Best Mouse for CS:GO – The Ultimate Guide

When you’re playing a competitive game of CSGO one missed shot can mean the difference between winning the round or sending your team in a downward spiral of pistol B rushes, so it’s pretty obvious that a good gaming mouse is a necessary piece of equipment for serious CS:GO players. We’ve analyzed the most serious CS:GO players there are (the pros) and made a list of the mice they use most, using our CS:GO Pro Settings and Gear List. We consider this a great selection to choose your personal best mouse for CS:GO.

The Top 5:
Zowie EC2-A

Zowie EC1-A

Zowie FK1

Zowie FK2

Zowie ZA12

What makes a mouse good for CSGO?

CS:GO is a game where every little advantage goes a long way. Players experiment with all sorts of stuff in order to squeeze every last drop of performance from their rig. CSGO is also one of the most ‘pure FPS’ games around, at least when looking at the most popular ones. With no classes, heroes, or any real starter loadouts to choose from your aim is going to be super important.

The gameplay in CSGO is quite straightforward: there’s you, your gun(s) and an assortment of utility grenades to choose from. No abilities, extra pieces of kit, ultimates, and so on means that you don’t need a mouse with a ton of sidebuttons or extra functionality. A simple, well built mouse with a comfortable design and a sensor which perfectly translates your movements to the game is all you really need for CSGO. In fact, distractions could even be detrimental to your performance.

Zowie seems to have understood that.

A High Zowie Count

Zowie absolutely dominates the pro CSGO scene with their mice. Their products take up all five of our top five spots, with the EC2-A boasting the most impressive stats: a quarter of CSGO professionals use the EC2-A. What is even crazier is that the next most used mouse, the Zowie EC1-A is just a bigger version of the EC2, which means that more than one third of all Counter-Strike: Global Offensive professionals use the EC series. You can read our review to find out why that might be the case.

In the list below we will give you a bit more info on why these mice are so loved by the pros, as well as give you our own take on the mice. Some of the mice in our top list are just size variants of the same mouse, so there we just point out the differences in size and weight.

Most used manufacturer

More than
percent of CS:GO pros use a Zowie EC series mouse

Number One: Zowie EC2-A

As used by Device, f0rest, JW, …

Designed for Counter Strike Players

A staggering 25% of CSGO professionals use the Zowie EC2-A. That’s not a big surprise, since the mouse was designed specifically for competitive Counter-Strike. Zowie teamed up with CS legend Emil ‘HeatoN’ Christensen (hence the ‘EC’ in the name) to make the perfect mouse for one of the world’s most popular FPS games, and the EC2-A is a phenomenally good mouse, with the most talked about aspect being its extremely comfortable shape.

Plug and Play

Zowie’s mission is to design mice for serious competitive gamers. There are no unnecessary frills to their mice, nor are there ridiculous gimmicks which add to the weight or mess with the shape or grip. In the spirit of keeping their products the best they can be for serious gamers they also make their mice plug and play. You don’t need to install any drivers or mess with yet another annoying software program in order to use ‘em. This is very useful for players who travel to lans often.

Best shape on the market?

While the EC series are top tier in just about every aspect, the most often talked about feature of the EC2-A is the shape. Zowie seems to have shapes down to a tee, and the EC series are the shiniest jewel on that crown.

Aside from the fact that the shape feels really good for almost all grip types (if your hand size fits the mouse, of course) it’s also just so damn comfortable. That’s due to a combination of the relatively light weight (coming in at about 92 grams) and very good weight distribution and shape. As such it’s a very good options for people who are going to be gaming for hours on end, like professional CSGO players.

Why This One?

You can read the full rundown in our review, but in short: it’s a mouse designed specifically for CS, with a supremely comfortable shape, really good sensor and a very solid build quality. Thanks to the design of the shape the mouse can also be comfortably held by a variety of grip types without ever feeling discomfort, so it’s no surprise at all that so many of our professional players are opting to go for the EC2-A.

Best Mouse for CS GOCheck on Amazon
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Most Used Mice
Zowie EC2-A
Zowie EC1-A
Zowie FK1
Zowie FK2
Zowie ZA12
Zowie EC2-B
Logitech G403 Wireless
Logitech G Pro Wireless

Number Two: Zowie EC1-A

As used by gla1veGeT_RiGhT, cajunb, …

The EC2-A’s larger brother

The EC1-A is basically the same as its smaller brother, so if you like what you’re seeing with the EC2-A but you like your mice a bit larger then this is the one for you. The 1-A is 3mm (0.11 inches) higher, and 3mm broader at the front and middle, though the bottom part of the mouse is 5mm (0.19 inches) broader.

So if you’re more of a fan of slightly larger and heavier mice (the 1-A comes weighing in at about 97 grams) you can opt for the EC1-A. All of the stuff which makes the 2-A so great is also present in this one, so there’s no need to worry about anything.

More than
OF CS:GO PROS play with zowie mice

Number Three: Zowie FK1

As used by Aizy, shox, dennis, …

Ambidextrous and no-nonsense

The FK1 is one of Zowie’s ambidextrous mice, with the FK series having a rather low profile towards the back. It’s not really a partygoer, as there are no LEDs or fancy tramp stamp logos on the mouse. Instead it’s finished in a stylish matte black, with two sidebuttons on either side of the mouse, making it ideal for lefties and righties. The set of buttons you don’t want to use can be deactived though, so there is no need to worry about accidentally pressing them.

Plug and Play

Once again the Zowie philosophy shines through with the FK1. There is absolutely no need to be installing any annoying software programs or drivers when you buy the FK1 (or really any Zowie mouse for that matter): just plug it in and get to fragging. That’s also one of the reasons many pro players love these mice. If you’re traveling to lans often where you cannot/do not have to bring your own computer it’s just much easier to be able to plug your gear in and get to playing as opposed to installing half a dozen drivers.

Lightweight and trustworthy

The FK1 is the first ambi mouse design that shows up in our CSGO top 5, and even though some people might think that ambi equals discomfort that is not the case at all with the FK series. As pointed out in our review, it’s still a very comfortable mouse with a fantastic set of nicely responsive buttons. It’s pretty lightweight as well, coming in at about 88 grams. 

If you buy the right size for your hands (there’s three size variants with the FK series, with the FK1 being the medium sized one) and you like ambi mice with almost no humps then the FK1 will feel like it’s disappearing in your hands when playing. Another testament to Zowie’s incredible design when it comes to shapes.

Why this one?

Zowie rules the CSGO world for a reason. Their mice have been built for this game and the FK1 feels right at home to help guide you through Mirage, Cobblestone, and what have you. The FK1 is a solidly built mouse, with a super pleasing (though not the lightest) set of buttons and an excellent sensor. It’s a lightweight, ambidextrous mouse with no real hump towards the back, so if you’re looking for a very discrete, ambidextrous mouse or you’re a leftie (or both) the FK1 deserves a stern look.

The smallest of the FK series

As with the EC2-A and EC1-A, there isn’t any difference between the FK2 and the FK1, except for the size. The FK2 is the smallest of the three, also making it the lightest one. The FK2 comes in at about 84 grams. It’s about 2mm (0.07 inches) smaller in dimensions on all fronts, though the length is about 4mm (0.15 inches) less than the FK1. So once again; if you like the premise of the the FK series but would like a different size then the FK1, you definitely have to consider the FK2.

Number Four: Zowie FK2

As used by Snax, TACO, AdreN, …

The smallest of the FK series

As with the EC2-A and EC1-A, there isn’t any difference between the FK2 and the FK1, except for the size. The FK2 is the smallest of the three, also making it the lightest one. The FK2 comes in at about 84 grams. It’s about 2mm (0.07 inches) smaller in dimensions on all fronts, though the length is about 4mm (0.15 inches) less than the FK1. So once again; if you like the premise of the the FK series but would like a different size then the FK1, you definitely have to consider the FK2.


Number Five: Zowie ZA12

As used by coldzera, ANGE1, markeloff, …

The FK series, but with more curves

The Zowie ZA12 is another one of Zowie’s ambidextrous mouse designs. The ZA series features a larger hump towards the back, making it more suited for people who like to palm their mouse. Everything else is basically the same as the FK series; two side buttons on either side (so an ideal mouse for left handed gamers) which can be deactivated if you don’t need them, super nice and responsive buttons, and a nice and sleek matte coating.

Zowie all the way

Zowie, in essence, offers three series of mice. The EC series, the FK series, and the ZA series. There’s variants within those series, but they change in size only. Even still, Zowie has managed to completely dominate the CSGO world with their (admittedly excellent) products. It doesn’t matter if you have big hands, small hands, want an ambi mouse, want an ergo mouse, are left handed, … Zowie has you covered. The ZA12 is the answer for people who like the premise of the FK series (a lightweight, ambidextrous mouse which will ‘disappear’ once you’re playing) but prefer their rodents to have a little bit more of a curve towards the back. 

Another trustworthy companion

It’s beginning to sound like we’re repeating ourselves here (because we are) but with the ZA12 Zowie has managed to deliver yet another workhorse of a product. No fancy gimmicks or unnecessary stuff; the ZA12 just plugs into your (or anyone else’s, for that matter) PC and gets going. Zowie products might look like unassuming little office mice when viewed from a distance, but they’ve been engineered for top performance. The shape and comfort of Zowie mice are by far the most talked about aspect, but the clicks, sensor performance and overall quality of the mice are certainly also a tremendous feat.

Why this one?

If you’re looking for the Zowie experience and you want an ambidextrous mouse which fills your palm up pretty nicely (without the hump becoming awkward such as with some other mice out there) then you’ve got to look at the ZA12 (or the other mice in the ZA series, depending on your hand size). Its lightweight design (thanks to the ‘no gimmicks’ approach) and excellent sensor will ensure that you’ve got only yourself to blame when you miss that point blank AWP shot, and due to the build design it can also be used by left handed gamers with the press of a few buttons. 

Conclusion: The best Mouse for CS:GO

Zowie rules supreme in the world of CS:GO, and that has its reasons. Most (if not all) of their stuff was made with competitive CS in the back of their minds, and it shows. The pros aren’t the definitive factor in deciding whether or not a product is great, but when you’ve got almost 70 percent of professional players using equipment from the same brand they’ve got to be doing something right. For this particular question we strongly encourage you to do your own research and especially test the size of each mouse to fit. So consider this list as a guideline, but we do hope that it’s been of help and you found your own best mouse for CS:GO. Thanks for reading.