Best Fortnite XP Maps

Have you been struggling to gain XP to complete your battle pass or unlock new items? With the release of each season, there’s an intense race to unlock all the battle pass rewards. If you’re a casual player putting in that grind to gain more XP you know how difficult it can get to complete the battle pass, especially if you just play Battle Royale mode. That’s where the best Fortnite XP maps can give you a leg up.

We have curated a list of the best maps that you can use to farm XP. Whether you’re fiending for that new skin or just want to pay off the next battle pass, these XP maps will help you out a ton.

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Only Up 100 Triggers

Map Code: 6724-7339-7270

This map is the ultimate parkour thrill. It is designed to test your skills and to see if you are able to find your way UP through the 100 obstacles. In this map, you’ll face a series of puzzles, parkour sections, and other challenges that can be activated or completed using triggers. The catch is that you only have 100 triggers at your disposal, so you must think strategically and make the most of each one.

The goal of the map is to complete all the challenges and reach the end using the limited number of triggers available. It requires careful planning, precise movements, and problem-solving skills to overcome the obstacles and progress through the map. So if you are all UP for this then dive right into it. 

Castle Bed Wars

Map Code: 8363-3014-9859

Castle Bed Wars is a great change of pace from the classic BR gameplay. Bed Wars is a game mode that originated in Minecraft but now has been ported to Fortnite. It’s perfect to play with friends and farm XP together. Similar to BR, you can do solo, duo, squads, and trios.

You are spawned into a castle with a bed and a shop. At first, you have to gather resources that you can use to upgrade your gear. The goal of the games is to protect your bed and destroy others. Once a bed is destroyed, the team cannot respawn anymore. 

In terms of XP gain, Castle Bed Wars might not be as optimal as The Pit. However, it’s incredibly fun and arguably less of a grind than some of the other XP maps.

Nuketown (Gun Game)

Map Code: 3109-1320-1845

Nuketown Gun Game is a Fortnite Creative playlist designed by Jesgran. It’s a recreation of the popular Call of Duty Map Nuketown in Fortnite. COD fans already know and love Nuketown, as its simplistic and compact layout makes for fast-paced combat. Plus, the ingeniously designed houses and elevations add a second layer of chaotic gameplay.

Jesgran has remade this map in Fortnite with a slight twist. It’s the same classic Fortnite action coupled with the gun game mode. For those unfamiliar: the first person to reach 20 kills wins, and with each elimination your gun changes. Initially, you start with a pistol, and when you reach the 19th kill you are handed a pickaxe to get the last elimination.

Overall, Nuketown Gun Game is a fun mixture of Fortnite and COD. It also acts as a great warmup map and earns you a lot of XP simultaneously. 

500+ Level Easy Death Run

Map Code: 2096-7924-6419

This map is all about testing your parkour skills. You’ll find yourself navigating through various obstacles, traps, and platforms to reach the end of each level. It gives you various challenges like jumps, slides, traps, and more.

The difficulty level is designed to be relatively easy compared to other death run maps, making it accessible for players of different skill levels. It has 500 levels for you to clear with 30 sections and 20 players in each. 

So whether you are a seasoned parkour enthusiast or a newbie, this map offers an exciting way to boost your XP. Just be ready for a tough challenge once you hop in.

Best Fortnite XP Maps, third place - 500+ level easy death run

Five Nights at Freddy’s

Map Code: 1393-6270-2901

If you are looking for something with a horror element that can also help boost your XP then this is it. This map recreates the atmosphere of the original Five Nights at Freddy’s with a bit of a classic Fortnite spin. Maps like these often remind you of the custom maps people used to create in games like Happy Wheels. 

In this game mode, you are working your summer job as a night guard and must survive five nights without getting killed. What’s out there to kill you? A bunch of frightening animatronics.

You need to utilize security cameras to track the animatronics’ movement. Keep an eye out for any obvious signs that give away their location. Even if you’re not a fan of the original game, this creative mode is still fun to play as it gives you a peek into what made Five Nights at Freddy’s so popular.

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BR Solo AI Bot Practice – 99 Bots

Map Code: 8765-2741-8092

If you have been struggling to gain XP in battle royale due to the competitive lobbies then this map will be perfect for you. This map is all about enhancing your skills for the real deal. The game starts with the same pattern as every battle royale game does, with the only catch being that you practice with bots.

By engaging with these bots, you can simulate real in-game scenarios and refine your plays without the pressure of competing against other human players.

This will help with developing skills such as rotation, aim, and weapon management. It’s an overall great way of polishing up the basics and working on your weaknesses.  

Best Fortnite XP Maps, second place - BR Solo AI Bot Practice

The Pit – Free For All

Map Code: 4590-4493-7113

It’s hard to think of anything more enjoyable than a chaotic Free for All. As the map suggests, you drop into a pit and fight for your life. The instant respawns, variety of guns, and fast-paced combat are aspects that make this map infinitely enjoyable. You also gain a lot of XP while enjoying build fights. 

The free-for-all design makes it more fun to play. If you want to practice your mechanics or just compete with a friend while farming XP, this is one of the best Fortnite XP maps out there if you ask us.

Best Fortnite XP Map - The Pit - Free For All

Conclusion – The Best Fortnite XP Maps

To get a lot of XP, you need to get in chaotic fights and action. But in BR, the fights you get are pretty limited. Normally, you would get 6-7 mid-game fights through a complete round of BR, meaning that the XP output is not that great.

You could do challenges and boost XP that way, but we all know how boring that can be. That is why we made this list of the Best XP maps in Fortnite. Now, you can still have fun and farm XP at the same time.

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