CSGOROLL are currently the sponsors of one of the most famous CS2 teams in the world, so naturally we had to check it out for ourselves. In our full CSGOROLL review, we’ll go over everything the website has to offer. We also evaluate its performance, layout, and ease of use.

CSGOROLL is a well-known CS2 skins website with tons of games and special events going on. The website stability isn’t the best, but other than that it’s a reliable and nicely built website.


  • Robust and very detailed affiliate system
  • Fast, reliable support
  • Nice animations and artwork


  • Only withdrawal method is CS2 skins
  • Website stability isn’t the best; games went into ‘maintenance’ and the website crashed during our testing
  • Special events can get confusing to understand


Available Games: Roulette, Mines, Crash, Plinko, Case Openings, Case Battles, Esports Betting, Dice, Coin Flip

Special Features: Special Events, Free Cases, P2p Trading

Deposit Methods: Credit Card, CS2 Skins, PayPal Gift Cards, Google Pay, ETH, BTC, Bancontact, USDC (ERC20), USDT (ERC20), LTC, XRP, DOGE, ADA

Withdrawal Methods: CS2 Skins



Roulette (called ‘roll’ on CSGOROLL) is a traditional game on these types of websites. On CSGOROLL’s version, you place bets on either red or black to get a 2x payout if your bet hits.

You can also place a bet on green (which pays out 14x) or place a BaitBet. Some of the icons on the black and red squares have their usual icon replaced by a fish; if you place a BaitBet and the wheel lands on a fish, you get a 7x payout.

Cluck ‘n’ Boom (Mines)

Cluck ‘n’ boom is basically minesweeper, but without the strategical element behind it. In Cluck ‘n’ Boom, you place a bet and decide how many mines will be in the game. Once the game starts, you have to click on boxes. Those have either a chicken or a molotov inside of them.

If the box uncovers a chicken, you save said chicken and can choose to continue or to ‘chicken out’ (cash out). Cashing out means that the game ends and you can collect your winnings. Continuing means that every subsequent box with a chicken inside of it will be worth more. However, the risk of unboxing a molotov also increases. Once a molotov gets unboxed, the game ends and you do not get a single coin.

The more mines you decide to add to the playing field, the higher the worth of each unboxed chicken. A higher amount of mines obviously also means that there’s a higher chance to accidentally unbox a mine, so a careful balancing of risk/reward is in order.


In crash, players place a bet during a betting/standby phase. Once the betting phase is over, the game starts and a multiplier will start counting up. This multiplier begins at x1.01 and counts up continuously. Players can choose when they want to cash out. If you cash out when the counter is at x11.08, you get your bet 11.08x.

The catch here is that this counter can crash at any time. Once it crashes, you lose your bet. The higher the counter goes, the greater the rewards get, but the odds of a crash happening obviously also go up. Crash is very much an ‘all or nothing’ type of game where risks can pay off massively but can also cost you your entire bet.


Plinko is based on a real life game where a ball gets dropped into a pyramid of pegs. This ball then bounces off of said pegs until it lands in a hole at the bottom of the pyramid. All of these holes are marked with a certain multiplier, and the hole that the ball lands in decides what payout the player gets.

Because it’s statistically the likeliest that the ball will end up in the middle holes, those don’t pay out any winnings. If the ball ends up in a hole at the edge of the pyramid, though, big earnings can be made.

Players can decide their ‘risk factor’. At the lowest risk, the middle holes will still give you back a decent chunk of your bet, but the outer holes don’t pay out that much. At the highest risk, the middle holes only pay back 13% of your original bet, while the outer holes pay out 174x.

Unboxing (Case Opening)

Like most websites of its kind, CSGOROLL also offers case openings. Here, you simply pay a fee and unbox a case, hoping to get one of the rarer (and more profitable) drops. This basically functions the same way as opening a lootbox in CS2 itself: the odds of making a profit are very small, but the lucky few can make massive profits. In addition to the regular cases, CSGOROLL also offers cases made in collaboration with their partners.

While CSGOROLL has a decently sized case collection to choose from, it’s not the largest one on the internet. Still, it’s possible to find a case for any budget here, so the collection is adequate.

Case Battles

In case battles, players open cases against each other. The player (or team) with the highest unboxed value gets everything. This means that if your opponent (for example) unboxes a $100 knife but you unbox a $300 rifle, you also get their knife.

Players can create public or private battles, and they can also play against bots. You can play free for all with up to 4 players, or you can play team battles, where 2 teams of 2 players duke it out.

If you want to add a twist to the battle, you can also play crazy mode. This means that the player with the lowest overall unboxed value wins everything.


Esports isn’t really a game since it’s basically a betting section. Here, you place bets on real life esports matches. If you bet on a complete underdog and they happen to win, you can get some massive profits, while betting on a clear favorite will only pay out 1.08x or something similar.

Having deep knowledge of a professional esports scene pays off here, but many people also like to place small bets on their favorite teams when they’re playing.


In dice, you bet on the outcome of a ‘dice roll’. Before the dice get rolled, you guess if it’s going to be under or over a certain number. The narrower this range is, the higher your potential payout. For example, betting that the dice will land under 94 (100 is the highest dice roll) will only give you a payout of 10.0106x if you end up being correct. Betting that the dice will end up under 0.01 nets you a payout of 9500x, but obviously the odds of that happening are astronomically small.


In addition to the case battles, you can also do a PvP coin flip duel and a PvP dice duel. These modes seem to be very unpopular though, as we couldn’t find very many games that were being played in these modes. That might have something to do with the fact that they’re not interactive.

In the coin flip duel, a virtual coin gets flipped. The player who ends up with his logo on top gets the winnings, the other player gets nothing. In a dice duel, two dice sets of dice get thrown, and the player with the highest total wins everything.

All of this is over pretty much instantly, so there’s not much anticipation or excitement here, which might explain why these modes aren’t very popular right now.


CSGOROLL offers a lot of extra stuff to play around with as a (returning) player. In this section, we’ll go over the most eye-catching extra features that CSGOROLL offers.

Note: KYC stands for ‘Know Your Customer’ or ‘Know Your Client’. It is a mandatory process that websites that deal with money (such as banks, gambling websites, investment firms, …) have to put in place in order to combat money laundering, terrorism financing, and so on.

Player Levels

CSGOROLL gives XP for playing games, and getting XP levels up your account. Reaching higher levels gives you access to extra free cases, so the website rewards you for being a returning player.


Pretty much all CS2 case opening websites offer affiliate links and bonuses, but CSGOROLLS affiliate system is very in-depth and detailed. There are multiple affiliate tiers, so players who bring in a ton of referees will get access to better affiliate perks.

Setting up your own referral code is as easy as typing it in and clicking ‘claim now’. People who are interested in building out an affiliate network will find lots of joy with CSGOROLL, but it has to be said that your referees will have to spend a very sizeable sum of money on the website before you qualify for even the lower upgraded affiliate levels.

Free Cases

CSGOROLL offers free cases for leveling up that can be opened once every 24 hours. The higher your player level is, the more free cases you can open every day. Do note that you need to have completed the KYC program in order to open the special cases.

Special Events

CSGOROLL usually has a special event going on, and these special events are quite substantial. By playing on regular games, you can get special currencies and tickets that you can then spend on cases, event-specific jackpots and raffles, and other limited events.

While it’s cool to see that there’s so much you can do during these events, we also feel like it can sometimes become a little bit difficult to see the forest for the trees, so to say. It’s not always clear what you can and can’t do with the various event-specific tokens, and there’s a ton of stuff to keep track of.

CSGOROLL Free To Play Viability

If you’re completely free to play, CSGOROLL is a decent option, but not much more than that.

You can get some free cases here and there by using a promo code, but those have incredibly low odds of hitting anything valuable and if you don’t hit a good skin that you can sell for on-site currency you’re out of luck.

Overall Website Experience

Layout and Performance

CSGOROLL has a pretty easy to follow layout, though it can get confusing once you get into time-limited events. The website itself looks highly professional however, and most games have high quality animations and feature nice looking art.

In general, the website ran smoothly, but we did encounter some issues with games that went into ‘maintenance mode’. During our testing, the website also experienced a small-scale crash, as multiple users in the chat mentioned that various games had stopped working. Our funds were not affected during this crash, but these things obviously aren’t fun to experience for players.

Seeing as we experienced these maintenance issues over the course of two different testing periods that were months apart, we’d say that CSGOROLL has some work to do when it comes to their website’s stability.


In the ‘regular section’, CSGOROLL is easy to use and understand. All games are clearly explained and easy to find, and there aren’t any hidden menus or difficult-to-find sections of the website.

It can get awfully complex when you dive deep into the limited-time events though, but most events are similar so once you get the hang of how they work they become easier to understand.

One thing we missed during a part of our testing was an easy ‘withdraw’ button. You can withdraw skins by going to the ‘trade’ section in the header, but users might mistake this as a regular P2P trading section instead of a skin withdrawal section.


The only way to withdraw funds from CSGOROLL is via CS2 skins. This process is pretty easy (once you find the withdrawal section) and operates via a P2P system instead of using trading bots.

What’s notable here is that there aren’t any ultra cheap skins to withdraw. This isn’t a problem for most players, but it does lower CSGOROLL’s viability for free to play players.


On the left side of the screen you’ll find a chat section. Here, users can discuss and talk amongst each other, but you’ll occasionally also see popups that announce when someone has won big. In rare instances, you might also win prizes via the chat (such as event-specific tickets) so it pays off to have this chat visible at all times when playing on CSGOROLL.

This chat is usually rather active, though we only saw high level accounts chatting.

One caveat with CSGOROLL’s chat is that you need to deposit at least 100.00 coins (around 65 euros) before you can chat. We understand that this is a way to combat spammers and keep the chat reserved for ‘serious players’ but it’s definitely a very steep entry barrier. Perhaps lowering the chat requirements a touch could be a good idea, as this gives newer players the chance to ask questions or get involved with the community without having to deposit a lot of money/skins.


We reached out to support with a technical issue that we had and we got a human to talk to within minutes. Our issue was something that needed to be escalated to a manager, and we got in touch with a manager within an hour. Of course we can only judge based on a couple of limited experiences, but as far as we can tell, CSGOROLLs support is fast, precise, polite, and helpful.

CSGOROLL Review Conclusion – Is CSGOROLL Legit?

Based on our research: yes, CSGOROLL is legit. CSGOROLL is one of the most well-known websites of its kind and sponsors one of the world’s biggest CS2 teams at the time of writing this review.

All of those things don’t make it 100% failproof (no website is) but they do give an indication that this is a website that’s here to stay.

With that said: please note that playing on these websites always carries a certain risk. You can never be 100% sure of a website’s legitimacy; websites can always get hacked or bought by people with malicious intent, so play on websites like CSGOROLL at your own risk.

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