The Best BenQ Monitor Settings

Grabbing a great monitor to game on is only half the battle. Most monitors come with a drab and washed out color scheme, or the default setting might not be optimal for gaming, and then we haven’t even discussed all the extra features and functions that come with most top gaming monitors. That is where we come in. Professionals get paid to be the best they can be at their respective games, so it only makes sense that they like to spend some time perfecting their monitor settings. We have been analyzing the settings that the professionals are using so that you can consult this list in order to find a starting point for your own settings.

The monitors themselves

BenQ Zowie is by far the favorite monitor brand of our analyzed professional gamers. That probably has something to do with their focus on creating a distraction-free product that focuses on performance over flashy features and aesthetics, but that’s of course just what we think about it. There’s also the fact that Zowie monitors have been used as the main monitors for countless events (and not always sponsored: organizers put black tape over the logos but these monitors are pretty easy to recognize) in various professional scenes, so it only makes sense that professionals want to use those same monitors for consistency’s sake.

Speaking of the professionals: we say it time and time again, but having a high refresh rate monitor is a requirement these days. A staggering ninety-nine percent of professionals use a monitor that’s capable of refreshing the frame more than 60 times per second. Once you grab that shiny new 144Hz or 240Hz monitor you’ll want to make sure you get the best out of it though, so that’s why it’s of the utmost importance that you take some time to tune your monitor settings.

Some settings, such as Black eQualizer can greatly increase the visibility of enemies and actually give you a competitive advantage, so it’s easy to see why getting a good gaming monitor (and finetuning it correctly) can give you a competitive edge.

Our list

Below we’ve listed our analyzed professionals along with what they are using on their monitor. This can be an ideal baseline for you to experiment and come up with a settings scheme for yourself. We also have a database for you to directly download a monitor config (the newer Zowie monitors such as the XL2546K allow you to directly import and export monitor settings) here.

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Should I use full RGB on monitor or limited

ProSettings | Lars

If you mean the color settings (the R, G, and B levels) it kind of depends on your personal preferences. We see a lot of different settings here with the pros, though if people turn down a specific color they only lower it a couple of ticks vs. the other ones.


How can i find the Downloadlink for the XL2546K settings?

ProSettings | Lars

If you mean the link to download a settings profile then the players have to provide those themselves. Since the functionality is so new, not many (if any) players have done that yet. If you mean the program itself to implement and export profiles: you can find that on Zowie’s website. Here is a link: