Best Mouse Bungee for Gaming - The Ultimate Guide

A mouse bungee is one of those things that can seem gimmicky at first, but if you play games at the highest level (or you aspire to do so) then you'll know that the finest of margins can decide games one way or another. A mouse bungee helps to make your mousing experience as consistent as possible, and consistency is key for competitive gamers so it's definitely a good idea to look towards purchasing a bungee. Unless you've got a wireless mouse, of course.

In this article we'll briefly talk about the advantages of using a mouse bungee (or 'MacGyver-ing' your own) and list five of our favorite products, along with a short explanation on why we chose those products.

Mouse Bungee Advantages

Aim is one of the most important factors in becoming a good player (at least in the games that we analyze here at so it's only logical that you want to make sure that your ability to aim properly isn't limited by anything. That's why you'll need a good gaming mouse along with a nice mousepad. These two things are admittedly the most important pieces of your aiming setup but a bungee can really complete the whole thing by eliminating any chance of cable drag.

Unless you're playing with a wireless mouse you have probably experienced it before: you're aiming at some target in the distance and your cable gets stuck behind a speaker or a can of soda and thus messes up your would-be highlight. Cables also have to come from somewhere, and having your cable hang from or slip off of your desk can create an inconsistent and annoying experience. To eliminate these annoyances you should get a mouse bungee.

Of course it's possible to just tape your cable to your desk or use a variety of other homemade remedies and get the exact same experience that you'd get with a bungee, but for a consistent and reliable solution we do recommend to go for a dedicated bungee. These things don't break (or at least they shouldn't) so it's a one time investment that'll spare you some frustration and it looks far better on your desk than having a piece of tape stuck to your monitor or whatever. A good bungee will also lift most of the cable off of your mousepad which will give you a much freer feeling. It's also much more practical for people who often go to LAN parties or play games away from their home desk since you can just place it down and get to gaming without having to mess around with tape and these sorts of things.

Best mouse bungee for gaming

Top 5 Mouse Bungees for Competitive Gaming

The Top 5:
Zowie Camade

Razer Mouse Bungee V2

Cougar Gaming Bunker

Xtrfy B1

Roccat Apuri Raw

1. Zowie Camade / Camade II

The pro choice

Zowie are known in the gaming world for their no-frills approach to gaming peripherals and the Camade embodies that same approach. It's got a minimal design and a retractable arm so that you can adjust it to be as long or short as you want. The weighted base has four rubber feet that help the Camade stay in the exact same spot that you put it at the start of your gaming session, no matter how violent your swipes are. The arm of the Camade is also very flexible so you get that 'you're running out of cable' warning feeling without coming to an abrupt stop. Thanks to the retractable arm it's very portable (it also doesn't use any adhesive to stay put so it's infinitely movable) and the rubber at the end can fit pretty much any cable you can throw at it comfortably, which is why you'll so often see this on tournament desks.

Zowie recently released the Camade II which has a longer arm at the end so that you can leave even more cable off of your desk for a freer feeling. We haven't yet had the chance to test it in-depth yet but since it's got all the features of the revered Camade plus a longer arm we would recommend the II if you're looking to purchase. The Camade (II) gets the number one spot due to its ability to take a lot of different types of cable, as well as height of the arm on the Camade II and the fact that it's adjustable. It's also one of the most used bungees in the pro gaming scene so it's a logical winner here if you're asking us.

2. Razer Mouse Bungee V2

Subtle performer

Razer are somewhat notorious in some circles for their marketing speak and eye-catching designs and color schemes but this product is an obvious departure from that. Aptly called the 'Mouse Bungee V2' it's just that: a mouse bungee.

There are no RGB strips, nor are there crazy design elements to be found here. You get a sleek looking mouse bungee with a flexible arm that houses pretty much every sort of mouse cable, and all of that is attached to a very nicely weighted base with anti-slip feet. Definitely a great option if you want a subtle bungee that does the job without looking too crazy. The V2 has some improvements when compared to the V1 (it's more stable due to having a larger base and it has better feet, to be complete) so this newer version is definitely the one to get if you're interested in this product.

fun fact:
of analyzed pros use a wireless mouse and thus don't need a bungee

3. Cougar Gaming Bunker

It sucks, but in a good way

One of the standout features of the Cougar Gaming Bunker is the vacuum suction pad on the base of the bungee. You plop it down, apply a little bit of pressure, and the Bunker will stay put even through heavy bursts of table-flipping gamer rage. As such this is a great option for people who employ extremely aggressive flicks and like as little leftover cable on their pads as possible, but it's also just a great bungee.

The rubber arm is decently flexible and takes a wide variety of cables without any hassle, and while most of us here prefer the arm to be angled upwards we can't deny that this is a great bungee, and the fact that it can't be moved at all (unless you want it to, of course) thanks to its suction pad makes it a worthy addition to this list.

4. Xtrfy B1

The tricked out option

The Xtrfy B1 is definitely a bit of a head turner with its bright yellow silicone arm and ditto RGB lighting, but it offers more than just fancy lighting. The bungee part works perfectly fine, with the arm being plenty flexible and angled upwards. It's sat on a pretty bulky and large steel base with rubber feet underneath, so that combined with the fact that it weighs almost 500 grams will ensure that it stays in place at all times.

With the four USB ports that you can find on the base it's more than just a bungee, though. It doubles as a USB hub and that makes it a great choice for people who have plenty of USB powered stuff lying around on their desk, or even just for minimizing desk clutter. We find it surprising that more companies aren't designing this kind of product, since a USB hub + mouse bungee seems like an ideal situation to combine two products without having to make compromises to the functionality of any one product.

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5. Roccat Apuri Raw

Stays on its feet

The Roccat Apuri Raw takes a different approach to the whole stability problem by having a much broader base supported by three feet for maximum stability. The weighted base has three rubber feet underneath it so you don't have any slippage issues, and the arm (that's angled upwards, which is how we like it) offers a nice amount of flex so that you can comfortably execute large 'on the edge' swipes without having to worry about coming to a sudden stop or flinging your bungee halfway across the room.

The looks won't suit everyone but it does what it has to do and it's not too unfriendly on your wallet.

Best Mouse Bungee for Competitive Gaming - Conclusion

There's honestly not a lot to say about mouse bungees. As with most peripherals there are a lot of subpar products floating around out there, but a bungee isn't a very complicated product. It has to hold your cable without falling over or moving, and that's pretty much it. With them being so easy to produce there are also a lot of products out there that simply don't do the job right though (they fall over or they have subpar cable routing) which is why we really wanted to make this article.

We've listed a bunch of different designs here that we love so we're sure that you can find one that tickles your fancy, but if you've got any questions or remarks then please don't feel free to reach out on Discord or Twitter.

Thanks for reading!