Zowie EC2-B Review

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The Zowie EC2-A (and EC1-A) has been lauded for many years now as one of the best gaming mice on the planet. You can read why that is in our full review here. Users have been calling upon Zowie to implement the newer 3360 sensor in their lineup of mice for a while now and Zowie has answered the call … Read More

Fnatic Flick 2 Review

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When Fnatic decided to leap into the world of hardware their first attempts were met with mixed reactions, though most people agreed that for a first, cautious step it was a decent attempt. Fnatic spent the following two years improving on their products and designs and have now dropped the second generation of their esports focused peripherals. While they’ve been … Read More

Zowie FK1 Review

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The Zowie FK series (the FK1, FK2 and FK+) have been staples in the CS:GO world for quite some time now, with some really big names using it as their weapon of choice. Zowie absolutely dominates the CSGO market when it comes to mice, so what we’re trying to find out with these reviews is whether or not that is … Read More

Zowie EC2-A Review

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For years, Zowie esports mice have dominated the professional CS:GO scene with a variety of gaming peripherals, being lauded mostly for their mice and their super comfortable and amazing to use shapes. At the very top, the Zowie EC2-A has made a name for itself as the most used CS:GO gaming mouse, with roughly 25% of pros using it.  A mouse … Read More