Latest CS2 Update Adds All Past Maps

For the second time this week, CS2 has received an update to the maps, and while some may have hoped for Inferno to pop up out of the blue, we’re now seeing that all maps that have been part of the Limited Test are now available for play.

We highlight the most important changes in this new patch.

All Previous Limited Test Maps Are Available

This means that we can play pretty much all maps (minus Inferno) and it might just hint at the fact that an open beta (or even a full release) is getting extremely close.

Gameplay Changes

Dropped bombs now don’t sink in water any longer. This is handy for when you need to find the bomb in a stressful situation and doesn’t give the CTs an unfair advantage when a bomb gets dropped in an unfortunate area.

Valve has also reworked the bullet penetration system. Many players who don’t have access to CS2 might not know this, but there were a ton of wallbangable spots in maps that really shouldn’t have been wallbangable, so it’s good to see that Valve agreed on that and has made changes on that front.

Bot takeover (where applicable) has also been enabled.


Since Valve has now added all maps to the limited test, it seems as if they’re gearing up for a full open beta release. Inferno could then be added as the final map (and perhaps the only map that you can play competitively for the first few days of the open beta, seeing as Inferno hasn’t been play tested yet in the Limited Test) after which we go into a beta competitive season. The full release could then come by the end of the summer.

Of course this is all wild speculation, but it’s becoming more and more likely that the CS2 release date is getting very close.

Full Patch Notes

Release Notes for 8/17/2023

[ MAPS ]

  • All maps previously shipped in the Limited Test are available in casual and deathmatch matchmaking
  • All maps and game modes previously shipped in the Limited Test are available for offline play


  • Dropped bombs no longer sink in water
  • Reworked the bullet penetration system
  • Enabled bot takeover where applicable
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