Best Keyboard for Fortnite – The Ultimate Guide

A keyboard is an often ignored part of a setup, but it really shouldn’t be. Finding a nice mechanical keyboard that has all the functions and specifications that you need can greatly enhance your comfort while playing, and in some cases even your actual gameplay.

With every manufacturer producing at least one mechanical gaming keyboard we’re aware that it can be hard to see the forest for the trees these days. That’s why we’ve been taking a look at the gear that the professionals are using, and we came up with a list of the five most used mechanical keyboards in the Fortnite pro scene. After all it’s hard to go wrong with what the pros are using, right?

In this list we’ll briefly go over the specs and features of each keyboard, and outline why it could be the board of choice for you. If you’re completely new to mechanical keyboards it’s perhaps a good idea to read through our introduction to mechanical switches, by the way. Have fun reading!

The Top 5:
1. Logitech G Pro Mechanical Keyboard

2. Ducky One 2 Mini

3. Corsair K65

4. Corsair K70

5. Razer BlackWidow Chroma TE V2

What makes a keyboard good for Fortnite?

First things first: you will want a mechanical keyboard. Every analyzed professional uses a mechanical keyboard, so if we’re looking at what the pros are doing it’s quite obvious that you’ll want to opt for a mechanical board as well.

A mechanical keyboard offers a lot of advantages over a regular membrane keyboard. Take a look at durability, for example. A standard Cherry MX switch (which is the most commonly used mechanical switch) has a lifespan of about 50 million keystrokes. Compare that to the ~5 million (on average) life expectancy of a run-of-the-mill membrane switch and you’ve got a keyboard that will probably outlive most of your other peripherals.

Aside from the durability and reliability, the main advantage of mechanical keyboards obviously lies in the fact that a mechanical switch is much more reliable and accurate to use. If you’re gaming at the highest levels you’ll want to make sure that every key stroke is registered, as misplacing a wall during a hectic firefight can definitely lead to your untimely demise.

Another aspect that makes these mechanical boards so attractive is the fact that there are so many options to choose from. You can choose between a wide variety of sizes, and having the ability to go for a switch (click here for a brief rundown of the most popular mechanical switches) that perfectly matches your play style and preferences is something that you just cannot do with a membrane board.

So, in short: you’ll want a mechanical keyboard. There’s no real consensus among the pros when it comes to size and features (we’ve got full-size boards with a bunch of extra features on this list, as well as more compact tournament style boards) so what you choose to go for will depend on your personal preferences.

It’s always a good idea to think about what you really need out of a keyboard though. For example: if you’re someone who goes to LAN events (of a friend’s place or anything like that) quite often you might not want to go for a massive and heavy keyboard with a bunch of extra USB connectors. Or if you find yourself never using the number pad on a keyboard then you might as well go for a board that doesn’t have one so that you’ve got more space to move your mouse around. These kinds of things can all be factors in deciding what board you want to go for, and luckily there are plenty of options available for everyone.

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Most used manufacturer

of fortnite pros use a keyboard without a numpad (TKL or smaller)

1. Logitech G Pro Mechanical Keyboard

As used by Martoz, Myth, dakotaz, …

Made for professionals

Logitech’s G Pro line of products is built from the ground up to cater to professional gamers. That’s the same with the G Pro Mechanical Keyboard. It only comes in a TKL (tenkeyless, which means there’s no numpad) version and doesn’t offer a whole lot of flashy features, aside from the customizable RGB lighting that’s on almost every gaming keyboard. You’ll see a button to turn said RGB lighting on or off, as well as a gaming mode button (which deactivates certain buttons so you don’t find yourself staring at your start menu because you accidentally pressed the Windows key) and that’s about it. That’s fine though, since professional gamers don’t need anything more.

The keyboard is made out of a sturdy plastic and comes with a detachable cable which completes the portable aspect of this particular board. It’s an ideal keyboard if you just want a sturdy and reliable mechanical keyboard that’ll hold up well even after multiple rough LAN trips, or if you want to save some space on your desk to really unleash your low sensitivity swiping.

Available switches

The G Pro Mechanical Keyboard can only be bought with Logitech’s own Romer-G Tactile switches. That’s a bit of a drawback in the sense that these switches won’t be for everyone, and having them on Logitech boards only makes it a bit difficult to just go out and try a board with one of these switches.

The Romer-G tactiles are a bit like the (much more common) CherryMX Brown switches, with a slightly less substantiated tactile feeling. They aren’t bad switches (check our review to find out more about the switches and this board in particular) but they’re not really comparable to any mainstream switch which is why we do recommend people to try them out first. They are pretty light and ‘fast’ switches though, so if that’s your jam you should definitely try to get your hands on one of these keyboards.

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Most used keyboard
Logitech G Pro Mechanical Keyboard
Ducky One 2 Mini
Corsair K65
Corsair K70
Razer Blackwidow Chroma TE V2

2. Ducky One 2 Mini

As used by NinjaRiversan, Painful, …

Mini indeed

The Ducky One 2 Mini hasn’t stolen its name. It’s got by far the smallest footprint of any keyboard on this list, and as such it’s an ideal little keyboard for people who want to maximize desk space or are a fan of this particular minimal aesthetic.

The bezels are razor-thin, making this compact keyboard ideal to use on small and cramped (tournament) desks, but that obviously does come with some tradeoffs. The One 2 Mini doesn’t have any arrow keys, for example, and getting to ‘basic’ keys such as print scrn will require you to press a combination of buttons.

If you can live with all of that the One 2 Mini is definitely an amazing keyboard though. It’s nicely built, has a detachable cable and it offers an absolutely amazing typing and gaming experience. The RGB lighting looks absolutely fantastic as well. That’s not something that you’re really gonna need for gaming, but it is a nice bonus.

Do be warned that keyboards this size take some getting used to, but if that’s something that you’re willing to put up with this is a great option.

Available switches

When buying the One 2 Mini you can choose between a bunch of Cherry MX switches: Brown, Blue, Red, Black, Silver, and Silent Red. That’s great news because it means that you’re quite likely to find a switch that suits you personally, and it’s way easier to find a keyboard (or a switch test set) with Cherry switches on it so that you can test out the feeling of a particular switch beforehand.

People often recommend Reds for gaming but we feel like this is such a matter of preference that it’s kind of difficult to really say ‘you should look towards switch X or Y’.

fortnite pros use a mechanical keyboard

3. Corsair K65

As used by Skram, Nicks, Domentos, …

More compact action

Fortnite pros seem to go for smaller form factor keyboards if we’re going by what we see in this guide. Corsair is pretty well known for their keyboards (other peripherals too, but their keyboards do stand out) so it’s not a surprise to see them pop up in this list.

The K65 is a tenkeyless keyboard but it’s definitely not the most compact TKL keyboard around. It’s a nice compromise between having that extra desk space that you get by cutting off the numpad and still getting a bunch of features that you’d expect from a full sized plank. You get volume control buttons, along with buttons to activate gaming mode, mute your sound, and toggle the LED lighting. There’s also a USB passthrough port and a detachable wrist rest, so if you like the idea of creating more space on your desk but don’t want to give up on the luxury feeling of most full sized boards this is definitely one to consider.

Available switches

The K65 itself is only available with Red Cherry MX switches. There’s also the K65 Rapidfire which is pretty much the exact same keyboard but that one contains Cherry MX Speed switches.

just over
of fortnite pros use some iteration of the Razer Blackwidow

4. Corsair K70 RGB (Mk. II)

As used by Dmo, Endretta, summit1g, …

Fully featured action

Note: the Corsair K65 has been seeing some use recently as well, enough to put it

Corsair is one of those companies that helped make mechanical keyboards mainstream for gaming, and their keyboards are still regarded as a great purchase today.

The K70 is a full size keyboard with dedicated media controls as well as a nicely designed volume rocker. It’s got a brushed aluminum finish which gives the keyboard a certain ‘stealth fighter’ look. Aside from that it’s a fully customizable board with a great typing experience and amazing looking RGB lighting and it comes with an included wrist rest.

If you want a good looking and sturdy keyboard to slap on your desk at home the K70 RGB could be it thanks to its sleek looks, great build quality, and ditto typing experience.

Available switches

Corsair uses regular Cherry MX switches in their keyboards, but it’s important to note that the K70 RGB is an older board at this point.

If you’re planning of buying this board you’ll probably be finding the Mk.2 version, which has some subtle design differences but otherwise builds upon the already tried and tested design of the K70.

The Mk.2 is available with Cherry MX Speed (this one used to be called the ‘K70 Rapidfire’), Red, Brown, Blue, and Silent switches, so there’s plenty to choose from.

5. Razer Blackwidow Chroma TE V2

As used by KingRichard, Hycel, Elevate, …

The tournament Blackwidow

The Razer Blackwidow Chroma Tournament Edition Version 2 (commonly known by the much shorter Blackwidow Chroma TE V2) is basically the same board as the Blackwidow Elite, but with fewer functions and much more compact and portable design.

When compared to the bigger brother, the Chroma TE V2 leaves out the media keys and numpad, and it has a detachable cable to make it easier to pack. So if you like the premise of the Blackwidow Elite but you want more desk space or portability this is the one to go for.

The Chroma TE V2 also comes with Razer’s amazing wrist rest, which attaches via an easy to use magnetic system. That’s a cool little extra that you don’t usually see included with smaller form factor boards, so we’re definitely cheery that the Tournament Edition also has this included wrist rest.

Available switches

The Blackwidow Chroma TE V2 comes with the same switch options as the full size Blackwidow Elite.

You’ve got a choice between Razer Green (tactile and clicky), Orange (tactile and silent) and Yellow (linear and silent) so there should be a Razer switch out there for everyone.

Conclusion: the best keyboard for Fortnite

As you’ve been able to see, the Fortnite pros don’t really come to one specific conclusion when it concerns their keyboards. Yes, you’ll need a mechanical keyboard, but what kind of mechanical keyboard is up to you.

In this article we’ve got everything from full-featured boards, complete with a cushiony wrist rest, to extremely compact boards that omit any additional features in favor of a slim and ‘to the point’ design. In any case, we do hope that you found this list informative and that we’ve steered you in the right direction in case you’re thinking of purchasing a new board.

Thanks for reading!