Best Mousepad for Overwatch 2

Based on 66 Pro Players


If you want to game at a decently high level that means that your gear is going to need to be up to scratch. Most gamers invest in a good gaming mouse straight away but sadly other peripherals, such as the mousepad, are often neglected. That’s a shame, because getting a good pad can not only enhance your comfort (and increase the lifespan of your mouse feet) but it will also improve your ingame performance, especially if you’re coming from a regular office mousepad or, God forbid, you were just using your desk.

In this guide we’ve rounded up the five most used mousepads in the professional Overwatch 2 scene. We’ll go over each of them and explain what their features and characteristics are so that you can get a better view on what’s on offer out there.

The most used mousepads by Overwatch 2 players

The most popular mousepads are calculated based on 66 professional players.

What makes a mousepad good for Overwatch 2?

As with all of our analyzed games there’s a clear pattern: large cloth mousepads rule the world as far as playing surfaces go, and that’s for a reason. Compared to most casual gamers or regular PC users, professional (shooter) gamers have a very low overall sensitivity (see: What is DPI/eDPI) because that means that aiming is going to be far more consistent. It’s just impossible to accurately aim at a couple of fast moving pixels in the distance if your aiming reticle moves the ingame equivalent of 30 meters if you move your mouse a couple of millimeters. There’s a pretty big difference between the average eDPIs of different roles in Overwatch (see here for more info) but even tanks, who have the highest average overall sensitivity, will need a larger mousepad to comfortably accommodate their flicks and swipes.

So you’ll want a decent sized mousepad, that’s established. What material that’s made out of really comes down to personal preference, but the vast majority of Overwatch pros are using a cloth pad. A big reason for this is probably the fact that hard pads have fallen out of favor and are thus not produced by a lot of companies anymore, but there’s also the fact that cloth pads are easier on your mouse feet and much easier to transport. A cloth pad can be rolled up to fit in just about any bag while a hard pad obviously can’t do that, so it’s much less ‘mobile’ in a way.

Whatever the material is, we would definitely recommend you to get a large size mousepad, unless you’re absolutely sure that you don’t need it with the sensitivity that you use. It’s better to have a bit of space left than to have to run out of pad every once in a while, so why not go bigger if you have the space for it?

Logitech G640

Many people might think that every cloth mousepad feels the exact same, but that’s really not true at all. Admittedly there are a lot of pads out there that feel extremely similar, but there’s a huge difference between a pad that’s made for control and a pad that’s made for speed, even if they’re both made out of cloth.

The Logitech G640 is an ideal pad for people who want a mix between the two, packed in a nicely made pad. It’s got a medium – fast glide, middle-of-the-pack thickness of 3mm and it has a nice rubber base that ensures that it stays put no matter where you eventually slap it down.

It’s ‘middle of the road’ in a lot of ways, so it’s a fantastic option for people who don’t want to go full speed (or control) and for people who are buying their first gaming surface and don’t really know what they prefer yet.

Logitech G640

Used by 155 players (Jun, 2023)
  • ops
  • foxz
  • Faide
Pro’s Choice

❝The Logitech G640 is the ideal ‘starting pad’ for people who aren’t quite sure what they want when it comes to mousepads thanks to its middle of the road glide.❞

3.5 of 5
Read review (03/2019)


Stitched edgesNo


  • Excellent ‘middle of the road’ option when it comes to glide and thickness


  • Edges start fraying after a while

Razer Gigantus V2

Having shot up the ranks of many games in a pretty quick fashion after its release, the Razer Gigantus V2 is a pad that’s generally liked and used by pro gamers. It’s a pad that focuses on having a good amount of resistance when doing smaller movements, all while letting go a bit when big swipes are being done. This blend of micro control and smoothness has won the hearts of many (pro) gamers, and it’s the reason it’s an often recommended gaming mousepad.

There’s plenty to love, from the tightly packed foam to the decently smooth (for this type of pad anyway) surface, and if you’re in the market for this type of pad the Gigantus V2 won’t disappoint.

Razer Gigantus V2

Used by 92 players (Jun, 2023)
  • Taxi2g
  • BuZz
  • Shyy
  • JDC
Staff’s Choice
Pro’s Choice

❝If you’re looking for a pad that’s a bit more controlling without feeling murky or extremely gritty then this is definitely one to consider.❞

4.5 of 5
Read review (07/2020)


Stitched edgesNo


  • Decent humidity resistance
  • Decently thick and consistent foam


  • Can move around (a bit) during particularly intense matches
  • Stitched edges have been removed when compared to the V1


If you want ultimate control over your mouse then the ZOWIE G-SR is a pad to look out for. It’s been known as one of the most controlling mousepads (so much so that some people refer to it as a ‘mud pad’) ever since it released. It’s not a mousepad that will suit everyone, but that’s one of its strengths if you ask us: it caters to a niche audience, and it does so pretty much perfectly.

Complete with stitched edges and a rather durable surface, this is a mousepad that can last you for a very long time if you take care of it, and if you want a controlling surface for your mouse then this is the one we recommend.


Used by 98 players (Jun, 2023)
  • b1t
  • Mistic
  • sScary
  • sushiboys
Pro’s Choice

❝The ZOWIE G-SR is still one of the best control pads out there. If you want your mousepad to rein you in with plenty of stopping power and a controlled glide then you should look towards the G-SR.❞

4.5 of 5
Read review (09/2018)


Stitched edgesYes


  • Stitched edges
  • Very consistent surface and foam


  • Slightly sensitive to dust, sweat, and oils

SteelSeries QcK Heavy

The vast majority of cloth gaming mousepads come in a thickness of either 3 or 4 millimeters, but for gamers who want a bit of heft to their mousepads there is the QcK Heavy. This one is 6 millimeters thick, resulting in a surface that can cover up most (minor) desk inconsistencies and as such provides a reliable playing surface, no matter the circumstances.

If you’re someone who likes a soft mousepad base so that they can dig in their mouse feet in order to get a little more micro control you should probably look elsewhere, though. The feet can dig in if you apply a lot of pressure, but the foam is rather tightly packed so there are better mousepads for you. The high ‘step up’ of this mousepad might not be to everyone’s liking either.

SteelSeries QcK Heavy

Used by 139 players (Jun, 2023)
  • m0NESY
  • dev1ce
  • ubah
Pro’s Choice

❝The SteelSeries QcK Heavy is a thick mousepad with a medium gliding experience. It can be ideal for people who have a lot of inconsistencies on their desk, as the thickness will cover up most surface-level bumps and dents.❞

4 of 5
Read review (09/2018)


Stitched edgesNo


  • Thickness covers up uneven desk surfaces


  • Thick pad can get irritating on the skin for some
  • Very strong rubbery smell initially

Artisan Hien

People who don’t follow the gaming peripherals world probably won’t know about Artisan, but it’s time that this brand got more recognition. Artisan produces a variety of mousepads, and all of them are made with great attention to detail and finished to very high standards. Artisan pads are often called the most premium mousepads out there, and for good reason.

The Hien is a quicker mousepad, with a low amount of static friction making it ideal for people who like to go for a less controlled mousepad feeling. For a fast pad, there’s still a decent amount of stopping power after making big swipes though, making it an ideal mousepad for people who want a bit more speed without going into full ‘no control at all’ territory like what you get with glass pads, for example.

Artisan mousepads cost a pretty penny and can be very hard to get too, so if you’re not a hardcore competitive gamer who wants to try out what’s basically the Rolls Royce of gaming mousepads we would recommend you to go for something that’s a bit cheaper (Lethal Gaming Gear’s Pro line of mousepads make a good alternative to Artisan) but if you want to try the cream of the crop then you’ve got to try Artisan.

Artisan FX Hien Soft

Used by 15 players (Jun, 2023)
  • Kephrii
  • mwzera
  • Tfue
  • Spoit

The Artisan Hien is super high quality speed-focused mousepad from one of the most known and respected mousepad manufacturers in the world. It’s an enthusiast product, but if you’re after a premium mousepad experience you should have this on your radar.


Stitched edgesYes


  • Very high quality finishing and stitching
  • Good durability and moisture resistance


  • Very expensive
  • Difficult to get
  • Texture is on the rougher side, this can annoy some people

Razer Gigantus

The Gigantus V2 is kind of a middle-of-the-road mousepad, but its predecessor (this original Gigantus) is a lot more controlling. This square-shaped mousepad offers a good amount of stopping power so if you want to go for a Razer mousepad that feels a little more restrictive than the Gigantus V2 then you should be good with the original Gigantus, if you can still find it for sale.

Razer Gigantus

Used by 22 players (Jun, 2023)
  • LUCAS1
  • Nertz
  • Ethan
  • Jonji

The original Razer Gigantus (this one was succeeded by the Gigantus V2) is a rather controlling pad that has a high standard of finishing.

Read review (12/2018)


Stitched edgesYes


  • Decent stitched edges


  • Raised logo can interfere with glide
  • Thickness won’t suit everyone

Best Mousepad for Overwatch 2 – Conclusion

Best Mousepad for Overwatch 2 product lineup

Overwatch 2 isn’t a game that can be defined as needing one specific playing style. A tank main is playing a wildly different game and requires a completely different skillset than a hitscan DPS player, for example. For that reason, we see a big variety of gear being used in the professional Overwatch 2 world. In this list alone, we basically see products on both ends of the spectrum, so what is right for you will vastly depend on your own preferences and playing style.

If you like to play a bit of everything you could go for a medium glide pad, and if you’re a tank main with a high sensitivity where utter precision isn’t of paramount importance it could be a good idea to go for a speedier pad, for example. We do hope that this list has been informative for you, and if you’re keen to learn even more about mousepads you can always check out our best mousepad for gaming article.

Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions or remarks!