Latest CS2 Update Adds Italy to Limited Test

As many have expected based on Valve’s recent CS2 update schedule, Ancient and Anubis have been removed from the CS2 Limited Test and made way for something new. While a lot of observers expected Inferno to be added, Limited Test players are only able to play one new map in this next phase of the beta, namely Italy.

As always, we have outlined the most important changes in our article on the CS2 Italy Update.

Italy In – Ancient and Anubis Out

As mentioned, Italy has replaced Ancient and Anubis in the Limited Test. This is a bit of an oddity, as Valve has been releasing two maps at the same time in the recent past, and many were expecting Inferno to also be added to this chapter of the Limited Test.

Italy is an Overhaul map, meaning that it has been completely reworked from the ground up for CS2. The result is, as we’ve come to expect from the Source 2 engine, a beautiful map that looks substantially better than its predecessor.

Italy in the latest CS2 Update

Many players will of course be disappointed with the lack of Inferno, as the omission of this fan-favorite map might mean that the full release (or open beta) of the game is a couple weeks further out than some had hoped, but it still looks as if CS2 will at the very least be going into open beta this summer if you ask us.

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Smoke Size Changes

A lot of players love the new responsive smokes in CS2 (see Valve’s video on CS2 Responsive Smokes) but an often heard point of criticism was that they were simply too large.

Valve has now fixed this and made adjustments to the smoke cloud’s shape and size, as can be seen in the gif below:

Full Patch Notes

Release Notes for 8/15/2023


  • Competitive and Private Matchmaking are currently disabled in the Limited Test
  • Minor adjustments to smoke cloud shape

[ MAPS ]

  • Added Italy to Deathmatch and Casual game modes
  • Removed Anubis and Ancient


  • Unified StatTrak position on both CS2 M4 models to not occlude stickers
  • Adjusted sticker sizes on CS2 M4A4 so they no longer overlap

[ MISC ]

  • Updated hostage models


  • Audio mix tweaks and adjustments


  • Added support for multiple team introduction variants
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