Anubis in CS2 in 15 Breathtaking Images

CS2’s latest update has added two new maps to the closed test, and players with beta access can now run around the beautiful Egyptian ruins of Anubis and explore every nook and cranny.

We are aware of the fact that, sadly, closed test access is something that’s limited to a couple of lucky players (and a bunch of influencers and pro players, of course) so we’ve used our access to give you a glimpse of what Anubis looks like when the Source 2 engine gets to work its magic on this newly added map.

Anubis is a map that’s very new to the world of Counter-Strike, and a map that some people weren’t even expecting to see in Counter-Strike 2, but today’s update very much proves that Valve is adamant to continue with this map, and why not? It’s perhaps not a super classic Counter-Strike map if you look at the overall layout, but neither is Overpass, and that one has managed to become an absolute favorite with casuals as well as pros. If you ask us, Anubis offers some very interesting gameplay possibilities, so it’s nice to see it included in the CS2 Closed Test.

If you thought that Anubis already looked nice in the Source 1 engine, then wait until you see Anubis in CS2. The new lighting and textures really make this map a joy to behold, and Valve has made the map a lot more interesting visually without compromising when it comes to the overall visibility.

If you ask us, Anubis in CS2 is a hit when it comes to its looks, but feel free to judge for yourself. All the photos below have been taken in the game itself and have not been edited at all afterwards (save for the fact that we cropped the photos a bit in order to cut off the ‘beta test’ text at the bottom left of the screen) so what you see is very much what you get.

We hope you enjoy!

Anubis in CS2

Anubis in CS2 Anubis in CS2 Anubis in CS2 Anubis in CS2 Anubis in CS2 Anubis in CS2
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