Best Mouse for CS:GO – The Ultimate Guide

When you’re playing a competitive game of CSGO one missed shot can mean the difference between winning the round or sending your team in a downward spiral of pistol B rushes, so it’s pretty obvious that a good gaming mouse is a necessary piece of equipment for serious CS:GO players. We’ve analyzed the most serious CS:GO players there are (the pros) and made a list of the mice they use most, using our CS:GO Pro Settings and Gear List. We consider this a great selection to choose your personal best mouse for CS:GO.

The Top 5:
1. Zowie EC2

2. Logitech G Pro Wireless

3. Zowie EC1

4. Zowie FK2

5. Zowie S2

What makes a mouse good for CSGO?

CS:GO is a game where every little advantage goes a long way. Players experiment with all sorts of stuff in order to squeeze every last drop of performance from their rig. CSGO is also one of the most ‘pure FPS’ games around, at least when looking at the most popular ones. With no classes, heroes, or any real starter loadouts to choose from your aim is going to be super important.

The gameplay in CSGO is quite straightforward: there’s you, your gun(s) and an assortment of utility grenades to choose from. No abilities, extra pieces of kit, ultimates, and so on means that you don’t need a mouse with a ton of sidebuttons or extra functionality. A simple, well built mouse with a comfortable design and a sensor which perfectly translates your movements to the game is all you really need for CSGO. In fact, distractions could even be detrimental to your performance.

Zowie seems to have understood that. Their products are mainly focused on performance; there are not complicated designs which could force people to hold the mouse in a certain way, nor are there any attempts to introduce gimmicks which could be detrimental to gameplay. They currently have four main lines of mice: the EC, FK, ZA, and S lines. All of them offer size variants within the line as well, and since all Zowie mice feature the same cable and clicks and high performance gaming sensors you, in essence, only need to choose a model and size and get to fragging. There’s no need to worry that you’ve picked up a ‘budget model’ with subpar specs or something like that.

A High Zowie Count

Zowie absolutely dominates the pro CSGO scene with their mice. Their products take up four of the top five most used mice, with the EC2-A boasting the most impressive stats: more than ten percent of pros still use the EC2-A, despite it being a slightly older mouse at this point. A little under a third of CS:GO professionals use the EC series of mice, which has been designed specifically for this game in cooperation with CS legend Emil “HeatoN” Christensen, so perhaps it’s no surprise that so many Counter-Strike professionals absolutely seem to adore this product. You can read our comparison on the differences between different EC version (as well as a link to our review on each different iteration) on our blog.

In the list below we’ve chosen to combine mice that are from the same series and have the exact same shape (e.g. all of the Zowie EC2 iterations) so that we can offer you a completer list as opposed to having a list which contains three different iterations of the same mouse. We will give you a bit more info on why these mice are so loved by the pros, as well as give you our own take on the mice. Some of the mice in our top list are just size variants of the same mouse, so there we just point out the differences in size and weight.

Most used manufacturer

More than
of CS:GO pros use a Zowie EC series mouse

1. Zowie EC2

As used by dev1ce, Magisk, electronic, …

Designed for Counter Strike Players

The Zowie EC is without a doubt the most popular Counter-Strike mouse with the professionals. That’s not a big surprise, since the mouse was designed specifically for competitive Counter-Strike. Zowie teamed up with CS legend Emil ‘HeatoN’ Christensen (hence the ‘EC’ in the name) to make the perfect mouse for one of the world’s most popular FPS games, and the EC2 is a phenomenally good mouse, with the most talked about aspect being its extremely comfortable shape.

Plug and Play

Zowie’s mission is to design mice for serious competitive gamers. There are no unnecessary frills to their mice, nor are there ridiculous gimmicks which add to the weight or mess with the shape or grip. In the spirit of keeping their products the best they can be for serious gamers they also make their mice plug and play. You don’t need to install any drivers or mess with yet another annoying software program in order to use ‘em. This is very useful for players who travel to lans often.

Best shape on the market?

While the EC series are great on most fronts, the most often talked about feature of this mouse is the shape. Zowie seems to have shapes down to a tee, and the EC series are the shiniest jewel on that crown.

Aside from the fact that the shape feels really good for almost all grip types (if your hand size fits the mouse, of course) it’s also just so damn comfortable. As such it’s a very good options for people who are going to be gaming for hours on end, like professional CSGO players.

Why This One?

You can read the full rundown in our reviews, but in short: it’s a mouse designed specifically for CS, with a supremely comfortable shape, really good sensor and a very solid build quality. Thanks to the design of the shape the mouse can also be comfortably held by a variety of grip types without ever feeling discomfort, so it’s no surprise at all that so many of our professional players are opting to go for the EC2.

Best Mouse for CS GOCheck on Amazon
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Most Used Mice
Zowie EC2
Logitech G Pro Wireless
Zowie EC1
Zowie FK2
Zowie S2

2. Logitech G Pro Wireless

As used by EliGE, allu, Kjaerbye, …

Cutting edge technology

It used to be the case that a wireless mouse would get you laughed out of the LAN center, because wireless gaming brought with it tons of latency and other unforeseeable, performance-limiting shenanigans, but that hasn’t been the case for a while now.

The Logitech G Pro Wireless comes with configurable side buttons (meaning that it’s a truly ambidextrous mouse), a rechargeable battery which with over 40 hours of gaming time, Logitech’s flawless HERO sensor, and all of that is coming it at just around 80 grams.

Freedom of movement

No matter how good your cable is: it will never be as good as having no cable at all. Going wireless means that you completely erase any cable drag or interference. Combine that with the fact that the G Pro Wireless weighs in at a super light 80 grams and you’ve got pretty much unparalleled freedom on your mousepad.

Every bit a gaming mouse

The G Pro Wireless was designed with one thing in mind: gamers. They changed the shape from the slightly controversial shape of the original G Pro wired design (which is a completely different mouse in almost every aspect, which does make Logitech’s naming scheme a bit odd) to a much safer ambidextrous shape with configurable side buttons. The G Pro Wireless’ HERO sensor (which is a proprietary Logitech sensor) is their version of the 3366, consuming less power whilst delivering the same performance, which means that you can game for longer on a single charge. Combine that with Omron switches, a nice scroll wheel, and so forth and you’ve got a gaming mouse that’s worth the name.

Why this one?

Well, obviously this is the one to go for if you want a wireless mouse since it’s the only mouse of that kind in this top five, but it’s got plenty of other features to offer as well. If you’re looking for a lightweight, ambidextrous mouse with clicks that are lighter than what Zowie is offering with their Huanos you could be all set with the G Pro Wireless.

More than
OF CS:GO PROS play with zowie mice

3. Zowie EC1

As used by gla1ve, jks, FalleN, …

The EC2’s larger brother

The EC1 is basically the same as its smaller brother, so if you like what you’re seeing with the EC2 but you like your mice a bit larger then this is the one for you. The 1-A is 3mm (0.11 inches) higher, and 3mm broader at the front and middle, though the bottom part of the mouse is 5mm (0.19 inches) broader.

So if you’re more of a fan of slightly larger and heavier mice you can opt for the EC1. All of the stuff that makes the EC2 so great is also present in this one, so there’s no need to worry about anything.

4. Zowie FK2

As used by Xyp9X, Subroza, AdreN, …

More pro input

The Zowie EC might be one of the most famous mice to ever grace the CS:GO scene, but the ambidextrous FK line certainly also deserves a mention when we’re talking about iconic Counter-Strike mice. This is another fan and player favorite, and that shouldn’t come as a surprise when you know that this mouse was also co-designed by a CS legend. Filip “NEO” Kubski had a hand in creating this mouse, and the ambidextrous design quickly made its way up the ranks as a favorite of both pros and enthusiasts alike.

Straightforward in many ways

The FK is an ambidextrous mouse with a rather flat design. It’s a logical addition to Zowie’s lineup since it’s the company’s goal to provide a shape for everyone so that no one who wants to try out a Zowie mouse gets left out. This flat ambi shell should be great for people who prefer to use a claw or fingertip grip, though these things are obviously very subjective so take these recommendations with a grain of salt.

Recently updated

Fans of Zowie have been asking for a refresh of the well-loved FK line for a while now, and recently Zowie has announced the FK2-B line. That contains a number of changes (glossy coating, a new 3360 sensor instead of the older 3310, and other smaller changes) and it also loses the side buttons on the right side, making it a less ideal option for left handed gamers.

Why this one?

If you like the Zowie credo of offering top tier performance products without worrying about ultimately useless stuff such as RGB but you’re not a fan of ergonomic mice that fill your hand too much you should take a look at the FK line, though we do perhaps recommend you to wait a bit until the FK-B line officially releases.

Just under

5. Zowie S2

As used by NAF, REZ, aizy, …

The newest Zowie shape

The Zowie S line was released only a couple of months ago and it kind of came out of the blue. Initially lots of people thought it was supposed to the replace the FK line but that’s definitely not the case. The S might look the same at first glance, but upon further inspection it’s clear that this is a shape that stands on its own completely. If a comparison has to be made we’d say that this is a smaller and ‘boxier’ FK that has much more of a palm-filling feeling.

The first Divina

The S line initially only released in two colors (namely pink and light blue) as part of Zowie’s Divina line. That’s made to support women in eSports and while that’s a very admirable initiative it’s great to see that it’s also available in black nowadays, which means that you get to choose between a matte coating and a glossy coating.

Zowie through and through

Aside from the release colors the S is very much a Zowie product: no frills and unneeded features, you get a product that’s built from the ground up to compete in shooter games following Zowie’s design philosophy. This means that it’s plug and play (in fact there is no software available for Zowie products) and usable straight out of the box. It also means that it still has Zowie’s 16 step scroll wheel (which is kind of a ‘marmalade feature’ in the sense that people either love it or hate it) and the heavier Huano switches, but if you’ve used a Zowie mouse before you know exactly what you can expect here.

Why this one?

If you like Zowie’s philosophy but you’re not a fan of ergonomic mice and you think that the FK sounds a bit too flat for you then you’ve got to try this one. Zowie have yet again knocked it out of the park with the shape of this mouse and it’s definitely a worthy addition to the already existing lineup.

Conclusion: The best Mouse for CS:GO

Zowie rules supreme in the world of CS:GO, and that has its reasons. Most (if not all) of their stuff was made with competitive CS in the back of their minds, and it shows. The pros aren’t the definitive factor in deciding whether or not a product is great, but when you’ve got well over half of professional players using equipment from the same brand they’ve got to be doing something right.

Whatever you make of this list; we strongly encourage you to do your own research and especially test the size of each mouse to fit. So consider this list as a guideline, but we do hope that it’s been of help and you found your own best mouse for CS:GO.

Thanks for reading.