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Secretlab is a Singaporean manufacturer of gaming chairs and office furniture aimed at gamers.

Secretlab products used by pros


  • Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 Review

    Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 Review

    Gaming isn’t exactly a very active hobby, and if you combine that with a desk job you’ll find yourself in a sitting position for the majority of the day. There’s a saying that goes ‘never skimp… read more

  • Secretlab Titan Softweave Review

    Secretlab Titan Softweave Review

    Gaming, as we all know, isn’t exactly a super active hobby or profession. Gamers are sitting down for multiple hours each day, and if you’re going to do that you better make sure that you’re sitting comfortably… read more

  • Secretlab Titan 2020 Review

    Secretlab Titan 2020 Review

    If you’re even a moderately competitive gamer you’ll be spending many, many hours behind your desk and as we all know sitting down isn’t exactly the healthiest thing to do, so it’s important (among other things such… read more