Apex Legends Pro Settings and Gear List

Every developer wants to get a piece of the Battle Royale pie these days, but Apex Legends is different and its tremendous success shows it’s absolutely deserved.

Apex Legends offers a fresh and interesting take on the Battle Royale genre. Mix the ability to respawn fallen teammates, selecting specific characters with specific abilities and an absolutely revolutionary pinging system (making it so that you don’t have to be talking ingame to work as an effective squad) and you get something that’s managed to deceive millions of players in the course of just three days.

You, too, can experience this new craze for yourself. Apex Legends is completely free to play, with the only form of monetization in the game coming in the form of cosmetics for the several ingame characters.

We’re super excited to see what this game can bring, and we’ve managed to stop ourselves from playing it just long enough to bring you our list of Apex Legends settings and setups that our analyzed professionals are using. This is obviously still very much a work in progress, and since this game is brand new, players will be added shortly. However, if you’re excited to begin your own Apex Legends journey this list can serve as an ideal baseline.

As always, if you have any corrections or want to make suggestions on which players to add, please feel free to comment them here or let us know. A quick message on Twitter and Discord is very much appreciated. We will fix every Apex Legends settings as soon as we can and keep on implementing things in our Apex Legends Pro Settings and Gear list. Thank you for reading.

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274 Comments on “Apex Legends Pro Settings and Gear List”

  1. Did Cypher actually show on stream that he uses a HyperX Pulsefire FPS PRO?
    Last time I checked his stream description he had the Steelseries Rival 110 listed as his mouse.
    I’m pretty sure he is just sponsored by HyperX that’s why he isn’t allowed to list his actual mouse.
    Same case as s1mple who doesn’t list the Zowie FK1+ on his Twitch page.

  2. Add Navi pkmk
    Headphones : HyperX Cloud Core
    Monitor: BenQ XL2411Z 144hz
    GPU:GeForce RTX2070
    Sens:2.5 ads:1.1

  3. Request to update NRG-aceu’s detailed settings
    I am eager to know his digital vibration settings.
    His picture looks really comfortable,
    I couldn’t find his screen settings anywhere on the Internet.

  4. Hopefully someone can get Navi 9impulse settings. He is number 2 on ranked points leaderboard for PC so would be interesting to know. Unfortunately he is only listing the wrong hardware on his twitch cause of his contract with Navi

    1. Thank you for the suggestion. Hopefully we will be able to add 9impulse’s settings & gear to the list soon. 🙂

  5. Clawz is currently using G Pro Wireless according to his latest QLive stream. Also switched to 4.3 sens (400dpi).

  6. MonsoonGG
    Team: FlyQuest
    Sens: 800DPI, 0.8 in game, 1.0 ADS
    GPU: 1080 8gb DDR5x SC
    CPU: I7-8700k OC 5.0 GHZ
    RAM: 16GB G.Skill RGB 3000mhz
    CPU Cooler: NZXT Kraken X52
    Motherboard: ASrock Killer SLI/AC (wifi and Bluetooth onboard)
    Storage: 2Tb Seagate Barracuda 7200RPM/ 128GB HP 700 Pro SSD
    Case: Corsair Carbide Spec Omega RGB Read

  7. Please add desertuk

    Team: Winstrike
    Name: desertuk
    Mouse: Logitech G Pro Wireless
    Mouse HZ: 1000
    DPI: 800
    Sens: 1.80
    Sens Multi: 1.00
    FOV: 110
    Monitor: AOC AG251FZ
    Monitor HZ: 240
    GPU: GTX 1080 Ti
    Resolution: 1920×1080
    Mousepad: SteelSeries QcK+
    Keyboard: Razer BlackWidow X Chroma
    Headset: Logitech G633

  8. How do you know that some of these finalmouse users (including ace) are running their mice at 1000hz? They would need to install DM1 software to do that.

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