Italy in CS2 in 13 Beautiful Images

The latest CS2 update might have come as a bit of a shock to some people. Instead of adding two maps, Valve only added one map, and then that map wasn’t even the fan favorite Inferno map. CS2 Limited Test players are going to the same country though, as Italy has been added as the only playable map (for now) in the CS2 Limited Test.

As you may or may not know, Italy is an Overhaul map, meaning that it has been rebuilt from the ground up with new textures, materials, and lighting. The results, as you will be able to tell from these screenshots, is once again breathtaking.

Whereas the old Italy might have felt a little dark and perhaps gloomy, the Source 2 version looks vibrant, colorful, and sunny. This map now actually feels as if it’s set in some cozy Italian village that’s covered in sunshine most of the year, and it goes without saying that CS2 will look like a modern game, as Valve is doing away with the outdated and bland graphics that were present in CS:GO.

Of course Italy isn’t an active duty map. It’s not even a defusal map, but rather a hostage map, meaning that this addition to the CS2 Limited Test won’t be as groundbreaking as some of the previous Limited Test updates. Older and less popular maps deserve love too though, so it’s nice to see that Valve is also focusing on players who are interested in the more niche game modes.

As always, the screenshots in this article have not been edited at all. They are taken on a regular PC via the Steam screenshot tool, and the only ‘touchups’ we’ve done is removing the tiny beta text at the bottom left of the screen so that it doesn’t disturb the overall image.

We hope you enjoy!

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Italy in CS2

Italy in CS2 Italy in CS2 Italy in CS2 Italy in CS2 Italy in CS2
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