Review is one of the most well-known CS2 case opening websites, but it also has a lot of other stuff to offer. Is a good website to spend your playing money on? Does it offer rewards for free to play players? In our full review, we’ll go over all of this and much more so that you can make an informed decision on where you want to play. has been around for some time now and has built up a large community. It is a household name in its genre, and is being used by thousands of people every day. In addition to this, it’s provably fair and very transparent when it comes to the odds and how games work.


  • Easy to understand and use
  • Very free to play friendly
  • Thousands of cases to choose from
  • Variety of games to choose from
  • Multiple withdrawal options


  • Special events aren’t very interactive
  • Some features aren’t well explained
  • Game animations aren’t the flashiest
  • Withdrawing skins can be finnicky


Available Games: Case Battles, Roulette, Upgrader, Mines, Plinko, Dice Roll, Case Openings, Bomb Rush

Special Features: Rakeback, Free Cases, Rain Feature, Special Events

Deposit Methods: CS2 Skins, RUST skins, Creditcard, Giftcard, Trustly, WebMoney, Neteller, Sofort, Neosurf, UnionPay, WeChat, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, USDT (ERC20), USDT (TRX), USDC, Ripple, Chainlink, Solana, Ada (Cardano), BNB (BSC), TRX

Withdrawal Methods: CS2 Skins, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, USDT (ERC20)

Games on


Case battles are one of the main attractions on Players select a number of cases (or just one case) and then battle against other players who open the exact same cases. You can play ‘free for all’ with up to five different players, or you can play 2v2 or 3v3.

Every participant must pay for the cases they open. In a regular case battle, the player (or team) who has unboxed the most valuable items from their cases gets everything. There’s also crazy mode, where the player (or team) with the lowest unboxed value wins the whole pot.

If you win a battle, you can also double down. This leads you to a roulette spin, and if the spin lands on your profile picture you double your earnings. However, if it does not, you lose all of your earnings, so this is a high-risk high-reward scenario.

Battles are a fun way to compete against other players, and if you’re creating a battle yourself you can set all kinds of parameters to customize the experience. In addition to choosing the amount of players and the format (team or individual) you can also set a level requirement or create a private battle in case you want to play against your friends.

When battling, you can choose from all cases that are available on, including community cases.


In roulette, players wager a certain amount of gems. After the betting stage, a wheel is spun. This wheel has three different colors on it: blue (CT), yellow (T), and green. Blue and yellow are the most common, while green is a lot rarer. As such, green pays out your bet 14x, while blue and yellow only pay out 2x.

Throughout the wheel, some CT and T icons have been swapped with a chicken. Players can also place bets on whether or not the wheel will land on an icon with a chicken on it. If the wheel does land on a chicken, players who placed their bets on chicken will be paid out 7x.


In the upgrader, players can try to upgrade their balance to a better skin (= more balance). Players can enter any amount of gems and then select the skin they want to upgrade to. The closer the skin you want to upgrade to is to the amount of balance you’ve put up, the higher your chances are of hitting the upgrade.

It’s completely possible to try and upgrade less than 2 gems to an AWP Dragon Lore, but your odds of hitting said upgrade will be less than 0.02%, so it pays off to go for realistic odds here.


In the mines, players wager an amount of gems and set an amount of mines. They then have to click tiles on a playing field that either have a mine behind them or a prize. This prize tile is worth a certain amount of gems when uncovered. Precisely how much gems is based on the amount you’ve wagered and the amount of mines that are in play.

Players can cash out at any time, but each consecutive uncovered tile that has a prize behind it is worth more. The more prize tiles you uncover, the higher your cashout prize will become, but of course your chances of hitting a mine will also increase.


Plinko is a simple game of chance where a ball (or multiple balls) get dropped into a pyramid-shaped roster of (virtual) pegs. The ball then bounces off of these pegs until it lands in a hole at the bottom of the pyramid.

The holes at the outer edges are, statistically speaking, the most uncommon holes for the ball to end up in, so they are worth the most. Holes are worth less and less the closer they are to the center.

Players can choose the ‘risk factor’ before playing. At Low risk, all holes aside from the ones in the very center offer some kind of profit, with the exterior holes offering a decent -but not outlandish- reward of ~15x. Even the holes at the center will give you most (but not all) of your bet back, with the very middle hole paying out ~50% of your original bet.

At Extreme risk, the holes in the center pay out 10-20% of your original bet, and if you want to turn a profit you’ll have to hope that the ball ends up in a hole near the edge. The potential losses here are much bigger than on lower risk levels, but the potential gains are also a lot higher. Landing a ball at the very edge will give you a payout of 10000x.

Dice Roll

In dice roll, players can choose to bet on a range of numbers from 0.00-100. After the bet, the dice get rolled. The dice will end on a random number (such as, for example, 43.45) and if that numbers is within the range you’ve bet on, you’ll get a payout.

How high this payout is depends on how big the range you’ve bet on is. If you bet on a really small range (such as 1.50-3.00) you’ll get a much larger potential payout than you would if you bet on a large range.

Cases has a ton of cases to choose from, ranging from cheap cases that cost a few cents to open to cases that cost thousands of dollars to open. Odds vary from case to case and are always clearly displayed.

When it comes to case openings, a big strength of is its community cases program. Users can create their own cases and decide their own odds. Each time a community case gets opened, the creator gets a commission between 0.5% and 3%.

This not only gives creators and community members the chance to earn some extra gems, but it also gives players access to thousands of different cases.

The price of these community cases is decided by’s automatic system. As a consequence, it’s not possible to create a $1 case with a 90% chance to drop an AWP Dragon Lore. However, the odds of each item in the case are decided by the creator. The final price of the case is determined based on the items in the case as well as the odds of getting those items. Naturally, a case with a 50% chance to drop a Dragon Lore is going to be a lot more expensive than a case with a 0.3% chance to drop a Dragon Lore.

Bomb Rush

In Bomb Rush, a T character is placed on a virtual battlefield. This character is under fire and needs to move from cover to cover. This is done by simply clicking a button; it’s not skill-based and you don’t need to move the character with WASD or anything like that.

Every time the onscreen character reaches cover, you win a certain amount of gems. The worth of these cover boxes becomes higher the longer the game goes on. However, if your character gets shot while moving, you lose everything. The game ends by cashing out, getting shot, or reaching the end.

Just like in some other games, players can choose the risk level. At lower levels, the odds of being shot while moving to the next box are rather low, but so are the rewards. The opposite is true for higher risk levels.


Aside from the games, also offers other fun stuff. In this section, we’ll cover some of the more interesting features of

Note: KYC stands for ‘Know Your Customer’ or ‘Know Your Client’. It is a mandatory process that websites that deal with money (such as banks, gambling websites, investment firms, …) have to put in place in order to combat money laundering, terrorism financing, and so on.

Player Levels

Like most websites of its kind, lets you level up your account. You level up by playing games on the website, and your progress towards the next rank is indicated on the home screen.

Rakeback has rakeback for all bets. This means that a certain % of any bet you place will be refunded to you, even if you lose. This is a handy feature, and this can lead to some extra bets down the line. You shouldn’t expect the big bucks from the rakeback on, but this goes for pretty much every rakeback program.

Even at the highest tier you only get 0.75% of your bet back, so you won’t be recouping significant amounts of lost bets with this program. It’s still a nice feature to have though.

Note that you need redeem a promo code before you can claim rakeback rewards on You can use our code PROSETTINGS for this. This code will also give you a 5% deposit bonus.


The Rain feature is one of the most interesting ones on if you ask us. This feature is only accessible by users who have completed the KYC verification, but it allows you to play anything on the site completely for free.

The rain pool is a pot of gems that gets distributed every 30 minutes. It consists of gems collected from actively playing users, and users can also make voluntary gifts to the pool.

When you sign up for the rain feature, you get a % of the pool once it gets released. This obviously won’t be a massive sum, but if you sign up every 30 minutes it’s definitely enough to let you play a couple of low-stakes games after a while.

The only catch with Rain is that you have to manually join the pool by filling in a captcha. Opening the website for an entire day will not give you anything from the Rain pool unless you actively sign up every time it renews.

The rain pool is usually at 30-40 gems, but occasionally a big winner might contribute a part of their winnings to the pool, causing it to go up significantly.

Free Cases offers a robust free case system. As you level up, you get access to free cases. These renew every 24 hours, so you can open free cases every single day if your level is sufficiently high.

As expected, the free cases that you get at the lower levels are quite underwhelming. The level 5 case currently has less than 0.02% odds of dropping anything worth over $0,10, but of course something is better than nothing.

The higher your level becomes, the more interesting the cases become. Pictured below are the level 5 case odds and the level 200 case odds. By the time you’ve reached level 200 you’ll of course have spent a small fortune on the website, but you do get rewarded for being loyal to by getting access to better free cases, which is something that we like.


On your profile page, you get access to a battlepass-style mission section. These missions require you to deposit actual money and/or play with bets worth more than a few cents, so they’re not really something that’s accessible to free to play players.

The missions are another extra way to earn gems, but their risk/reward factor is sometimes a little off-balance. It’s not that we expect to earn 5 gems with a simple case battle win, but having to win 10 gems in the mines for a 0.5 gem reward seems a little bit excessive.

Luckily, you can skip missions for a small gem fee. However, this does mean that said mission will not be available anymore. Seeing as the missions get harder and harder, you might want to think twice about skipping the earlier missions.

All in all, the missions are a neat little extra, but it’s not something that felt overly rewarding to follow.

Special Events offers special events for regular players. Playing on the website gives you event tickets, which are then used to get a chance to win an item from the special prize pool. The more tickets you have, the higher your odds of winning are. This is yet another nice extra, but it’s not a very interactive one.

What’s nice is that you get entered into the special event automatically. Some websites don’t do this, so if you forget to enter or don’t even notice the event you’re out of luck despite the fact that you’re eligible to enter.

The event that was on for a portion of our review time was simply that, though: spend money on games, get tickets for the raffle. There were no special cases or games to spend your tickets on, for example. We’re not saying that every event should have its own custom game (that would be a nightmare for the developers) but having the option to use your raffle tickets for something else like an event case would be nice. Players who choose not to could still automatically be entered into the raffle like they are right now. Free To Play Viability

We find to be a really good website for free to play players.

Thanks to the rain feature, it’s possible to play any game you want without spending a dime. Given the fact that is pretty rewarding to returning players, you can then get access to more and more features that can ‘waterfall’ your experience to one that’s the exact same as what paying players are experiencing.

Most other websites of this kind restrict their free to play activities to cheap cases with incredibly low odds of hitting something, whereas on you get access to the entire website and all games. Even if it takes a long time to build up a big free to play budget, it’s still possible. That’s something that a lot of websites don’t offer.

Do note that you need to complete the KYC process in order to be eligible for rain. We did this and it was a rather quick and simple process.

A quick general warning, though: you should be careful when posting photos of your ID online. Some sensitive things on your ID card are not needed for verification and are best hidden with a cut post-it strip, for example. This depends from country to country (not all IDs have the same info) so make sure to research this beforehand.

Overall Website Experience

Layout and Performance is one of the most straightforward websites in its genre. It’s relatively easy to find everything you want and there aren’t any hidden features or other overly complicated menus to navigate.

The games all run smoothly on a variety of PCs and hardware and we did not experience any lag or odd behavior when playing all of the games on


In general, is an easy website to use. It only has one currency (gems) which is used across all games.

We did miss some explanations here and there. With the case battles, for example, you can toggle ‘crazy mode’ (which means that the player with the lowest overall unboxing value wins) but it’s not explained what it means. When searching the website, we also couldn’t find anything that explained to us what exactly rain mode is, for example.

We had a couple of these instances where we felt that a little ‘?‘ hover button would have been welcome, so this is something that can still work on.

Another thing that can be confusing is that you don’t ‘win’ the skins that your cases land on. It might say that you win an AWP Redline FT, but you won’t get an AWP Redline FT in your inventory. Instead, you win the value of that AWP in gems. You can then cash out an AWP Redline by buying it with gems, as long as it’s available in the cashout store. We don’t personally have a problem with this, but it’s good to know beforehand.


Withdrawing CS2 skins on is a bit more difficult than it could be. Instead of grabbing items from a trade bot and getting an instant trade offer like on most skin trading websites and the likes, here you have to fill in your API key and ‘wait for the other party to confirm that they are ready to trade‘. Once the trade goes through, you receive your item from a regular person instead of a trade bot.

We had numerous failed trade attempts here, and while we did get our item in the end, we feel like this system could be made a bit more user-friendly. Be prepared to have a little bit of patience when you’re withdrawing items.


On the left side of the website there’s a panel showing how many users are currently online. There’s also a chat window. This can be collapsed for players who don’t want to see the chat.

Judging by the chat, has a pretty active community. During our testing, around 2000 users were active at any given time, and we saw a constantly moving chatroom.


A bright orange button that’s visible on all pages leads you to the support chat. Support is fast (replies usually come within 15 minutes) and friendly from our experience. With that said: we did not encounter any in-depth technical issues so we did not have to test support extensively. Review Conclusion – Is Legit?

As far as we can evaluate: yes, is legit. Note that it’s impossible to be 100% certain about these things. Even reputable websites can be compromised or bought out by malicious persons, so don’t take anything on the internet as a guarantee.

With that said: has been around for some time now and has built up a large community. It is a household name in its genre, and is being used by thousands of people every day. In addition to this, it’s provably fair and very transparent when it comes to the odds and how games work.

All of this makes one of the most reliable websites of its kind.

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