Logitech G740 Review

Logitech isn’t exactly known as a brand that releases a ton of gaming mousepads. Their main cloth mousepad line (containing the G640 and the G840) has been going for years now, and with the pads showing no signs of slowing down in the pro scene it’s perhaps not a surprise that Logitech isn’t in a hurry to release new pads. As such, it came as a bit of a shock when leaks of the G740 first started appearing.

With the pad now released, speculation time is over. We’ve sent one over to our reviewer to find out what’s up, and you can read all about it in our full Logitech G740 review.

At A Glance

Logitech G740

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❝In a nutshell: the Logitech G740 is a mousepad that offers a rather restricted glide, and it does so at a thickness of 5 millimeters. With the fact that it has the same surface as the Logitech G640, this is an ideal solution for people who love that pad and want a thicker foam underneath their hands.❞

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Stitched edgesNo
Static Friction43.7
Static Friction Angle8.62
Glide Difference X/Y-4.90
Dynamic Friction1.75


  • Thick pad covers up most desk inconsistencies


  • Takes a while to lay flat completely

First Impressions

Let me first reply to the question that’s on everyone’s lips: there is no difference between the surface of the G740 and the G640/G840. With that said: there is definitely a difference when it comes to the thickness and the foam that’s been used, so don’t treat this is as just a recolor of the G640. The base and thickness influence the glide of a mousepad quite significantly.

What’s nice about the G740 is that it looks so stealthy. I never had any issues with the G640’s white Logitech G logo since it didn’t look distracting or gaudy to me, but the blacked out logo, combined with the black foam (this is blue on the G640) makes for a pad that looks sleek and will fit in any setup.

The G740 comes rolled up in the packaging, and it takes a bit for it to lay completely flat. The center is fine, but the edges have some curvature to them for the first couple of days. This flattens out, and it’s not curved to the extent where I felt like it hampered my performance, but it’s worth mentioning regardless.


The Logitech G740 is on the thicker side. With a thickness of 5 millimeters, it’s more substantial than the average pad, and whether you like that or not will largely come down to personal preference. You might think that the fatness of a pad doesn’t exactly matter but it really does. For one, a thicker pad (usually) does a better job at ‘filtering out’ surface inconsistencies on the desk that it’s placed on. A thicker pad can also allow for the feet of a pad to dig in more, giving it a distinctly different feeling over thinner pads, even if they have the same surface.

The foam that the G740 uses is rather firm, but if you apply enough pressure on your mouse hand you should be able to let it dig into the pad somewhat, thus slowing your glide. It’s definitely not soft like the foam that you find on pads that are partially made for that kind of usage (like the soft versions of Artisan pads, or the Lethal Gaming Gear Saturn Pro, for example) but it’s not meant to be either. This isn’t a hyper-specialized mousepad, and in that sense I think that the firmness of the foam is pretty much on point. This is usable by pretty much anyone without much of an adjustment period, provided you like thicker pads of course.

When it comes to the glide, the G740 is on the controlling side. The static friction is on the higher side (meaning that it takes a bit of force to get the mouse moving) and the same can be said for the dynamic friction. This definitely isn’t a mousepad that feels as if it’s totally letting you run free with your mouse, so to say, but it also isn’t a dedicated control pad if you ask me. When looking at the numbers (and my own experiences with the pad) it does fall on the more controlling side, but it’s not controlling or ‘murky’ enough to fall into the dedicated control pad side.

The above is exacerbated by the relatively low amount (in proportion to its overall glide characteristics) of stopping power. Once you apply pressure to your mouse the feet sink into the pad somewhat, greatly slowing it down, but if you don’t do that then the relatively smooth surface won’t do very much to actually stop your mouse. In a nutshell, one could say that the G740 is rather controlling when it comes to micro adjustments, but lets go of the reigns somewhat when it comes to large swipes.

The thickness, as mentioned earlier, is an acquired taste. I wouldn’t exactly say that the thickness of the pad comes into play when looking at its performance (aside from being better at covering up desk imperfections) due to the firm foam, so if you don’t like a thick pad you’re probably best off looking at the G640 (or the extended G840) but if you want a thick mousepad with the features mentioned above, this could be your dream pad.

As far as the finishing goes, I have nothing negative to say. There are no stitched edges, which is something that I usually prefer, but on a mousepad this thick I can completely understand the decision to omit them since they can get annoying if they’re not done absolutely perfectly. I didn’t feel any discomfort whatsoever during my testing, and the mousepad remained in place at all times thanks to the textured rubber base and the weight of the pad. The Logitech G logo on the bottom of the pad does influence the glide, but I personally never go into the very corners of my mousepad when gaming (and when I do, it’s on the top of my pad) so this isn’t an issue for me personally.

Logitech G740 Review – Conclusion

The Logitech G740 is a pad that does the essentials right, but it’s not a very exciting or revolutionary addition to the world of gaming mousepads. It doesn’t have to be; nailing the basics and offering a controlling surface that doesn’t go into ‘mud pad’ territory can definitely be enough for a lot of players (just look at how many pros are using the G640, which has the same surface material) but if you were expecting some type of extremely specialized or revolutionary product you’re better off looking elsewhere.

In a nutshell: the Logitech G740 is a mousepad that offers a rather restricted glide, and it does so at a thickness of 5 millimeters. With the fact that it has the same surface as the Logitech G640, this is an ideal solution for people who love that pad and want a thicker foam underneath their hands. Do bear in mind that this foam is rather firm, so don’t expect a ton of mouse feet digging action. Even if you have no experience with the G640 and you want a thick pad that gives you a controlling glide (with more control in the static friction department than in the dynamic friction department) this could be one to take a look at.

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