Inferno in CS2 in 25+ gorgeous images

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally come! CS2 went into open beta (read: CS2 Open Beta? Update Adds Inferno and New MM System) and added Inferno to the map pool.

Inferno was the last map of the active duty pool to be added to the Limited Test (which isn’t so limited anymore) and we can definitely see why it was kept for last. As far as map redesign goes, this new version of Inferno is very much the cherry on top of a beautiful, tasty cake.

Inferno was classified by Valve (the developers) as an Overhaul map, which means that it was to be rebuilt from the ground up completely, and it shows. The map looks familiar due to its layout of course, but it looks like it’s taking place in a completely different part of Italy this time around.

The lighting, textures, props, and objects are absolutely gorgeous if you ask us, and this CS2 Inferno remake is without a doubt Valve’s magnum opus so far. There are tons of lovely little touches to be found in the map as well, from the sign that says ‘banana’ in (you guessed it) banana to the church on the B site -which players have been calling ‘construction’ throughout the lifespan of CS:GO since it was under construction- now being finished.

Due to the fact that CS2 is now basically in open beta we’d strongly encourage you to go and walk the streets of Inferno for yourself (go check it out in an offline game first; you’ll want to fully appreciate all the beauty) but if you’re one of the unlucky ones who is caught in the office or on a holiday we’ve got you covered. Here are some beautiful pics of the new Inferno, without any editing or trickery applied to them.


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