Logitech G305 Review

When Logitech dropped the G Pro almost two years ago now it was almost universally agreed that it was a massive hit, and even though shape, weight of clicks, and all of that is subjective there was one aspect of the mouse that everyone agreed on: the cable was pretty bad. The G Pro came with a stiff, braided cable, which just had no place on a mouse that was, for all intents and purposes, aimed at the hardcore gaming market.

Alright,’ Logitech must’ve thought, ‘if you hate the cable so much we’ll just remove it entirely‘ and that is just what they did with their newest release. Logitech took the shape of the G Pro, slapped their own HERO sensor in it, equipped it with their LIGHTSPEED technology (my caps lock key isn’t broken, the official names of these technologies are in all caps) and released what is logically called the Logitech… G305.

Odd Logitech naming schemes aside; we now have a fully wireless (and still lightweight) Logitech G Pro. Is the G305 worth your hard earned money? Is the wireless experience really that liberating? Read our review to find the answers to all of your questions.

Note: The G305 is called ‘G304’ in some parts of the world. It’s the exact same mouse with the exact same specs though.

Logitech G305

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❝The G305, if you like (or don’t mind) the shape, is an absolute beast of a mouse, and it should definitely be considered if you’re in the market for a new piece of kit. Playing wireless is an amazing feeling and Logitech’s wireless functionality works as advertised.❞

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DPI12000-200, in steps of 50
Polling Rate125 / 250 / 500 / 1000 Hz
Button SwitchesOmron


  • Flawless wireless performance on a budget
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Extremely long battery life


  • A little heavy
  • Requires an AA battery
  • ‘Egg shaped’ shell design isn’t the safest out there

Logitech G305 – Initial Impressions

The G305 is a no-nonsense product in the sense that it doesn’t have any LEDs or weird design elements. It’s a simple, egg-shaped mouse with a grey/silver Logitech logo towards the back of the unit. 

The lack of RGB lighting (which is something that the G Pro and G203 does have) was almost certainly a conscious design decision made in order to save weight, and I can only applaud Logitech for that. The only thing that matters with competitive gaming gear is the performance, and while pretty lighting can be nice to look at when the mouse isn’t being used to frantically click heads it’s not a necessity at all in my opinion.

The G305 is a pretty small mouse. It’s a little over 6.1cm at its widest point, it’s 11.5cm in length, and about 4cm high. It’s an ambidextrous mouse (with side buttons only on the left hand side) and it weighs in at 96 grams with the included AA battery, but the mouse feels lighter than that because it doesn’t have any cable drag whatsoever.

Weight freaks can significantly lower the weight of the mouse by using a AAA battery with a converter, reducing the weight by about 10 grams already. If you’re really serious about this stuff you can also play without the back cover, reducing the weight by yet another 6 grams or so. In summary: the G305 is a small, ambidextrous mouse with a pretty light weight which is made to feel lighter by virtue of the mouse being wireless.


There’s really not much to the packaging of the G305. It comes in a small box in the typical Logitech G light blue color, which features some pictures and product specs.

Inside the box you’ll find the mouse, an AA battery, a quick start guide, and the user manual, along with an extension cable for the receiver dongle. That dongle is found within the mouse, so don’t panic if you don’t find it in the box itself. The extension cable is a handy tool for people who have their PC somewhere in a cabinet or ‘hidden away’ somewhere, so it’s nice that Logitech included that. The same goes for the included AA battery. Buy the G305, and you’ll be gaming in no time without having to buy extra stuff.

Shape, Coating, and Mouse Feet

The G305 is an ambidextrous mouse, as said before. It’s a rather low and small mouse as well. One point of discussion with this shell design is the way they’ve made the sides. As it is they kind of flare outwards towards the top of the shell, but don’t really have a curve to help you pick it up, nor are they flat. Some people have reported that this design gives them cramps after prolonged usage, and even though I have no issues with comfort or grip I thought I’d mention it regardless.

The shape of the G305 is kind of hit or miss with some people, so if you’re considering this I’d suggest holding a G203, G Pro, or G305 (all of those have the same shape) for a while before deciding, just to be safe. Again though; I had no issues at all with the mouse, even after prolonged gaming sessions. It’s not the most comfortable mouse I’ve ever held, but it also didn’t give me any discomfort, if you catch my drift.

I do understand where people who hate the shape are coming from, though. As I said: I never had any problems during my testing, but the mouse did take some time getting used to initially and it doesn’t exactly feel like it’s built for comfort either. The shape, for me, is just kind of ‘there.’ I don’t hate it or love it, but I do think this is an area where some improvements can still be made.

It’s a small and low mouse, so I wouldn’t personally recommend it for palm grippers if you have anything over small sized hands. It should be great for other grip styles, and unless you have very large hands you should be able to rather comfortably use this mouse. For reference: my hand is 18.5×10.2 cm.

The mouse is finished with a matte black coating which seems to do the job perfectly. I had the (dis)pleasure of testing this mouse during an abnormally scorching summer heatwave so it was put through a very serious ‘sweat test’ and I can say with confidence that it handles sweat like a champ. No issues with grip under any conditions whatsoever either.

The G305 has a DPI button located on the top of the mouse, which stays out of the way while gaming, and it also features two conveniently placed side buttons. On the bottom it has an on/off switch and five small mouse feet, which provide a smooth, pleasant, and rather fast glide.

Recommended Grip Types

Buying a gaming mouse is like buying a sports car: it can have all the best stuff under the hood, but if you have to tilt your head in order to fit in it you won’t be winning many races with it. That was a pretty apt comparison (if I may say so myself) since the G305 is a pretty small mouse, built for performance.

If you’re a palmer you’ll probably want to stay away from this mouse, unless you’ve got pretty small hands. It works perfectly for other grip styles, provided your hands aren’t too large either.

The shape definitely isn’t the most comfortable out there, and some people outright can’t use this mouse due to cramps, so that’s something to look out for as well. I myself had no problems with comfort, but I have to admit that the shape can be improved upon.

This is obviously all subjective, there’ll probably be palm grippers out there with shovels for hands who use this mouse without breaking a sweat, so take this with a grain of salt, since it’s just a guideline.

Buttons and Scroll Wheel

The buttons on the G305 are (as they are on the G Pro) very light. I have a feeling that they’re a tad stiffer than what I had on my G Pro, but not by much, so you might need to take some time to get used to the buttons. There’s no audible or tangible difference between the left and right click though, and they both provide a very satisfying and snappy response. I’ve always been a fan of the way the clicks feel on Logitech mice and the G305 didn’t change that.

The scroll wheel is fine as well. The steps are easy to feel and easy to use, and the middle mouse button is easy enough to click, which seems like an update over the G Pro. It’s not the most amazing feeling scroll wheel out there but it’s perfectly serviceable and doesn’t do anything annoying (it’s pretty silent as well) so as far as scroll wheels go that’s all it has to do for me.

The two side buttons might do with a little bit less travel time if I’m nitpicking, but they’re responsive enough and produce a clear click once pressed.

Summarizing: full marks for the buttons and scroll on this mouse, with a special mention for the amazing (though very light, so beware if you like heavier clicks) left and right mouse buttons.

Build Quality and Cable

Logitech G isn’t really a company that’s known for their QC issues so as expected the mouse is built nicely. There is absolutely nothing rattling or shaking about when tapping or flicking the mouse, not even when I really tried to listen for it, so the build quality on my unit is absolutely top notch.

As far as the cable goes, well… There is none. Instead of a cable Logitech uses their LIGHTSPEED technology, which really does work exactly like a wired mouse. Wireless mice used to be laughed out of the park because of the performance crushing input lag they brought along with them, but that’s a thing of the past with Logitech. Their LIGHTSPEED technology works exactly as advertised and I honestly couldn’t feel a difference between the G305 and its wireless friends when it came to response times. It’s an impressive work of engineering and Logitech deserve to be praised for their wireless technology.

Logitech G305 – Conclusion

The Logitech G305 is a worthy upgrade over the G Pro in my opinion. The latter was (and still is, to be fair) a top mouse when it was released, but it was plagued by a horrid braided cable. Logitech did away with the whole cable thing, put a sensor which is every bit as good as the G Pro’s 3366 in their new mouse, and released the G305.

It’s a fantastic mouse, with a flawlessly performing sensor, super satisfying clicks, and an impressive battery life of 250 ingame hours on one AA battery. It weighs in at 96 grams but it feels lighter than that because of the fact that it’s wireless. You can easily reduce the weight if you use a AAA battery with a converter as well, if you want an even freer feeling.

Almost everything about the G305 is superb, but the shape is somewhat polarizing. It’s not the most comfortable mouse out there (and it’s also pretty small, ruling out most people with large hands, certainly if you’re a palm gripper) and some people can’t even use the G305 due to the way the sides are shaped. I myself had no such issues but I do agree that the shape could be a bit better.

Concluding: the G305, if you like (or don’t mind) the shape, is an absolute beast of a mouse, and it should definitely be considered if you’re in the market for a new piece of kit. Playing wireless is an amazing feeling and Logitech’s wireless functionality works as advertised. The G305 comes highly recommended. 

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