Everything You Need To Know About Fortnite V-Bucks

Whether you want to purchase the latest emotes to show off your moves, the trendiest outfits to make a statement on the battlefield, or that coveted Battle Pass to unlock challenges and rewards, you need Fortnite V-Bucks to fuel your obsession. 

But what exactly are V-Bucks? How do you earn them, and what’s the best way to spend them? This article will give you all the details on Fortnite’s virtual currency to ensure that you’re making the most of your time in the game and looking good while doing it. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Fortnite V-Bucks.

What Are Fortnite V-Bucks?

Fortnite V-Bucks in the ingame store

Fortnite V-Bucks, or simply V-Bucks, is the in-game currency used in the popular battle royale game Fortnite. V-Bucks can be purchased with real-world money and are used to obtain items in the Fortnite Item Shop like outfits, gliders, emotes, and Battle Passes. Earning and spending V-Bucks is one of the main ways players can customize their experience in the Battle Royale mode. 

Players can purchase V-Bucks directly through the in-game store using credit cards, debit cards, or other payment methods. V-Bucks can also occasionally be earned for free by completing challenges or leveling up your Battle Pass. The cost of V-Bucks will depend on the item(s) you want to purchase. 

Prices in the Item Shop range from 500 V-Bucks for simple emotes to 2,000 V-Bucks for legendary outfits. The Battle Pass, which unlocks over 100 rewards over the season, costs 950 V-Bucks. Players receive discounts when purchasing larger bundles of V-Bucks at once. For example, 1,000 V-Bucks cost $9.99 while 10,000 V-Bucks cost $79.99; a 20% discount. 

While V-Bucks have no monetary value outside of Fortnite and cannot be traded or sold to other players, they have become an important part of Fortnite’s success as a free-to-play game. By offering players the ability to customize their experience through purchasable items, Epic Games has created a thriving in-game economy and additional revenue stream to support the game’s development. For dedicated players, earning and spending V-Bucks has even become a metagame in itself.

How to Get V-Bucks in Fortnite

To acquire V-Bucks in Fortnite, you have a few options available to you. Keep in mind there is no free way to get V-Bucks in Fortnite except the free Battle Pass tiers (100-200 V-bucks per season). Don’t trust any websites or sources that claim they’re giving you free V-Bucks.

Level Up Your Battle Pass

Purchasing the Battle Pass for each Fortnite season allows you to earn V-Bucks as you level up. The V-Bucks are spread across the tiers and to earn all of them you need to complete the Battle Pass. The Battle Pass costs 950 V-Bucks and if you complete it during the season, you can earn over 1,500 V-Bucks. This means that you only need to buy the Battle Pass once in any season, after which you can keep renewing it every season for free, given that you don’t spend all of the V-Bucks and you complete the Battle Pass.

There are also some free V-Bucks to be earned in free tiers of the Battle Pass. The amount differs every season, but it’s usually in the 100-300 range. This isn’t a lot, but if you play often and consistently, this will allow you to get a paid Battle Pass after a few seasons.

Save the World Mode

Fortnite’s Save the World game mode, where players team up to fight off waves of enemies, offers opportunities to earn V-Bucks. You can receive quests that reward between 50 to 100 V-Bucks by progressing through the various levels and zones. Daily quests also provide ways to gain V-Bucks in Save the World mode. If you have access to a Founder’s Pack, you’ll have additional ways to earn V-Bucks.

Keep in mind that Fortnite STW is a different game altogether and is not free. You have to buy the game first. But, it is a worthy investment. Firstly, it’s a pretty enjoyable game. Secondly, you can make V-bucks in Save the World that you can then use in Battle Royale.

Purchase V-Bucks

While completing in-game activities and challenges to earn V-Bucks is ideal, you can also purchase V-Bucks directly. V-Bucks packages start at $9.99 for 1,000 V-Bucks and go up to $99.99 for 13,500 V-Bucks. Purchasing larger V-Bucks bundles provides more V-Bucks for your money. The V-Bucks you purchase can then be used in both the Battle Royale and Save the World modes to buy Battle Passes, cosmetic items, and more.

What Can You Buy With Fortnite V-Bucks?

In Fortnite, V-Bucks is the in-game currency used to purchase cosmetic items like outfits, gliders, pickaxes, emotes, and Battle Passes. You cannot buy anything that provides a competitive advantage.

Outfits – Outfits, also known as skins, change the appearance of your character. Outfits come in a variety of styles like superhero, historical, holiday-themed, and more. Plus, there are a lot of pop-culture character skins thanks to Fortnite’s massive amount of collaborations. You will find skins from DC, Marvel, pop culture, other games, and anime. We have an article listing the rarest Fortnite skins in case you’re interested.

Gliders – Gliders change the appearance of your parachute or item you use to glide down to the island. Gliders include umbrellas, rockets, dragons, and more.

Pickaxes – Pickaxes change the appearance of the tool you use to harvest materials and come in a variety of styles. Some popular pickaxes include the Reaper, Rainbow Smash, and AC/DC.

Emotes – Emotes are dances or animations your character can perform. 

Battle Pass – The Battle Pass unlocks a variety of exclusive cosmetic items like outfits, gliders, pickaxes, and emotes. The Battle Pass costs 950 V-Bucks and includes over 100 rewards. By completing challenges and leveling up your Battle Pass, you unlock all the rewards.

In summary, V-Bucks can only be used to purchase cosmetic enhancements in Fortnite Battle Royale and Fortnite Creative to change the appearance of your character and items. They do not provide any competitive advantage. V-Bucks allow you to stand out on the battlefield through unique and stylish outfits, gliders, pickaxes and emotes.


Fortnite V-Bucks are used in the popular Battle Royale game Fortnite. They allow you to purchase customization items and the season pass. While you can earn V-Bucks for free by completing challenges and leveling up your Battle Pass, purchasing them outright does speed up the process.

With this overview of what V-Bucks are, how to get them, and what you can do with them, you now have everything you need to know to make the most of this virtual currency in Fortnite. The only thing left is to drop into the Battle Royale and start putting your V-Bucks to good use. Victory awaits!

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but dose your v-bucks reset every season on the second day?