Best Fortnite 1v1 Maps

Whether it is Fortnite or any other game, there are always going to be 1v1s. We all know how fun, chaotic, and thrilling a good build battle is. Sometimes it’s even more fun to watch your favorite pros and streamers duel against each other. Or maybe you’ve got some beef to settle between yourself and a friend or someone you met online. Whatever the case is: there are plenty community-made Fortnite 1v1 maps to duel it out on.

This list covers the best 1v1 Fortnite maps (with codes) to test your dueling skills.

How to Enter a Map Code in Fortnite

Loading a custom map in Fortnite is quite easy:

  • In Fortnite, click on the search icon on the top nav bar
  • There, just paste the map code, and the map will load.

If you want to play with your friends, make sure they are in the party and set the map to Private. On the other hand, if you want to 1v1 against randoms, set the mode to Public

1. BHE 1V1 BUILD FIGHTS عاركني بالبناء 戦い

Map Code: 8064-7152-2934

It’s hard to find a Fortnite player who is not familiar with this map. BHE’s 1v1 map is undoubtedly the most popular and played 1v1 Fortnite map. The reason for its immense popularity are the simplistic yet practical features of the map. 

You can quickly reset after a fight, all weapons are available and there is a spectator mode for your third friend. Since the map is quite popular, you will always find a random to play against in the public queue. 

Moreover, the map is made in UEFN and it’s optimized to give you high fps. For traditional 1v1 build fights, it does not get much better than this. The map is also updated frequently to keep up with the constantly changing loot pool of Fortnite.


Map Code: 0806-1242-3877

If you want a no-nonsense 1v1 map, then Pxlarized’s map (see Pxlarized’s Fortnite settings and gear) is the best choice. It’s lightweight and optimized to give you high framerates and decreased input lag. This is one of the reasons why pros prefer to 1v1 on this map.

In terms of features, the map is quite minimalistic and simplistic. You have weapons to choose from, two ramps, and a reset button – that’s pretty much it. Frankly speaking, that is all you need from a 1v1 map.

3. ADVANCED 1V1’s 🎯

Map Code: 7198-1442-2234

Packed with features, Advanced 1v1’s is the map if you want to control every aspect of your 1v1s. Apart from the 1v1 essentials, you have custom crosshairs, music, speed control, and a FOV slider. You can also use stretched resolution inside the map, and it’s the OG stretched resolution. Players who played before Chapter 1 Season 4 know the OG stretched res and how much FOV it gave. Sadly, it was removed later on, but with this map you can enjoy those glorious times again. Don’t get used to the OG stretched res though, it as it can hinder your consistency.

Overall, advanced 1v1s is a solid map with a lot of neat features and is worth trying.

Also read: How to Use Stretched Resolution in Fortnite

4. 1v1 Build Fights [4.6.4]

Map Code: 1832-0431-4852

1v1 Build Fights [4.6.4] is a pretty straightforward 1v1 map. You have everything you need for a 1v1 on the map. The map is also kept up-to-date to accommodate Fortnite’s rotating loot pool.  Moreover, it is undoubtedly the best 1v1 map in terms of aesthetics. 

The sleek and minimalistic look of the map makes it relaxing to 1v1 on. Moreover, the map is quite popular, almost close to BHE – meaning you can get into a match with a random in a matter of minutes. Overall, a straightforward and no-nonsense 1v1 Fortnite map to duel it out on.

5. Slow Motion 1v1’s

Map Code: 8534-2582-6519

If you are a beginner and still exploring the building mechanics in Fortnite then we recommend this map for 1v1s. Mastering building in Fortnite takes time. This map helps you put your practice into play more easily. As the name suggests, you can 1v1 in slowed time. This gives you a lot of time to place and time your builds. You can try new retakes, building strategies, and more at a slowed-down time to understand them better.

It’s not only for newer players: even veterans can take advantage of this map to practice complex building moves or to warm up.

6. Finest Realistics

Map Code: 6078-7811-0032

Classic 1v1 build battles are a great way to practice and warm up your mechanics. But they are not realistic. In classic build battles, you have unlimited mats, no fall damage, and weapons of your choosing. In real matches, you don’t have that luxury. This map recreates those situations for you to practice.

You get random mats, and loot –  spawned in recreated parts of the map to battle out on. It’s quite different from traditional 1v1s as you have to be very aware and precise with your decisions.

7. Clix Boxfights

Map Code: 7620-0771-9529

The holy grail of 1v1s – boxfights. This type of 1v1 has become quite popular in the last couple of years. Ask any pro what mechanic you need to practice to become good in Fortnite and the answer is mostly going to be ‘box fighting’. Most battle royale fights end up coming down box fights which is why you need to be good at box fighting. 

This map lets you 1v1 box fight other players or your friends. You are spawned in a two-wall height room, so you can do 90s and the only option is to box up. The fights get chaotic as both players rush for pieces and map control. 

There are 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4 versions available as well. Moreover, you also have predefined weapon presets to choose from. For example, Shotgun+AR or Shotgun+Rifle.

More Fortnite 1v1 Map Codes

PANDVIL 1V1 0 DELAY – 1469-4297-5714

高性能 1V1 (16 PLAYERS) – 0468-6365-1453

BHE 1V1 PRIVATE FIGHTS (NO DELAY) 2P – 0442-2970-2907

SPEED REALISTICS [1V1] – 0550-1651-3094

PANDVIL BOX FIGHT (1V1)  – 0153-8328-7526

Conclusion – Best Fortnite 1v1 Maps 

1v1s are one of the most entertaining parts of Fortnite and they also help you become a better player. In a 1v1, any mistake you make is going to be punished instantly. You won’t have a teammate to back you up. This makes 1v1 one of the best ways to improve in Fortnite. Try adding different kinds of 1v1s to your training and warm-up regime and you’ll see your skills improve at a rapid pace.

Mix it up with box fights or realistic scenarios, and when you are bored of those you can come back to classic build battles. For 1v1s, you can choose any of these maps, as they offer a ton of variety.

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