HOW TO: Copy Crosshairs in VALORANT

From time to time, you’ll encounter a player in VALORANT whose crosshair seems to have some mystical headshot-seeking powers. Unfortunately, no crosshair has that kind of power. But watching that player effortlessly land headshots can tempt you to try out their crosshair, and luckily you can quite easily copy crosshairs in VALORANT.

Riot Games introduced a feature in Patch 5.04 that allows you to copy a player’s crosshair in-game. In this guide, we explain how to do this in-depth so that next time you see a crosshair you like, you can easily copy it into your arsenal.

If you want to learn more about VALORANT crosshairs, feel free to check out our Best VALORANT Crosshair guide.

Make Sure You Have Enough Room

Before you go out and copy every crosshair you see, it’s important to know that you can only save up to 15 crosshairs at a time. 

You can quickly check how much space you have left by following these steps:

  • Go over to Settings
  • Then, navigate to the Crosshair tab on the top.
  • Once here, click on the Crosshair Profile and check if you have space.

If you have all 15 slots filled, you might need to delete one or two to make space. To do this, select the crosshair you want to delete, then click the trash icon.

Copying a VALORANT Crosshair While Spectating

Now that you have made sure that you have space for more crosshairs, let’s see how you can copy a player’s crosshair in-game. If you want to copy a VALORANT crosshair in-game, simply:

  • Spectate the player whose crosshair you want to copy.
  • Then, hit the Enter key to open up the chat.
  • Now, type ‘/cc‘ and press Enter.

You are all done. The crosshair you copied will be in your crosshair profile settings. You can easily select it from there. 

Copying a VALORANT Crosshair Using Crosshair Codes

While looking for the best crosshairs (see: Best VALORANT Crosshair codes), you should also consider what the pros use. These are tried and tested crosshairs used by the best VALORANT players, so if you’re looking for a crosshair of your own you can never go wrong by trying out a couple of pro crosshairs. If you want to try those, you can use crosshair codes.

Here’s how to copy a VALORANT crosshair using a crosshair code:

  • First, find the pro/player whose crosshair you want. You can find the settings of all VALORANT Pros in our VALORANT Pro Settings and Gear List.
  • When you have found your favorite pro, copy their crosshair code. It should look something like this: 0;s;1;P;c;1;o;1;d;1;0l;0;0o;2;0a;1;0f;0;1t;0;1l;0;1o;0;1a;0;S;c;1;o;1.
  • Then, in VALORANT, go to the Crosshair tab in Settings.
  • There, click on the download-like icon and paste the code. Click ‘Import‘ after you’ve pasted the code.
  • The crosshair will appear in your profiles, and you can equip it.
Copying Crosshairs in VALORANT Using a Crosshair Code

Copying a VALORANT Crosshair Using A Crosshair Generator

If you just want to see how a certain crosshair looks without booting the game, you can always use crosshair generators. These allow you to paste crosshair codes so that you can see how they look in the game, and you can also tweak the crosshair right there in the browser and export a crosshair code of what you’ve created afterwards.

We have our very own VALORANT Crosshair Generator, so feel free to check that one out!


Crosshairs play an essential part in aiming in VALORANT. Even though good aim is made up out of different micro-mechanics like crosshair placement, movement, and positioning, finding a suitable and comfortable crosshair makes aiming easier. 

Now that you know how to copy crosshairs in VALORANT, you can try all sorts of crosshairs and find the perfect one.

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