Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 Mythic Weapons, Ranked

Similar to last season, Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 also added bosses into the game. These bosses are spread across the map on different POIs. On defeating them, they drop mythic weapons and medallions. 

These weapons are more powerful versions of their common counterparts, with increased damage and a faster fire rate. However, obtaining them is not easy because you must first defeat the boss and clear the POI of other enemies. 

With the added risk of finding them, it is critical to determine which of these weapons are worth fighting for. In this article, we will rank all Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 mythic weapons, so you know which ones you should have in your loadout.

5. Zeus’ Huntress DMR

Weapon Stats:

  • Damage per Second – 109.5
  • Damage – 75
  • Fire Rate – 1.46
  • Magazine Size – 7
  • Reload Time – 2.17

The Huntress DMR is one of the new weapons introduced this season. It’s a mid-range semi-automatic rifle that deals a ton of damage.

It’s dropped by Zeus on Mount Olympus. You must challenge Zeus to a boss battle and defeat him to obtain this weapon. However, that is no easy feat. Firstly because Mount Olympus has become one of the most contested spots in the new season. This means there are going to be a lot of players landing on this POI, so you must survive the early game to challenge the boss.

Secondly, the Zeus boss battle is also quite difficult. If you are unprepared, you will be sent back to the lobby very quickly. 

All of the above is why Zeus’ Huntress DMR sits at number 5; it’s quite risky to obtain it in the first place and secondly, even though the weapon is quite good, it fails to fulfill one role particularly well. Rather than being a beast at one thing, the Huntress DMR is a bridge between a sniper and an assault rifle. With the limited inventory slots, it’s better to go for a Shotgun + AR + Sniper or Shotgun + SMG + AR combo, depending on your playstyle. The DMR just isn’t worth the risk.

With that said, the DMR is still a powerful weapon. If you are just playing casually, there is no harm in going for it. After all, it’s still quite strong, killing enemies in 2-3 shots. Despite being ranked fifth in this list, the weapon is not a bad one at all. It’s just that there are better mythics out there.

The Huntress DMR also comes with attachments including a Sniper Optic, Speed Mag, Angled Foregrip, and Muzzle Brake. All of this combined makes Zeus’s Huntress DMR a formidable weapon if you can survive the fight to get your hands on it.

4. Zeus’ Thunderbolt

Weapon Stats:

  • Damage – 80 (First two bolts), 140 (Final bolt)
  • Magazine Size – 3
  • Cooldown – 8 seconds

The Thunderbolt is one of the most exciting and fun additions to this season. You wield the power of Zeus in your hands and rain down powerful bolts of thunder onto your enemies. 

Similar to the Huntress DMR, this bolt is dropped by Zeus on Mount Olympus. However, that’s not the only way to get it. The thunderbolts are also available through the God chests scattered across the map. While you can just fight Zeus for the Thunderbolt, the better way is to get it through these new chests.

On firing, you leap into the air and rain down three electric bolts on the enemy. The first two deal 80 damage each, and the final finishes the enemy off with 140 damage. After use, it goes on a cooldown of 8 seconds before you can use it again.

These thunderbolts come in a stack of three, meaning you can perform the three-bolt attack three times. Three is the limit per inventory slot. If you want to carry more, you will have to use another inventory slot.

One of the major downsides of this weapon is that it leaves you vulnerable in the air. That’s one of the main reasons it’s ranked number 4 on this list. A well-aimed sniper shot from a distance or an enemy with an accurate spray can easily send you back to the lobby when you’re using the Thunderbolt.

With that said, the Thunderbolts are worth carrying in your inventory as they deal massive damage. Plus, if you can get a sneak attack on the enemy, you can easily kill them or leave them weak enough to finish them off with other weapons.

3. Hades’ Harbinger SMG

Weapon Stats

  • Damage per Second – 218.5
  • Damage – 23
  • Fire Rate – 9.5
  • Magazine Size – 30
  • Reload Time – 2.01

Harbinger SMG replaces the Hyper SMG this season. It’s a favorable trade, as the Harbinger SMG bests the Hyper SMG in DPS.

At close range, the Hades Harbinger SMG absolutely shreds, with a DPS of 218.5. The base damage is 23, and you get 30 shots in the mag. More than enough to nail down an enemy at close range. It also comes with attachments Red Eye Sight, Speed Mag, Vertical Foregrip, and Muzzle Grip. All of these attachments make recoil control easier, influence the reload speed, and tighten the spread. 

However, carrying an SMG and a shotgun isn’t really ideal, especially for ranked. You already have limited slots, so carrying two close-range weapons seems unnecessary, as it would be better to carry a sniper or more utilities. Of course, if Shotgun + SMG is your thing and it works for you, go for it.

The Mythic Harbinger SMG is dropped by Hades at the Underworld. Hades also drops the Aspect of Siphon and the Chains of Hades. 

In summary, if you are an SMG user it doesn’t get any better than Hades’s Harbinger SMG. It fires fast and does a lot of damage, making it lethal at close range.

2. Cerberus’ Gatekeeper Shotgun

Weapon Stats

  • Damage per Second – 164.9
  • Damage 97
  • Magazine Size – 3
  • Fire Rate – 1.7
  • Reload Time – 2.125

Cerberus’ Gatekeeper Shotgun is widely considered to be the best among the best Chapter 5 Season 2 mythic weapons this season. Rightly so: the shotgun is extremely powerful at close range, dealing massive amounts of damage if you manage to land all the shells.

In terms of stats, the Gatekeeper has 97 base damage, a 1.7 fire rate, and a three-bullet magazine. If you manage to hit a headshot, the shotgun will deal up to 150 damage.

Simply put, this weapon is highly effective at close range. But, being a shotgun, it is quite limited in range, even more so than the pump. To fully utilize the weapon’s power, you must be in close quarters with the enemy. The attachments also help boost this weapon even further. It comes pre-attached with a Speed Mag, Speed Foregrip, and Muzzle Brake, improving accuracy.

The small magazine size is a big downside, but the shotgun reloads all three shells simultaneously, unlike the pump, where you reload every shell one by one. This means you will be back to a full magazine quite quickly.

If it weren’t for the limited range, this would be the number 1 mythic this season. However, the lack of versatility makes this a second ranker. With that being said: when compared to the current shotguns in the game, the gatekeeper comes out at the very top, so it definitely pays off to grab yourself one of these.

As the name suggests, the Cerberus Gatekeeper Shotgun is obtained by defeating Cerberus on Grim Gate.

1. Ares’ Warforged Assault Rifle

Weapon Stats

  • Damage Per Second – 223.2
  • Damage – 31
  • Magazine Size – 35
  • Fire Rate – 7.2
  • Reload Time – 2.98

The Warforged Assault Rifle quickly became the main AR in the game. It’s the go-to rifle in every player’s loadout. Even though there is the Striker AR, the consistency and damage of the Warforged Assault rifle make it arguably superior.

Ares’ Warforged Assault Rifle is even more powerful. The high damage and fire rate are expected of a mythic, but it also comes with solid attachments. Firstly, this AR does 31 damage per shot and has a headshot multiplier of 1.5x, meaning you can do 46.5 damage on headshots. Combine that with the rapid-fire rate of 7.2, and 223.2 DPS makes this the best Rifle and the best mythic in the game right now.

As mentioned, the pre-fixed attachments on this weapon make it even more powerful. It comes with a Redeye scope, Drum Mag, Speed Foregrip, and Muzzle Brake. The best part about this weapon is its versatility; it shreds at almost all ranges. 

It is the rifle of Ares, the God of War, so it’s expected to be strong. You can obtain it by defeating Ares on Brawler’s Battleground. Along with the weapon, he also drops the Aspect of Combat which increases ranged damage by 1.5x, making the rifle even more powerful.

All of this makes Ares’ Warforged Assault Rifle the best Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 Mythic weapon.

Best Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 Mythic weapon: Ares

Conclusion – Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 Mythic Weapons

The Season 2 weapons arsenal is quite varied and interesting. It’s a collection of well-balanced, yet strong weapons, and the mythic variants are of course even more powerful. The Hades Harbinger SMG and Cerberus Gatekeeper Shotugn are deadly at close range, while the Mythic DMR and the AR absolutely shred at mid to long range. There are also the extremely deadly Zeus Thunderbolts, that deal damage through builds.

Overall, Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 has a solid lineup of mythics for the players to fight for.

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