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The most used mousepads by VALORANT players

The most popular mousepads are calculated based on 321 professional players.


The first thought that a lot of people have when they’re upgrading their gaming peripherals is ‘I will need a top gaming mouse‘, and while a gaming mouse is without a doubt a very important piece of equipment it is merely a piece of the puzzle.

Something that’s overlooked far too often if you’re asking us is the mousepad. Just like with mice, keyboards, and headsets, mousepads come in many different sizes and can have a lot of differences between them. That’s why it’s important that you get yourself a mousepad that suits your playing style. If you often find yourself overshooting your targets you might want to go for a more controlling pad, for example. If it’s speed you’re after there are pads that deliver just that as well.

In order to help you choose your perfect pad we’ve been taking a look at what the pros are using. In this list we’ll go over the most popular pads with the professionals and give you a brief rundown of what you can expect from each pad.

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The Pro Usage Top 5 gets updated continuously and instantly so that you can always get an accurate overview of what the pros are using at any given time. In the body of the article itself, we go over the five most popular pro products in no particular order and, when relevant, we also give you some extra options in the form of products that fall just outside of the top 5 or are otherwise relevant.

What makes a mousepad good for VALORANT?

VALORANT isn’t a game where a lot of quick snaps and flicks are required. Just like in CS:GO, the name of the game is precision and accurate crosshair placement. Of course this doesn’t mean that you’ll never have to make a nutty flick to save the day, but contrary to some other games that we analyze there’s generally no need to keep your head (and crosshair) on a swivel at all times so theoretically there isn’t really a need to go for a super fast pad. Of course these things come down to preference, but currently we’re mostly seeing average glide pads as well as more control-oriented pads in the VALORANT scene, so make of that what you will.

Just like with any other game that we analyze, cloth pads are by far the most represented. This could be down to the fact that not a lot of companies are actually making quality hard pads at sizes that the pros need but there’s also an argument to be made for the portability of cloth pads and the fact that hard pads offer less overall control.

Logitech G640

The Logitech G640 is about as ‘middle of the road’ as they come. It has a medium glide in the sense that it doesn’t try to go for utter maximum speed but it’s also not very controlling. This makes it a great choice for people who want a bit of both, and that combined with its inoffensive 3mm thickness and pretty much perfect size makes it the pad of choice for a lot of gamers out there.

Another bonus with this pad is that it needs little maintenance. It keeps its original glide for a long time before it needs to be washed and the lack of a special coating or something like that makes for a pad that stays consistent for a long time. The rubber base also does a great job at keeping the G640 in place, so all of these factors combined make for a very reliable, though perhaps not very remarkable (that’s not a bad thing though) mousepad.

If you’re unsure as to what your preferences are when it comes to your gliding surface, the G640 is an ideal pad to start out with. It’s available across the globe and can be bought for friendly prices, further solidifying its status as great beginner mousepad.

Logitech G640 Original

Used by 34 VALORANT players ()
  • Knight
  • Yassa
  • H1ber
Pro’s Choice

❝The Logitech G640 is the ideal ‘starting pad’ for people who aren’t quite sure what they want when it comes to mousepads thanks to its middle of the road glide.❞

3.5 of 5
Read review (03/2019)


  • Excellent ‘middle of the road’ option when it comes to glide and thickness


  • Edges start fraying after a while


Stitched edgesNo

SteelSeries QcK Heavy

At first glance the QcK Heavy might look exactly the same as a regular mousepad but if you were to see both in real life you’d immediately see the difference. The Heavy didn’t steal its name, to say the least.

This pad is a whopping 6 millimeters thick, making it great at covering up even pretty noticeable imperfections in any playing surface. The glide is technically the same as what the thinner QcKs offer (i.e. a medium-fast glide) but because of the thickness the QcK Heavy can feel a bit slower. If your mouse has small feet and/or you’ve got a tendency to put a lot of pressure on your mouse it can cause the feet to sink into the pad a bit, making it appear slower than its thinner brethren. This isn’t as pronounced as it is on some mousepads that have the ‘feet sinkage’ as a feature, but it does explain why the Heavy can feel a bit slower.

If you’ve got a bit of a rocky desk or you’re someone who frequently has to play on unreliable surfaces this is a great choice, but do be warned that the thickness isn’t for everyone.

SteelSeries QcK Heavy

Used by 25 VALORANT players ()
  • tteuw
  • v1c
  • Allow
Pro’s Choice

❝The SteelSeries QcK Heavy is a thick mousepad with a medium gliding experience. It can be ideal for people who have a lot of inconsistencies on their desk, as the thickness will cover up most surface-level bumps and dents.❞

4 of 5
Read review (09/2018)


  • Thickness covers up uneven desk surfaces


  • Thick pad can get irritating on the skin for some
  • Very strong rubbery smell initially


Stitched edgesNo

Artisan Zero

Artisan is a brand that might not ring any bells with the more casual audience, but it’s one of the most respected manufacturers of mousepads in the world. Artisan pads are known for their quality and top tier performance, and that’s no different with the Zero. You’re getting a reliable and consistent surface that’s focused on control, though it’s not as slow as some dedicated control pads out there.

One drawback of Artisan pads is that they can be very hard to find, and if you do manage to find them you’ll have to shell out a pretty penny for them given the fact that they’re priced at the very top end of the spectrum as far as mousepads go. As such, we wouldn’t recommend this to people who have no idea what they like (yet) when it comes to mousepads, but if you’re after a premium control-focused mousepad then this should definitely be on your list.

Artisan Ninja FX Zero Soft

Used by 29 VALORANT players ()
  • MrFalin
  • Smoggy
  • jakee
  • runi

The Artisan Zero is the control pad in the Japanese brand’s lineup, though that doesn’t mean that it’s a dedicated control mousepad. What you’re getting is a control-oriented mousepad with Artisan’s famous quality. If you’re looking for a top tier mousepad, you’ve got to look at Artisan.


  • Great finishing
  • Premium stitching


  • Very expensive
  • Availability can be an issue


Stitched edgesYes

Razer Gigantus V2

If you’ve used the original Gigantus for any period of time you might think that the V2 version offers more of the same, but that’s not exactly true. Whereas the original Gigantus was classified as a control pad by a large amount of people, the V2 gives you a bit more freedom without going overboard.

The Gigantus V2 has a decent amount of static friction, leading you to have more control over your micro movements, but it lets go of the reins once you really start gliding. That type of glide (which can also be found in mousepads such as the ZOWIE G-SR-SE) has been getting more and more popular, so it’s nice to see Razer throw their hat in the ring as well, as more options are always better for the consumer.

Razer Gigantus V2

Used by 18 VALORANT players ()
  • Obnoks
  • murii
  • iluri
  • Filu
Staff’s Choice
Pro’s Choice

❝If you’re looking for a pad that’s a bit more controlling without feeling murky or extremely gritty then this is definitely one to consider.❞

4.5 of 5
Read review (07/2020)


  • Decent humidity resistance
  • Decently thick and consistent foam


  • Can move around (a bit) during particularly intense matches
  • Stitched edges have been removed when compared to the V1


Stitched edgesNo


The Zowie G-SR is a mousepad that’s often mentioned on enthusiast forums because it does something that not a lot of other cloth pads do: it’s a dedicated control pad. This means that it offers a lot of surface friction and stopping power, making it a great option for people who have a tendency to overshoot their targets or who just want a more controlling experience.

The glide makes it a bit of a ‘love or hate it’ pad, however. Whereas most other pads on this list can be used by the majority of players without much adaptation not everyone immediately falls in love with the more restrained experience that the G-SR offers. That’s okay, though. It would be awfully boring if every pad had the exact same glide, and in a game where precision and crosshair placement matters a lot more than crazy 180 flicks it’s not strange to see pros gravitating towards a pad like this.

If you feel like most cloth pads are just a tad too slippery and/or you prefer more control then this is definitely one to check out.


Used by 12 VALORANT players ()
  • TS
  • iNTRO
  • Genghsta
  • aimdll
Pro’s Choice

❝The ZOWIE G-SR is still one of the best control pads out there. If you want your mousepad to rein you in with plenty of stopping power and a controlled glide then you should look towards the G-SR.❞

4.5 of 5
Read review (09/2018)


  • Stitched edges
  • Very consistent surface and foam


  • Slightly sensitive to dust, sweat, and oils


Stitched edgesYes


Those of you who are unfamiliar might think that the G-SR-SE is just a recolor of the G-SR, but that’s not true. The SE is a mousepad that’s a lot less controlling than the G-SR, with a surface that has a decent amount of static friction, meaning that there’s quite some resistance when doing smaller movements. Once you get going, the pad lets go a bit, making for an interesting gliding experience that’s well-liked by gamers across all of our analyzed games.

It’s also not hard to see how this type of glide can come in handy for VALORANT: tracking enemies who are close (or flicking to a Jett who suddenly dashes above you, for example) will feel smooth and natural because you’re making larger movements when doing so, whereas you get some additional control when aiming at enemies who are off in the distance.

Aside from all of this, the G-SR-SE is also a high quality mousepad. The surface feels nice and comfortable (some control-oriented pads can have very rough surfaces which can annoy your arm after a while) and the densely packed foam makes for a mouse surface that feels very consistent at all times.


Used by 36 VALORANT players ()
  • florescent
  • biank
  • qRaxs
  • MOJJ
Staff’s Choice
Pro’s Choice

❝ZOWIE made a number of promises when they first unveiled the G-SR-SE Rouge, and from what I can tell they’ve delivered on all of them. The surface is smoother, the humidity resistance is better, and the foam is a little bit softer. The pad still feels every bit as consistent as it should be, though, and with its controlling medium glide (by this I mean that it’s pretty much a ‘medium’ pad, but it’s on the slower end of that spectrum) this Rouge offers an interesting glide experience for people who play tactical shooters or who just want a touch more control without losing out on gliding speed.❞

4.5 of 5
Read review (09/2022)


  • Smooth surface
  • Increased humidity resistance when compared to earlier versions, though it’s still not flawless at handling oils and sweat
  • Firm, uniform gliding feeling thanks to the dense foam


  • Design won’t be for everyone


Stitched edgesNo
Static Friction43.85
Static Friction Angle8.51
Glide Difference X/Y10.30
Dynamic Friction1.63

Best Mousepad for VALORANT – Conclusion

Best Mousepad for VALORANT product lineup

There are a couple of things we can deduce from looking at what the VALORANT pros are using: you’ll want a cloth pad of at least a large size to accommodate for the pretty low sensitivity that VALORANT pros use. Between those there are a bunch of options, though. Not a lot of pros use speed-oriented pads but we do see a sizable portion go for control pads. Of course this largely depends on personal preference (and, truth be told, there aren’t a whole lot of true speed pads being made by the common manufacturers) but it’s interesting to note.

In any case, we hope that this article has been informative, but if you have any questions or remarks feel free to reach out on Twitter, Discord, or shoot us a comment on the relevant review pages. If this is a topic of interest to you you can also check out our Best Mousepad for Gaming article.