Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2: What are the Aspects of the Gods

With the launch of the new Fortnite season, Epic has introduced a ton of new elements to the game. The new Greek Mythology theme has given us brand new POIs and mythic weapons. Alongside all the new stuff, the medallions that were first introduced in the first season of Chapter 5 have also returned in the form of Aspects of the Gods. And, they are better than ever. 

Four brand-new medallions have been added to the game. Players can obtain them by defeating different Greek Gods around the map. Each Medallion offers different abilities that can help you in earning a Victory Royale. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at all 4 medallions, their perks, and how to use them. While this article covers just the medallions, here’s a complete overview of everything new in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2.

Zeus’ Medallion (Aspect of Speed)

The Zeus Medallion is one of the four medallions introduced this season. This medallion grants you a major speed boost, allowing for quick movements and evasion. While the medallion is equipped, your movement speed and jump height are increased while sprinting.

This Medallion can be found in the newly added POI, Mount Olympus. To obtain it, you must defeat Zeus. He is a giant Greek God with high health and a powerful thunder ability, so approach the fight with caution. Once defeated, the medallion will drop and can be picked up for the rest of the match.

Alongside the medallion, defeating Zeus will also drop 2 mythic weapons (Zeus Huntress DMR and Thunderbolts). These are high-damage mythics that can aid you in your journey to a Victory Royale. 

Overall, the Zeus Medallion is a strong mythic item for competitive and casual players alike. The jump and speed advantage can give you an edge over your opponents.

Hades’ Medallion (Aspect of Siphon)

The Hades Medallion is tactically the best one to have. This Medallion grants you a healing siphon ability. The healing siphon allows you to gain health and shields upon eliminating an opponent. For each elimination, you gain 50 health and 50 shields. In Fortnite, you get third-partied a lot, so getting some extra health and shield after a fight can be big help.

Siphon isn’t a new thing; it was part of ranked in the older seasons of Fortnite before it was removed. The Aspect of Siphon is a creative and balanced way to bring it back.

To acquire this medallion, players will have to take on Hades in The Underworld. Once you defeat the boss, the medallion and the mythic weapon can be obtained. 

To conclude: Hades’ Medallion can be very powerful in the hands of an aggressive player who seeks out fights and eliminations. If used effectively, this mythic item can help you take fights more confidently.

Cerberus Medallion (Aspect of Agility)

The Cerberus Medallion is the most fun to use. It grants you the dash ability, allowing you to move quicker. 

It gives you 3 Underworld Dash charges that regenerate over time. When activated, you dash a short distance very quickly. This can be useful for dodging enemy attacks, escaping the storm, or generally being more mobile. The short cooldown means you’ll often have a charge ready when needed.

You can find the Cerberus Medallion in the Grim Gate location, an underground dungeon in the Northwestern part of the map. To obtain the medallion, you need to defeat the three-headed dog Cerberus.

This mythic is especially useful in the no-build mode of Fortnite. Since the need for mobility is high in this mode, Cerberus’ medallion can provide a huge advantage if you can get your hands on it.

Ares’ Medallion (Aspect of Combat)

The Ares Medallion, found in Brawler’s Battleground, gives you a damage boost for all ranged weapons in the game. 

To get the Ares Medallion, you’ll have to take on Ares, the God of War. Defeat him and the medallion will be yours. Once obtained, the Ares Medallion provides a 1.05x buff to all your ranged damage, increasing your power over distance. Any long-ranged weapon in your hands gets a power-up from the medallion.

The major perk of the Ares Medallion is obvious — your ranged weapons will hit harder and deal more damage to opponents. This can give you an edge in fights from afar. It’s more suited to players who like to fight more tactfully, bleeding the enemy from afar before going in close to wrap things up.

If you have a playstyle like that, get your hands on Ares’ Medallion to improve this approach even more. Frankly speaking though, Aspect of Combat is the least impressive out of all the medallions.

The Downside of the Medallions

While the medallions offer fantastic in-game advantages, they also come with a price. Each medallion you collect exposes your location on the map. So, expect players to come and hunt you down. 

However, the marker doesn’t provide enemies with your exact location. It gives an estimate of your location by marking a circle around where you are. As you obtain more medallions, the circle gets smaller and more precise to your location. While the idea of carrying all four medallions is great, it comes with a huge disadvantage; other players will know where you are almost to the centimeter.

How to Use the Aspects of the Gods Effectively in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2

To get the most out of the mythic medallions introduced this season, you’ll want to use them strategically. Once you’ve defeated Cerberus, Zeus, or another boss, grab their medallion right away. Each medallion provides a unique buff that lasts until you’re eliminated, so make the most of it!

Zeus’ Medallion provides speed and agility. Once obtained, use it with an aggressive approach. Quickly run up to players and engage in fights, as you’ll have the advantage of mobility over them. If things get messy in a battle, use the medallion’s abilities to evade enemy attacks and run to cover. 

Keep the same aggressive playstyle to make the most out of Hades’ Medallion. Since it provides health and shield, you don’t have to worry about having low HP after a fight. You can rush players and engage in battles to eliminate them and recover your health. 

Cerberus’ Medallion can be used both in aggressive and passive situations. Since you have the advantage of agility and mobility over your enemies, rush your enemies and quickly get the kills. If you have a more passive approach, you can use a shoot-and-dash combo to inflict damage and evade enemy fire. 

To cater to a more passive play style, use the Ares Medallion. This will give you the ability to kill enemies from a distance without getting up close and personal. Get to high ground and use long-range weapons to scope out and obliterate your enemies. 

Each medallion offers different abilities that can be used tactically. Try different approaches with each one and see what works best for you. 


With this, we conclude everything you need to know about the medallions in the brand-new Fortnite season. Now that you know what these medallions do and how to obtain them, hop in the game to try them out for yourself. 

If one strategy doesn’t work, try various approaches with different medallions and you’ll easily land a Victory Royale. And, whatever you do, don’t forget to have fun!

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