popular shape on the market at any given time, the Swedish brand opts to go for... read more

  • Lethal Gaming Gear Saturn Pro Review

    Lethal Gaming Gear Saturn Pro Review

    The gaming mousepad community is a rather small one. Most gamers consider their mousepad to be somewhat of an afterthought, but if you’re somewhat interested in the scene there’s a lot to be discovered. Mousepads such as the Artisan Zero... read more

  • ZOWIE XL2566K Review

    ZOWIE XL2566K Review

    When it comes to professional gaming monitors, ZOWIE reigns supreme. Their monitors get used by a ton of professional gamers, and you see them at pretty much every serious CS:GO tournament (sometimes with the logos stickered over, but they’re very... read more

  • Logitech G740 Review

    Logitech G740 Review

    Logitech isn’t exactly known as a brand that releases a ton of gaming mousepads. Their main cloth mousepad line (containing the G640 and the G840) has been going for years now, and with the pads showing no signs of slowing... read more

  • Elgato Key Light Review

    Elgato Key Light Review

    In an age where streaming and remote work is booming, it’s only logical to see people invest money into their setup. If you’re in the streaming game you just can’t afford to be left behind by the competition when it... read more

  • Zaunkoenig M2K Review

    Zaunkoenig M2K Review

    Newer gaming mouse companies usually tend to play it safe by copying well-known shapes, or at least releasing products that appeal to as many people as possible. That makes sense, since you want to speak to as many gamers as... read more