Best Fortnite Chapter 5 Mythic Weapons

Fortnite Chapter 5 (read: Fortnite Chapter 5 Episode 1 Competitive Details) introduced us to a new map with exciting POIs, new weapons, revamped movement, and more. With the new weapons, we were also introduced to their mythic variants – stronger and faster versions of these weapons. 

However, getting these weapons in a game is no walk in the park. There are a total of five mythic weapons scattered around different POIs on the map. Each of these POIs has the weapon carrier NPC protected by a swarm of guards. One mistake and you are going to get mauled down, so tread carefully.

Moreover, you are obviously not going to be the only one interested in these weapons of mass destruction. Most of these POIs are heavily contested by other players. It’s survival of the fittest to get these weapons. So, out of all these high-risk high-rewards weapons which are the best? Let’s dive in.

5. Montague’s Enforcer AR

Weapon Stats

  • DPS – 185
  • DAMAGE – 37
  • FIRE RATE – 5
  • RELOAD TIME 2.13

For a mythic, Montague’s Enforcer AR has quite a low TTK (time-to-kill). Additionally, it also suffers from a very slow projectile speed, making it very unreliable on long ranges. Realistically, you are better off with a purple or gold Striker AR instead of this. The only reason you should contest for this weapon is for the medallion and the vault. Apart from that, there is no positive about this weapon.

The Montague’s Enforcer AR can be found at Grand Glacier. It’s dropped by Montague after you defeat him.   

4. Oscar’s Frenzy Auto Shotgun

Weapon Stats

  • DPS – 195
  • DAMAGE – 78
  • FIRE RATE – 2.5

For a shotgun, Oscar’s Frenzy Auto Shotgun’s DPS is quite high. At point-blank range, this weapon can be extremely deadly. But that’s also precisely the reason why is at number 4: it is quite situational. In order to use this shotgun to its fullest you have to be up close and personal with the enemy. In Zero Build, this weapon is extremely deadly and should be used in place of the hammer pump. 

Oscar’s Frenzy Auto Shotgun can be obtained by defeating Oscar at Lavish Lair.

3. Valeria’s Hyper SMG

Weapons Stats

  • DPS – 204
  • DAMAGE – 17
  • FIRE RATE – 12
  • RELOAD TIME – 1.7

Valeria’s Hyper SMG can be found at Reckless Railways. It has the second-highest DPS on this list and a pretty low TTK. At close range, this weapon shreds through builds and enemies. The higher fire rate allows you to pierce through enemy walls and deal damage. However, being an SMG it is quite impractical in matches.

You only have five slots and you already have a shotgun for close range, so having two weapons for close range is a bit over the top. It’s better to carry more heals and mobility than two close-range weapons. Nonetheless, it is quite a strong weapon and if you play better with it there is nothing wrong with carrying it.

2. Peter Griffin’s Hammer Pump Shotgun

Weapon Stats

  • DPS – 75.6
  • DAMAGE – 108
  • FIRE RATE – 0.7
  • RELOAD TIME 4.47

The pump shotgun is one of the most iconic weapons in Fortnite. With every season there is a refreshed version of the pump, with a new name and appearance. The functionality is usually the same though. In this chapter, the pump shotgun is called the hammer pump. 

Peter Griffin’s Hammer Pump is unbelievably strong if you are precise with it. Plus, you can even pump an enemy with a perfectly placed shot. There is one big issue with this weapon though: it’s quite inconsistent. Sometimes, even good shots can end up dealing only 30-40 damage. For this reason, the weapon is not number 1. 

You can find Peter Griffin’s hammer pump shotgun in Snooty Steps.

1. Nisha’s Striker AR

Weapon Stats 

  • DPS – 234.9
  • DAMAGE – 29
  • FIRE RATE – 8.1
  • RELOAD TIME – 2.72

If it weren’t for projectile-based shooting, this AR would have been too overpowered. Combined with the fast fire rate and high base damage, Nisha’s Striker AR is unbelievably strong. Plus, it’s good on all ranges, making it extremely versatile for any loadout. Pair that with the fast reload time and you have yourself one of the strongest weapons in the game right now.

Which Mythics to Carry in Fortnite Chapter 5?

Considering the meta right now, the best loadout you can run is Nisha’s Striker AR + Peter Griffin’s Hammer Pump. The high close-range damage of the pump combined with the high DPS of the AR makes for a very strong kit. 

The third slot should be reserved for a sniper. As of now, snipers are very broken, and carrying one is beneficial. In the last two slots, you should keep healables and mobility items. This makes a very deadly loadout for Battle Royale.

For Zero Build, simply swap the pump for the Frenzy Auto Shotgun. If you manage to get close, the Frenzy Auto can be deadly because players can’t build. The rest of the loadout can be kept the same.

Conclusion – Fortnite Chapter 5 Best Mythic Weapons

In summary, the best chapter 5 mythic weapon is undoubtedly Nisha’s Striker AR. It’s definitely worth the risk and can be the edge that wins you the game. If you somehow manage to get Peter Griffin’s Hammer Pump too, you will be a dangerous force on the Island. Plus, you will have two medallions healing your shields as you fight.

Mythic weapons are an important part of Fortnite Chapter 5. Understanding how they work and which are meta is key to having a strong loadout. If you’re new to the game, you can also read our Fortnite beginner’s guide, which contains a bunch of helpful tips that, along with this guide, will help you get started.

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oscars shotgun Peters is to slow


But Peters deals way more damage what gives the shotgun the benefit to be good or better perfect in build mode.
In zero builds the frenzy is better in because you can kinda spray the enemys.