Apex Legends Pro Settings and Gear List

There was a time when every developer wanted to get a piece of the Battle Royale pie. A lot have tried, but few have succeeded. Apex Legends is one of those success stories, and today it is one of the most played BR games in the world.

Mix the ability to respawn fallen teammates, selecting specific characters with specific abilities and an absolutely revolutionary pinging system (making it so that you don’t have to be talking ingame to work as an effective squad) and you get something that’s managed to seduce millions of players in the course of just three days back when it came out. Those numbers have since died down a little, but it's still one of the most popular games out there. You, too, can experience this craze for yourself since Apex Legends is completely free to play.

We’ve managed to stop ourselves from playing it just long enough to bring you our list of Apex Legends settings and setups that our analyzed professionals are using. This is list is a work in progress that is constantly being updated and tweaked (just like all of lists and articles) in order to reflect the current scene as accurately as possible. If you’re excited to begin your own Apex Legends journey this list can serve as an ideal baseline, but it's also a great resource for experienced players. Monitor settings can be found (when available) on the pages of the players themselves, or you could check out Zowie's (who make the most popular line of monitors with the pros) recommended Apex Legends settings here. As always, if you have any corrections or want to make suggestions on which players to add, please feel free to comment them here or let us know on Twitter or Discord.

In our list you will sometimes see a capitalized letter behind an organization. That is to indicate that the player in question isn't (currently) a pro player on the main roster but still part of the organization. We use the following abbreviations: coach (C), manager/organization entourage (M), content creator/streamer (S), benched/inactive (B).

Please note that all product links in the table above send you to Amazon and we receive a small commission for items sold. There is no additional cost to you. Thanks for reading.

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Now Zipeth is 400 dpi 2.4

ProSettings | Lars

Updated, thanks!


apryze is NRG now and his resolution 1680×1050

ProSettings | Lars

Updated, thanks!


faide PC:

  • Intel i9-12900K
  • Asus Z690-E Gaming wifi
  • NZXT Kraken X73
  • G.Skill 32GB RGB RAM
  • NVIDIA RTX 3090 24GB
  • 1000W Gold PSU
  • Logitech G915 with linear switches
  • Logitech G PRO Superlight Mouse
  • Blue Yeti Mic
  • ASUS MG248QR 144Hz Monitor
ProSettings | Lars

Updated faide’s PC and added the relevant parts to his player page, thank you!


Aceu changed sensitivity from 1.8 and is now 1.5 according to his twitch nightbot.

ProSettings | Lars

Updated aceu’s sens, thank you!


Nocturnal usa o mouse GPro Superlight

ProSettings | Lars

Added nocturnal’s mouse, thank you!


lyric sens 2.4 ads 1 and 120 fov

ProSettings | Lars

Updated, thank you!


Apryze dpi 1600 sens 1

ProSettings | Lars

Updated, thank you!


Can you add an eDPI column


I would also like to request this!


Faide rtx 2080 8gb

ProSettings | Lars

Added Faide’s GPU, thank you!


aceu 1000 polling rate

ProSettings | Lars

Updated, thanks!


Lyric using 2.3 and 0.7 now

ProSettings | Lars

Updated that, thank you!


sweetdream is on 1.4 @ 800dpi and ads 1.0

ProSettings | Lars

Updated sweetdream’s sensitivity, thanks!


9impulse:1.6 800dpi

ProSettings | Lars

Updated, thank you!


Nokokopuffs is on TSM
ZachMazer is on C9.
Frexs is on Space Station Gaming alongside Dropped
RPR and Taisheen are on Scarz as well (same as Mande)

ProSettings | Lars

Updated, thank you!


Sen senoxe uses 1.2 at 800 DPI and an artisan shidenkai mousepad. Sentinel crust uses 2.3 at 400 DPI and 0.9 ADS and a shidenkai fx mid. CLG lou is with sentinels now and uses 2.5 at 400 DPI with a Hyperx XL Battle Scarred

ProSettings | Lars

Updated, thank you!


Scarz Mande uses a (custom) Zowie EC2 mouse

ProSettings | Lars

Updated, thank you!

Sasha Ahuja

Faide’s mouse pad is the soft one, not the hard one. He said in his stream he had the wrong one displaying with his nightbot command

ProSettings | Lars

Updated Faide’s mousepad, thank you!


SweetDreams use 800 DPI 1.3 Sens now.

ProSettings | Lars

Updated SweetDreams’ sens, thank you!


Crazy Raccoon Selly : DPI 400, In game 2.8

ProSettings | Lars

Updated Selly’s sens, thank you!

Ty Tran

Yuki has joined Alliance as of August 31. He uses the following
800 dpi 1.7 toggle aim
110 fov
settings at the lowest
g pro superlight black
apple ear pods
Artisan zero mid mouse pad
Acer KG251QD 24.5″ 240hz monitor

ProSettings | Lars

Added Yuki’s Apex Legends gear and settings to the list, thank you!


ShivFPS uses BenQ ZOWIE XL2546k now

ProSettings | Lars

Updated Shiv’s monitor, thank you!


sweetdreams use boss qc20 now

ProSettings | Lars

Updated sweetdreams’ headset, thank you!

Costantino Cherniy

HAL 104 fov now

ProSettings | Lars

Updated, thank you!


T1 Parkha currently using G PRO WIRELESS. Artisan Shidenkai Soft Mousepad,
FOV: 104, Sens – 2.1 , 400dipi ads: 1

ProSettings | Lars

Updated that, thank you!


Also sweetdreams is 2.3 @ 400 0.8 ADS

ProSettings | Lars

Updated that, thank you!

Taylor KING

he’s currently: “Testing out 1.2 @ 800dpi / 0.8 ADS (Previous 2.3 @ 400dpi / 0.8 ADS)” according to his stream


0 AMD GPU’s? Or are all the blank slots AMD graphic cards?

ProSettings | Lars

The blank parts are where we don’t know what they’re using. Very little pro players use AMD cards at this point in time, though that could always change in the future of course!


9impulse use sens 2.4, ads 1.0, 800 dpi. Twitch bot message.

ProSettings | Lars

Updated that, thank you!


zachmazer uses 400 1.9 now

ProSettings | Lars

Updated ZachMazer’s sens, thank you!


Albralelie use 1,8 mouse sensitivity now

ProSettings | Lars

Updated, thank you!


sweetdream is nrg now

ProSettings | Lars

Updated, thank you!


NRG_ROGUE use 2.2 Sens Now

ProSettings | Lars

Updated, thank you!


albralelie uses 800 dpi 1.4 got it from his stream

ProSettings | Lars

Updated albralelie’s sensitivity, thank you!


Dropped is using G pro superlight wireless and new sens is 400dpi 2.0 ads 1.0

ProSettings | Lars

Updated, thanks!


Is it possible to add eDPI to this table? It will be much better to compare senses between players.

ProSettings | Lars

Getting the true eDPI might be a bit difficult in Apex Legends because the sensitivity multiplier having an influence on the overall sensitivity. We will look into a way to directly compare actual sensitivities though!


Come on, we just want dpi * sen multiplier, not something that crazy



taisheen Mande RPR joined SCARZ.
SCARZ is japanese pro gaming team.

ProSettings | Lars

Updated, thanks!


selly using ZA13&G640 ESL edition

ProSettings | Lars

Fixed Selly’s mousepad, thank you!


Aceu still uses the Zowie Monitor, it only says the LG monitor when typing !monitor because of the advertisement he is doing. Can clearly identify the Zowie one in the facecam

ProSettings | Lars

Updated Aceu’s monitor, thank you!


Reps changed to g pro superlight from g305

ProSettings | Lars

Fixed Reps’ mouse, thank you!


Taisheen changed sens to 2.5 in game incase you wanted to update


eU_lyr1c settings
Sens 2.4 dpi 400 ads 1.0
Res 1680×1050 fov 110


Matafe sensitivity as of Oct 5 2020 is “3”


tsm hal sens is 2 in game


diego sens is 1.3 in game 800dpi mentioned on twitch


tsm albs sens is 0.83 in game 800dpi nightbot mentioned today

Sós Barnabás

mouse: Logitech G Pro Wireless

mousepad: Level 20 BattleStation RGB Gaming Desk’s mousepad

monitor: ASUS VG248QE

gpu: rtx2080

headset : HyperX Cloud

keyboard: Ducky one 2 mini 60%


nR shoh changed his in game sens. 3.4 / 400dpi


Mohr now uses the Razer viper mini and apple earbuds


NRG frexs changed his in-game sens to 2.0


CR cpt is fov 110 sens 1.3 800dpi


albralelie sens is now 1.80 800dpi 🙂 said it on stream


Albralelie actual in game sens is 1.2


17.07.2020 I watched Selly and he’s there Nightbot:800dpi 1.5 Apex but it still is 1200 eDPI


Selly55 – Nightbot: Apex 3 ingame 400 DPI 1.0 ads


Liquid Flanker 1.3 Sens 0.6 Now


Pantashia Change Sens to 0.6


New Sentinels Roster Peesh Sens 1.2 DPI 800 Res 1680×1050
Mouse: zowie s1
keyboard:TINA 60% board / Hako Violet Switches / enjoypbt sushi Japaneese keycaps / Custom Made!
Mousepad :Logitech G640
Monitor :BenQ Xl2540
PC: NVIDIA 2080 I7 7700k 16gb ram

New Sentinels Roster Crust Sens 2.1 DPI 400 POL rate 500 Res 1680×1050
Mouse Final Mouse UL2 Cape Town
Keyboard Ducky One 2 Mini Pure White – SILVER Switches
headset Razer nari ultimate
Mousepad Artisan FX Zero Mid XL
PC: i9 9900k , 2080 ti , corsair vengeance ddr4 3600mhz 32gb , msi hero BenQ XL2540 XL 240hz


SweetDreams Change Sens to 1.8 Ads 1


imperialhal RES 1920×1080 Sens 2.2


nR shoh dpi400 4.0 ads 1.0 fov110.


Rogue is in NRG now 🙂


Nora-Rengo shoh uses ads 0.7 fov 96 now.


Albralelie – Nightbot: DPI: 800 Apex: 1.5 FOV: 104


NRG Rocker Res 1600×900


Added ShivFPS DPi 400 Sens 3 FOV 90
Fix Mohr now retired from apex competitive but stay in NRG as A content creator
Add NRG Rocker DPI 800 Sens 1.7 FOV 110
Add Streamer iitztimmy DPI 1800 Sens 1.1 ADS Mouse 1.05 FOV 104
Add Gambit Hardecki Sens 1.2 DPI 800 FOV 110
Add Gambit Leogri3x6 DPI 400 Sens 2.1 RES 1440×1080
Add EXO-Emtee He Pro player From Team EXO in Ocean Tournament / Aussie DPI 400 Sens 2.6 FOV 110
Add Streamer Zachmazer Sens 2 DPI 400 FOV 110 RES 1680×1050
Add GODSENT Cubski DPI 400 Sens 1.7 IDK FOV
Add GODSENT Hiarky DPI 1600 Sens 1.27 IDK FOV
Add GODSENT Hambino DPI 800 Sens 3 IDK FOV
Add OPGG Dogma DPI 1400 Sens 1.3 FOV 110
Fix Selly55 Sens 2.8 FOV 104
Fix NRG nafen change Sens From 1.9 to 1.8
Please Update This Apex legend Page -_-


Team Solo Mid

Reps Change Sens From 2 to 1.8 now
Albralelie Change Sens From 1.2 to 1.5 now

Alliance :

Ipn_k0u DPI 1600 Sens 0.6

Crazy Racoon :

Cpt_sama DPI 800 Sens 1 ADS 1 FOV 104

North team :

RPR change sens from 1.6 to 1.8

Add team liquid member :

Liquid Nocturnal DPI 800 Sens 1.5 ADS 1.3 FOV 110

Add Streamer :

Apryze 1 top wraith kills DPI 800 Sens 1.7 ADS 1
iZeroplus DPI 400 Sens 3 ADS 0.9 FOV 90

Remove 100Thieves And Singularity and Demise i think and Remove T1 Kurt And ZerG T1 EU Disbanded

iZeroplus DPI 400 Sens 3 ADS 0.9 FOV 90

Add team Detonator
DTN Mukai DPI 800 Sens 1.5 ADS 1 FOV 98
DTN Alelu DPI 800 Sens 1.5 ADS 1 FOV 110
DTN Leia DPI 800 Sens 1.5 Ads 1 FOV 110

add team AD hoc Gaming
Matafe DPI 400 Sens 2 ADS 1.28 FOV 100
KouhiaFPS DPI 1600 Sens 0.9 ADS 1.3 FOV 102
Zipeth DPI 800 Sens 1.6 ADS 1 FOV 110

Disbanded T1 EU

ADD T1 Korea
KaronPe DPI 400 Sens 2.6 FOV 104
ParkHa DPI 400 Sens 2.2 FOV 104

Add Team Norarengo
Pantashia DPI 800 sens 1.6 FOV 110
Shoh DPI 400 Sens 4.0 FOV 110


Ras settings Sens 1.0 ADS 0.7 DPI 1200 FOV 90
NRG Nafen DPI 800 Sens 1.9 ADS 1 RES 1680×1050 16:10 FOV 110
NRG frexs 1450 DPI Sens 2.5 ADS 1
NRG mohr 1.5 Sens now



Lou DPI 400 Sens 2.8 FOV 110
Reptar DPI 400 and Sens 1.7

Natus Vincere:

Fyzu DPI 800 Sens 2.1 FOV 110
Remove PKMK from NAVI and recrent. navi Cypher as a coach in navi


Hakis dpi 1600 Sens 1.2 FOV 110
Vaifs change sens from 1.3 to 1.7
lowley change sens to 1.6 sens and FOV 106


taisheen DPI 400 Sens 3.0 FOV 110
Mande 1.5 sens DPI 800 FOV 110
RPR sens 1.8 DPI 800


Strafy Sens 3.8 DPI 800
TheWhale DPI 1600 Sens 0.5 POL rate 1000 hz


Retzi Sens 1.54 Zoom 1.11 FOV 110

nesh and Oraxe free agents

Rogue leave team liquid and has Sens 2.4 and DPI 400 500 Hz polling rate and FOV 110

Ras now on Crazy Raccoon

Remove Tempo Storm

Remove Polar Ace

Remove Soar Gaming

Remove GenG

Remove Dignitas

TSM Reps Sens 2.0 DPI 400 FOV 110 Resolusiton 1920×1080


Stormen changed to 0.9 800dpi as his shoulder now better 🙂


lulu uses sennheiser IE80 S earbuds now and the steelseries qck xxl heavy mousemat


what is ace’s monitor settings?


Diggs 400 dpi and sens 2.8


NAVI 9impulse 2.3 sens DPI 800 ADS 1.11 FOV 110


Is there any settings for CLG Nokokopuff?


NRG Lulu Sens is 1.5 for 800 dpi. Check Nightbot in chat


Can you get MVP Ras settings ? 😛


its 1.5 800 dpi 0.7 ads
(commands in twitch chat)


fov 90


albralelie uses 1200 dpi and 1.5 in game sens now. Got from his stream.


nrg ace uses 1.80 now you can see it from his nightbot commands


Now aceu use 400 dpi and 4.2 in game sens


shroud new sens is 2.7/1.0


NRG Ace uses GSR-SE TYLO Version.


Win_Desertuk paying now hipfire 1.3 | ADS 1.4
and he leave winstrike roster