Logitech G333 Review

Gaming earbuds have been gaining some traction over the past couple of months. While we’d never expect them to replace dedicated gaming headsets we do see them being used by our analyzed professionals here and there. If you’re someone who doesn’t like the feeling of having a headset on your skull for hours at a time, earbuds can be a great alternative, and as an added bonus you can also use them when you’re out and about.

Today we’re taking a look at the Logitech G333, a pair of earbuds that are marketed towards gamers. With dedicated dual dynamic drivers, a built in dongle with a mic and controls, and three different silicone tips, this should be the ideal package for anyone who wants to use earbuds for gaming instead of a headset. Find out whether that’s the case or not in our full Logitech G333 Review!

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Logitech G333

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❝If you’re looking for a pair of gaming earbuds to use for your competitive gaming fix and you don’t want to break the bank then the Logitech G333 is a fantastic choice. It offers a reliable sound profile and a great mic at an interesting price.❞

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  • Decent positional audio for gaming
  • Decent mic for a a pair of inears


  • A little bass-heavy
  • Cable is too short

First Impressions

Inside the tiny box of the Logitech G333 you’ll find the earbuds, a carrying pouch, a USB-C dongle, and two additional ear tips. That’s rather standard for higher tier (gaming) earbuds but I do always appreciate a small carrying pouch for these kinds of things. It adds that small bit of extra security if you stick your earbuds in a packed backpack and what not, and it’s a nifty little bag to keep the accessories.

What’s nice about the G333 is that the cable is flat. That really helps with the prevention of tangling, and after using earbuds that have a flat cable I really hate to go back to regular thin round cables. All in all I like the whole package that you get here. The stealthy black look (if you ignore the ear tips, but those are in your ears anyway) is also something that I appreciate.


The Logitech G333 comes with three different sizes of ear tips for you to choose from, which is something that I always appreciate as it not only allows you to get a ‘custom’ fit but it also makes cleaning the product easier. I managed to find a pair that makes for a good seal without feeling as if I had to cram the tips into my ears, but after a while they did start to feel uncomfortable to me. Let me nuance that by saying that I personally don’t really like the feeling of having earbuds in my ear for a longer period of time though. Even when I’m wearing custom fitted earbuds I can’t wait to get them out after a certain amount of time, so if you’re someone who doesn’t have that issue you’ll likely find a good fitting option with the G333 thanks to the three different sizes.

On their website Logitech say that they used dual dynamic drivers for clarity and ‘booming bass’ and I have to say that they aren’t lying. The bass and overall sound profile is definitely booming, perhaps even a bit too much if you’re someone who prefers a mix that’s more oriented towards the mid and treble. For me it’s fine though, mostly because I don’t find the bass to be overwhelming when gaming, and gaming is my focus when reviewing products. You can still rather clearly hear important sounds such as footsteps and the likes without feeling as if they are drowned out, and the positional audio is also quite impressive for a pair of earbuds. Of course this last part greatly depends on the game you’re playing, but if you’re going for something that has a good audio engine (think Overwatch, CS:GO, Valorant lately, …) you likely won’t have any issues spotting people by sound alone.

Overall I can say that the sound performance of the G333 is ‘up to par’. It’s obviously not on the level of audiophile-grade audio solutions (the G333 costs a fraction of those things so I never expected it to match their performance) but its sound profile isn’t offensively biased towards one side of the spectrum, and it performs just fine as far as positional audio cues go. For music it’s fine too, provided you’re okay with the lower tones taking the spotlight a bit.

The mic, then, is surprisingly good actually. I tested it with the windows open and a fan in the background in order to test how it sounds with a moderate amount of background noise and it did really well, especially for a small ‘dongle mic’. I wouldn’t use this as my main mic if I was a content creator or for long online conversations, but for gaming and short calls it’s definitely more than good enough.

One small problem I have with the Logitech G333 (and this is something that I notice with other gaming-oriented earbuds too) is that the cable is too short. If you want to be gaming with the G333 you’ll have to get yourself an extension cable unless you have your PC on your lap. That’s not a big problem: an extension cable costs almost nothing, but Logitech must know that most people have their PC a bit further away than what this cable can manage, so it would’ve been nice to see an extender included in the package. That’s just a minor gripe though.

Logitech G333 Review – Conclusion

The Logitech G333 perhaps doesn’t do anything surprising, but what it does, it does nicely. The sound profile that you get out of this product is perhaps a bit too bass-oriented for me personally, but it’s certainly not outrageous in that department. Overall you get a nice balance that allows you to hear the important sounds when gaming, and the positional audio also allows you to use the sounds in games to your advantage when you’re playing a competitive game. The mic also performs perfectly, and it managed to surprise me with how clear it sounded. My major gripe with the Logitech G333 is the fact that the cable is just too short, but that’s easily remedied by buying an extension cable.

If you’re looking for a pair of gaming earbuds to use for your competitive gaming fix and you don’t want to break the bank then the Logitech G333 is a fantastic choice. It offers a reliable sound profile and a great mic at an interesting price.

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