Razer Gigantus Review

A great mousepad is a piece of gear that’s often neglected by gamers, but that really shouldn’t be the case. Pads, like mice, can vary greatly in both size and feel so it’s important to find one that matches your personal preference and aiming style.

Razer knows that a pad is very important, which is why they produce a large variety of gaming mouse pads, ranging from standard cloth pads to hybrid hard pads and today we’re reviewing one of their cloth pads.

The Razer Gigantus is one of Razer’s larger pads and is optimized for both speed and control, according to Razer. Let’s see what our reviewer thought of it.

Razer Gigantus

Used by 22 players (Jun, 2023)
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  • Nertz
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The original Razer Gigantus (this one was succeeded by the Gigantus V2) is a rather controlling pad that has a high standard of finishing.

3.5 of 5
Read review (12/2018)


Stitched edgesYes


  • Decent stitched edges


  • Raised logo can interfere with glide
  • Thickness won’t suit everyone

First Impressions

More surface. More wins.‘ That’s what it says on the box of the Razer Gigantus. Since I’m a low sensitivity gamer I tend to agree with that, so the fact that the Gigantus is a fairly large mousepad is great news for people such as myself. The Gigantus is aptly named, since it only comes in this one gigantic size, but I don’t necessarily see that as a problem. It’s better to have a bit of unused space on your pad than to struggle with the edge of the mat every time you do a big swipe.

The Gigantus comes rolled up in the package and while it’s usable straight out of the box with no issues it did take a little while to completely lay flat. That’s not an issue in itself (I started using the pad immediately and had no issues) but it’s something to note.

The mat comes with high quality stitched edges and a textured rubber base which, combined with the overall thickness and weight of the pad, did a perfect job of keeping the mat in place, even during intense moments.

Coming in at around 5mm it’s one of the thicker and beefier pads I’ve used so far, and needless to say that’s going to be perfect for filtering out uneven playing surfaces.


Razer advertises this mousepad as being ‘optimized for speed and control‘ and while that might sound contradictory I can see what they mean. The pad offers plenty of control, but it never felt like it was trying to hold me back from doing large swipes, which is something that some pure control pads out there tend to do with their grittier surfaces. It’s definitely not the speediest cloth pad out there, but if you’re looking for sort of a hybrid between control and a reasonable amount of speed the Gigantus has you covered.

The issue that I personally have with most control pads is that they’re great for helping low sensitivity users stop at the right spot, but offer too much resistance when doing micro adjustments. The Gigantus didn’t really do that, and while it’s definitely not a speed pad (there’s way faster pads out there) I feel like it’s fast enough to be called a ‘speed/control’ pad. This will obviously come down to personal preference (some people want all of the speed and others want to feel as much control as possible) but in my opinion they struck a nice balance here.

The glide is consistent and smooth as well, with one exception: the logo. The green Razer logo on the mousepad is raised on the pad itself, and that gives it a pretty nice and premium look but it will definitely interfere with your mouse if you happen to glide over it. I was personally never really bothered by this since it’s a fairly small logo and it’s placed out of the way, but your mileage may vary and it’s definitely something they can consider when working on future iterations.

Besides the logo mishap everything about the pad impressed me, to be honest. The stitching is really nice, the pad itself looks great and rather subtle for a gaming mousepad, and the performance is very consistent and reliable, even on suboptimal surfaces.

Razer Gigantus Review – Conclusion

The Razer Gigantus strikes a near perfect balance between control and speed. It’s neither a speed pad nor is it a control pad, so if you want ultimate control or relentless speed this isn’t the one for you, but if you want to have your cake and eat it too it’s definitely worth checking out the Gigantus.

The pad performs nicely and thanks to its stitched edges it’ll keep on doing that for a considerable amount of time. The only major downside I could find is the fact that the logo is raised on the pad and does interfere with gameplay if you happen to wander over there with your mouse. It’s a small logo and I placed my pad with the logo in the upper right corner (which is by far the least visited area of my mousepad) so I had no real issues with it ingame, but it’s still something to note.

Overall the Razer Gigantus is a great pad, however. Razer set out to find a compromise between speed and control and in my opinion they did a great job at that. Definitely consider this mousepad if that’s something that sounds alluring to you.

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