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NameJake Throop
BirthdaySeptember 22, 1988
CountryUnited States United States

Jake “chocoTaco” Throop is a full-time content creator and streamer from the United States of America.

  1. Apex Legends

    Apex Legends Settings

  2. PUBG

    PUBG Settings

Apex Legends settings


DPI 800
Sensitivity 1.4
ADS Sensitivity Multiplier 1
Per Optic ADS Sensitivity Off
eDPI 1120
Hz 1000
Acceleration Off



Crouch L-Ctrl
Jump Space
Sprint L-Shift
Auto-Sprint Unknown

Weapons & Abilities

Tactical Ability Q
Ultimate Ability Y / Z
Interact / Pickup E
Alternate Interact X
Inventory Tab
Map M
Toggle Fire Mode B
Melee V
Equip Weapon 1 1
Equip Weapon 2 2
Holster Weapons 3
Equip Grenade G
Equip Survival Item L-Alt
Use Syringe 5
Use Med Kit 6
Use Shield Cell 7
Use Shield Battery 8
Use Phoenix Kit 9


Movement / Aiming

Custom Look Controls Unknown
Look Sensitivity Unknown
Look Sensitivity (ADS) Unknown
Response Curve Unknown
Look Deadzone Unknown
Movement Deadzone Unknown
Inverted Look Unknown
Vibration Unknown

Advanced Look Controls

Deadzone Unknown
Outer Threshold Unknown
Custom Response Curve Unknown
Yaw Speed Unknown
Pitch Speed Unknown
Turning Extra Yaw Unknown
Turning Extra Pitch Unknown
Turning Ramp-Up Time Unknown
Turning Ramp-up Delay Unknown
ADS Yaw Speed Unknown
ADS Pitch Speed Unknown
ADS Turning Extra Yaw Unknown
ADS Turning Extra Pitch Unknown
ADS Turning Ramp-Up Time Unknown
ADS Turning Ramp-Up Delay Unknown
Target Compensation Unknown
Melee Target Compensation Unknown


Button Layout Unknown
Stick Layout Unknown
Interact/Reload Button Unknown
Crouch Button Unknown
Aim Button Unknown
Survival Slot Button Unknown
Trigger Deadzones Unknown

Video Settings


Display Mode Full Screen
Resolution 1920x1080
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Brightness 50%
FOV 104
FOV Ability Scaling Disabled
Sprint View Shake Minimal

Advanced Video

V-Sync Disabled
NVIDIA Reflex Enabled + Boost
Anti-Aliasing TSAA
Texture Streaming Budget Insane (8GB VRAM)
Texture Filtering Anisotropic 16x
Ambient Occlusion Quality Disabled
Sun Shadow Coverage Low
Sun Shadow Detail Low
Spot Shadow Detail Disabled
Volumetric Lighting Disabled
Dynamic Spot Shadows Disabled
Model Detail Low
Effects Detail Low
Impact Marks Disabled
Ragdolls Low

PUBG settings


DPI 800
Hz 1000
Aim Sensitivity 1.00
General Sensitivity 25
ADS Sensitivity 25
Vertical Sensitivity Multiplier 1.00
Universal Sensitivity for All Scopes Disable
2x Scope Sensitivity 25
3x Scope Sensitivity 25
4x Scope Sensitivity 25
6x Scope Sensitivity 25
8x Scope Sensitivity 25
15x Scope Sensitivity 25



Walk Unknown
Sprint Unknown
Crouch Unknown
Jump / Vault Unknown
Prone Unknown
Interact Unknown
Auto Run Unknown


Peek Left Unknown
Peek Right Unknown

Video Settings

Display Settings

Display Mode Full Screen
Resolution 1920x1080
In-Game FPS Cap Unlimited
Brightness 80

Advanced Settings

Render Scale 100
FPP Camera FOV 103
Anti-Aliasing Very Low
Post-Processing Very Low
Shadows Very Low
Textures High
Effects Very Low
Foliage Very Low
View Distance Very Low
Sharpen Enable
V-Sync Disable
Motion Blur Disable
DirectX Version DirectX 11


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Can't think of a name

ChocoTaco recently got a new keyboard


choco uses a TC Helicon GoXLR mixer and an elgato 15 key stream deck. His webcam is more then likely a Logitech, C920 HD.


With that kind of hardware, I’m wondering why he is using a 1080p 144hz monitor. He could easily hammer out 1080p at 240hz. or 1440p at 144hz.


Pubg supports only 144hz

Anuj Rathod

What is the SSD memory size of Choco Taco’s Gaming setup?


what switches does choco use on his keyboard? reds or browns?


Is Choco still using the G703?


Chocotaco used new gaming headset logitech g pro x 🙂


Settings for Equalizer ???


Does choco use G sync? I can’t see any tearing in his videos or stream.


Is ChocoTaco using G703 with a “10 gram weight”?


Is Choco still on G703? is his page up to date?

Ivan Berdnikov

ChocoTaco using monitor ACER PREDATOR XB241H – its FullHD, not QuadHD.


Is choco using stereo or surround 7.1? Thanks


chocotaco is using RTX 2080 Ti not 1080

Alpha Gaming

The headset photo is his new G935’s, but it still says G933

Alpha Gaming

Just watched choco’s stream yesterday, and he now uses black Logitech G935’s


How much is the vertical sensitivity?

Thao Ha

Chocotaco ads hold or toggle?


chocoTaco’s digital vibrance?


chocoTaco’s mouse is 500 or 1000hz ?


show your logitech g933 setting pls ?


Anyone know why he switched to the g933 from the Arctis 7?


Does anyone know his monitor settings?