20 Images of Nuke in CS2

The latest update to CS2’s closed beta test has added Nuke as a new map, and that marks the first time that a map that isn’t a Touchstone map is playable in CS2. As a quick reference: CS2’s maps will all receive visual updates, but there are three tiers of updates.

In a nutshell, Touchstone maps only get minor updates to the lighting but are mostly left unchanged, Upgrade maps get updates to the lighting physics and new textures, and Overhaul maps get rebuilt from the ground up, with changes to structures, lighting, and the overall map environment and look.

Nuke in CS2 is thus the first map to get a deep Source 2 refresh, and while Dust 2 and Mirage look gorgeous on the new engine, Nuke really is a sight to behold in the new game. The new lighting engine really gives the map a completely new look, and while it might not look that different in certain outside screenshots, you really see the full power of the Source 2 engine at play when looking at the beautiful lighting on the A site, for example.

Because we know that many players don’t have access to the closed beta, we thought we’d go out and grab our virtual camera and snap some shots for you to enjoy. Or to further fuel your FOMO.

These screenshots are taken at 1080p and uploaded as-is with absolutely no editing other than a slight crop to remove the ‘beta test’ text on the bottom left. This will give you a good idea of how the game will look on an ‘average machine’ when it gets released to the public.

Do note that not all of these screenshots have been taken from a playable POV. We’ve gone out of bounds and used noclip for some of these screenshots to give you a better overview of how Source 2 Nuke looks. Enjoy!

Nuke in CS2

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