The Only Beginners Guide for Fortnite You Need

So you want a cup of the famous cartoonish building battle royale but don’t know where to start? Well, you are in the right place. While Fortnite looks like a simple and wholesome battle royale, there are a lot of things you need to know before you start getting those Victory Royales.

It’s understandable that Fortnite has become so engrossing for players of all ages; it has a bunch of unique weapons and inventive building techniques. Couple that with a bunch of pop culture crossovers and you’ve got a game that generates tons of hype. Fortnite has gained a devoted following among players of all ages, and that isn’t looking like it’s going to be changing any time soon.

In this comprehensive tutorial, we’ll provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to progress from a beginner to a top-tier Fortnite player. In this guide, we’ll focus on developing your gaming skills using game mechanics, strategies, and sense. We’ll go over strategies and tools, how to manage the storm, and advance your abilities. Let’s get straight into it!

Basic Mechanics

Aim Strategies

Map Code: 8022-6842-4965

Having good aim is a must in battle royale games, and it’s an extremely integral part of Fortnite as well. Fortnite has a vast collection of weapons and each has its own use cases. 

Mainly, you are going to use a rifle and a shotgun combo. There are snipers as well, but we won’t be focusing on them right now. 

For rifles, learn how to control spray patterns and bloom mechanisms, which enables precise full-auto shooting. Thanks to Fornite’s Creative mode, there are a lot of good aim training maps that you can use to improve your aim. You should focus on improving your tracking and precision over long distances.

Next up is the shotgun, this is the weapon you are going to be using for close-ranged fights. There are a lot of shotguns to choose from.

Given the differences in crosshair behavior and damage output amongst shotguns, choosing the best one can be difficult. Box bouts or test situations in Creative mode might help you identify the shotgun that best suits your gaming style. Furthermore, practicing 1v1 to create fight maps in Creative mode can help you improve your flick shots, tracking abilities, and target acquisition with various weapons.

Building Techniques

While having a precise aim is important, it only gets you so far in Fortnite. The mastery of building mechanics sets excellent players apart from the rest. In Fortnite, most fights turn into heated building exchanges. 

For starters, bind your builds to buttons that are easy to reach, and do not take your hand off the movement binds. After that, hop into creative and get comfortable with these binds. If you are confused, check out our our best settings for Fortnite.

Learn the basic building mechanics like ramp rushes and 90s. Improving your building skills takes persistence and consistency.

Once you are comfortable with the basic mechanics, start focusing on more advanced mechanics like cone jumps and retakes. Editing is also a big part of building, try to incorporate that into your practice as well.

When you’re in a build fight, try to focus on keeping high ground. However, you need to also keep in mind the limited building resources. Avoid wasting your resources: without your builds, you are a sitting duck to the enemy. 

Overall, you should avoid building too high. Going too high makes your buildings easy to break down and it also attracts attention from other enemies. Getting third-partied is the last thing you want to happen.

To solve this, focus on Box fighting. It’s a playstyle popularized by players like Clix and Mongraal. In boxfighting, you try to fight close range by creating boxes with your build. It gives you more piece control and reduces the risk of getting third partied. 

Piece control is also a crucial part of building. Piece control means that when you are in a fight, you should try to play around and control the builds. These builds should be your own since you can edit them.

Building can be overwhelming for newer players but with consistent practice you will get good at it. Try to nail down the basics first and try to play a bit passively in the beginning rather than going for flashy plays.

Mastering Movement

In Fortnite, there are numerous novel movement strategies that can give you an advantage in combat. Take advantage of these movements to the fullest. During build fights, maneuver quickly by climbing, sliding, and mantling. Use these motions to avoid incoming enemy fire as well as to reposition yourself during battle. Stay away from running straight; instead, employ zigzag patterns or incorporate slides and jumps intermittently. Additionally, you can leverage these movements while building to outmaneuver opponents effectively.

Boats, cars, bikes, trucks, and other vehicles are available in Fortnite. Utilize the speed of these vehicles to enable quick rotations, explore new areas, or flee quickly from charging opponents.

Gameplay Basics

Where To Land

Every Fortnite game has a unique bus route that might have a big impact on where you choose to land. It is advised to have at least two favored landing sites and become very familiar with each one’s features, such as chest spawning, floor treasure, and hiding spots, in order to increase your chances of success. 

To facilitate map traversal or offer a route out of contested areas, make sure that your chosen landing locations offer mobility alternatives, such as rifts, launch pads, or closeness to rivers.

The early stages of the game need effective storm control. To position yourself favorably for the endgame circles, carefully plan your loot route. Early-game conflicts can be reduced by choosing to land on the edges of the map, but keep in mind that doing so might increase your rotation times. Be on the lookout for other players when rotating and avoid duels when you are outside the circle.

What to Carry

It is crucial to have a weapon as soon as you land, and getting a shotgun early on is especially helpful. 

Prioritize gathering supplies and making sure you have a plentiful supply of medical supplies. An assault rifle (AR), shotgun, shields, sniper rifle or healing goods, an SMG, or another equipment that fits your playstyle are the usual things in a conventional inventory loadout.

After the third or fourth storm phase, try to keep a reserve of at least 500 units of each building material. Materials might not be required right once, but as the game goes on, they become increasingly important. 

Improvement Plan

Step 1: Focus on the Basics

Spending time on creative training will help you get started on the path to mastery. Practice matches with friends or bots can help you improve your aim and building abilities. Aim practice, building exercises, 1v1 combat, parkour challenges, and more can all be found in Fortnite’s extensive library of imaginative training maps.

Step 2: No Builds

Switch to a different game mode, such as Zero Build, which doesn’t include constructing. You can hone your positioning, understanding of the game, and aim in these settings. It takes the complicated building out of the picture, forcing you to focus more on improving your gamesense. 

Step 3: VOD Review

Record your gameplay and rewatch it. Try to analyze your gameplay and find your mistakes. Ask yourself questions like ‘was my positioning good’, ‘should I have pushed that enemy’, ‘was there a better rotation path’, and so on. By continuingly analyzing and fixing your mistakes you can improve faster than normal players.

Step 4: Arena

When you are sure of your skills, test your mettle by entering ranked Arena matches. You’ll face off against strong opponents in this to really test your abilities. Treat the competitive climate as a chance to improve your strategy.

Step 5: Tournaments

For the ultimate test of your skills, consider participating in Fortnite tournaments. Competing against some of the best players in the game not only provides a platform to showcase your talents but also offers the chance to earn rewards and recognition for your efforts.


Armed with the knowledge and strategies provided in this lesson, you are now ready to embark on your journey to Fortnite mastery. Even though honing your skills may require time and effort, keeping the right attitude will help you get from awkward meetings to Victory Royales more quickly. 

Never overlook the importance of mastering the fundamentals, making informed lending decisions, building strategically, assembling the best load-outs, and practicing often. 

Above all, relish the high you experience when you succeed. Take control of the storm and show off your prowess to the Fortnite community. Board the Battle Bus right away to begin your epic journey!

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