How to use Zowie XL Setting to Share

When Zowie released their ‘K line’ of monitors they also released a neat feature called ‘Setting to Share’. This basically allows users of the K line of Zowie monitors (you can check to compatible monitors here) to export and import monitor settings profiles. This means that you can, for example, upload your exact monitor profile online so that you can download it and use it when you’re playing somewhere else. What it also means is that you can very easily create and share monitor profiles, making it super easy for you to try out the monitor configs of your friends and your favorite pros (should they choose to share it).

In this article we’ll explain to you how to use this feature.

Importing and exporting Zowie XL Monitor Settings

First things first. You’ll want to download the Setting to Share software. You can find a link to do just that right here. Just scroll down to the ‘download now’ button.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the software it’s relatively straightforward. If you want to import profiles you’ll need a shared monitor settings file. These end in ‘.mccs’ so if you’ve got that file downloaded and ready to go you can do one of two things. You can either drag it to your Setting to Share program, or you can click the + icon in the ‘Imported Setting’ section to manually choose the file that you want to add.

Once you’ve done that you should find the settings profile in your list under ‘Imported Settings’. Select which monitor you want to apply the settings profile to (in case you’re using more than one monitor, otherwise this step isn’t necessary) and then select the local profile you want to save it to (this will be either Gamer 1, Gamer 2, or Gamer 3). If you want to you can also preview the settings profile first without actually saving it. To do so just select a local profile, then click the downloaded settings profile that you want to import, and click on the eye icon. After doing this you will get a prompt asking you whether you want to save the downloaded profile or not. If you want to instantly save it without previewing you can just double click the downloaded profile.

If you want to export a profile you should select the monitor that you want to extract the profile from (if you’re using more than one monitor), click the ‘Type a file name’ field under ‘Export Settings’ and give your settings profile a name. The ‘Export’ button will then pop up underneath the name field, after which you can save your configuration anywhere you want to. You can then upload your profile to the cloud to share with your friends (or download it yourself if you’re playing somewhere else) or upload it to a flash drive to use on the road.

BenQ Zowie XL CS:GO Settings to Share List

BenQ Zowie XL VALORANT Settings to Share List

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are the settings the same for all zowie benq monitors ?

ProSettings | Lars

All ZOWIE XL monitors have pretty much the same settings, but the actual picture might vary between models due to panel differences etc.


where is s1mple setting?


we need more settings for cs go

ProSettings | Lars

We’re always trying to gather new profiles, but players don’t often release them sadly.


the settings arnt showing up??


You know when overwatch 2 settings will be released

ProSettings | Lars

Unfortunately we don’t, but Overwatch 2’s hasn’t gotten a very noticeable visual overhaul, so the OW1 settings should still work great in the meantime!


how i can reset the share settings ?

ProSettings | Lars

You can always switch back to the profile you used previously, or switch to any other profile you have stored.


There are no profiles visible anymore :/


Did you find any alternative?

ProSettings | Lars

Should be fixed!


still can’t see any profiles :/


Dota 2?

ProSettings | Lars

We don’t currently have any official DOTA 2 player profiles yet, sorry!


no apex setting?

ProSettings | Lars

We’re always looking to add player settings, so stay tuned!


it here for apex ?


What about PuBG?

ProSettings | Lars

We don’t currently have any PUBG Setting to Share profiles available to us, but when we do we will definitely add them to the list! Zowie does have a PUBG mode ready for you to download, though. You can find it on their website:


what about fortnite?

ProSettings | Lars

We don’t have any Setting to Share profiles of Fortnite players available to us at this time, though we will update the list as soon as we have them!


Will this list be updated with more profiles?

ProSettings | Lars

Yes, this list will be updated when new profiles come out!