Best Mouse for Apex Legends – The Ultimate Guide

From the moment you drop down in Kings Canyon you’ll be attacked from all sides by hordes of teams who are there with the exact same goal: to become the Apex Champion. If you want to best the other candidates you’ll need great teamwork, a good tactical mind, and consistent and reliable aim. We can’t help you with those first two aspects (practice is key!) but we can help you find a mouse that’s perfect for your style of playing.

As per usual we have been hard at work collecting the relevant data and the result is this list. These are the five most used mice by our analyzed Apex Legends professionals. We’ll go over each of them and briefly give you a rundown of their standout features so that we can hopefully help you make a correct decision when it comes to your next gaming mouse.

The Top 5:
1. Logitech G Pro Wireless

2. Logitech G305

3. FinalMouse Air58 Ninja

4. Razer Deathadder Elite

5. Logitech G703

What makes a mouse good for Apex Legends?

In Apex Legends you can get attacked from lots of different angles and distances, but there’s no need to be building objects or monitoring a ton of different cooldowns which is why we feel like you don’t need a super complicated mouse for this game.

A decently light standard layout mouse (by which we mean that it has two side buttons in addition to the regular buttons) with a flawless sensor should be all you need, as aim is definitely one of the most important skills to have in this particular game. You won’t see many instakills in Apex Legends, and the overall time to kill is pretty high but a missed Wingman shot can definitely be the difference between a squad wipe and a humiliating exit, so it’s of critical importance that you find a mouse that’s comfortable for you and won’t limit you in your ability to hit shots consistently.

Logitech’s Land

Logitech produce a bunch of different mice at varying price points and it seems like that approach works, though we do have to say that their flagship FPS gaming mouse the G Pro Wireless makes up for the vast majority of Logitech mice.

In any case; the Swiss brand is represented on the desks of over half of our analyzed Apex Legends professionals, which means that Logitech claims the first spot with ease. What’s interesting here is that all three Logitech mice in this article are wireless. This might indicate that Logitech is currently the only manufacturer to go for if you want to experience a wireless mouse, but it definitely means that professional gamers have really started to embrace wireless technology in their gaming mice. This is something that no one would have believed only a couple of years ago, so it’s nice to see how far Logitech has come on this front.

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of Apex Legends Professionals use a wireless mouse

1. Logitech G Pro Wireless

As used by Skadoodle, Dizzy, Networkz, …

Wonder of technology

As we said before: no one would have believed you if you said that the number one most used mouse for one of the most popular games on the planet would be a wireless mouse, and yet here we are.

Logitech really went all out with their flagship G Pro model, packing the flawless HERO (High Efficiency Rated Optical) sensor along with Omron switches, configurable side buttons, a pretty safe shape (which can’t be said for all of their gaming mice) and of course their famous LIGHTSPEED wireless technology.

All of this has been stuffed into a mouse that weighs a mere 81 grams, which is pretty crazy for a wireless mouse with specs like these, but you also get a staggering 50 hour battery life with the RGB on. It’s no surprise that so many professionals opt for this mouse, as it is definitely one of the most technologically advanced gaming mice out there at this point in time.

Developed for (and by) pros

Logitech’s G Pro line is their flagship competitive gaming line where they drop frivolities and unnecessary extra features to focus on one thing: performance. That hasn’t always worked out as far as the actual comfort goes though, with the first version of the G Pro (which has a completely different shape and is now called the G Pro Gaming Mouse) notably receiving flak from some gamers for being rather uncomfortable to hold for longer periods of time.

That’s all rectified with the G Pro Wireless. Shape is something that’s completely subjective, but this newest effort does have a far safer and less controversial shape, meaning that it’ll be great to use for a wide variety of grip styles.

Why this one?

If you want to get the best wireless experience out there at the moment you should definitely check this one out. All of this technology does come at a price but the G Pro Wireless is one of the most impressive gaming mice to date, and going for a wireless mouse that’s only 81 grams gives you unprecedented freedom on your mousepad. Logitech’s wireless tech is flawless as well, so you won’t be struggling with dropped connections or clicks registering late.

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Logitech G Pro Wireless
Logitech G305
FinalMouse Air58 Ninja
Razer Deathadder Elite
Logitech G703

2. Logitech G305

As used by RustyMachine, Zombs, ShortY, …

The G Pro 1.0

The Logitech G305 is essentially the wireless version of the original G Pro design. There are a number of really obvious differences between this one and the G Pro Wireless (the shape and size, for instance) but internally they aren’t the same either.

The G305 also comes with the HERO sensor, but it doesn’t have a rechargeable battery which means that you’ll have to get your own AA batteries to power the thing, but that in turn does mean that it has a super impressive battery life of about 250 ingame hours. For a wireless mouse it’s still pretty light as well, coming in at around 96 grams.

Controversial shape

The G305 builds/improves upon the design of the original G Pro mouse by removing the cable and going with Logitech’s LIGHTSPEED wireless technology. This works flawlessly, and if you’re asking us it is a net upgrade over the G Pro Gaming Mouse (which is now the official name of the OG G Pro) but as is the case with its wired sibling you will have to be able to live with the shape. It’s not a bad shape, but a lot of people have been reporting that they had comfort issues with this particular design, so we do encourage you to test out this design before pulling the trigger.

Why This One?

The G305 is another top tier wireless gaming mouse. It’s got a ‘love it or hate it’ kind of shape, but if you do love the shell this is absolutely one of the better gaming mice out there at the moment, definitely if you’re looking for a flawless wireless experience. It’s also relatively light at 91 grams and it’s worth mentioning that you can get that weight down quite a bit if you do some (easy) modding such as going for an AAA battery.

3. FinalMouse Air58 Ninja

As used by summit1g, Ninja, KingRichard, …

Light as a feather

Named after one of the world’s most popular gamers at the moment of release, the Air58 Ninja is FinalMouse’s latest and greatest attempt at making the perfect FPS gaming mouse.

As the name of the mouse might suggest it’s made up mostly air. The cutouts in the shell greatly reduce the weight of the mouse, making it a mere 58 grams (according to FinalMouse) and thus the lightest top specced gaming mouse on the planet at this point in time.

The light and nimble nature of the mouse is further emphasized by the phantomcord; an extremely flexible and light cable that should give you a feeling that’s as close to wireless as possible.

Limited availability

The Air58 is an extremely good gaming mouse with a flawless sensor, responsive clicks, nice feet, a flexible cable, and obviously the super lightweight shell, but there’s one key thing missing here and that’s availability.

Professionals obviously have other means of acquiring gaming gear but regular consumers have to monitor FinalMouse’s social media and/or website if they want to buy one of their products, as all of them come out in extremely limited quantities. That doesn’t make the mouse itself any worse (there’s a reason so many professionals go for this mouse) but it is obviously something important to note if you plan on getting one of these.

Why this one?

In reality the answer is short: you can’t get this one. It’s sold out everywhere, and the only models left to buy are extremely overpriced (we’re talking multitudes of the MSRP here) copies on the secondhand market. For this reason we cannot recommend this mouse.

If you can somehow snag one at retail price it’s definitely a good buy (even if only for the resale value) as the Air58 has all the specs to make it one of the best FPS gaming mice on earth, but this mouse definitely isn’t worth the 200+ dollars that these resellers are asking for it.

4. Razer DeathAdder Elite


The DeathAdder is one of the oldest gaming mouse designs out there, and it was one of the first gaming mice that really got mainstream appeal way back in 2006. It’s been through so many updates that it’s kind of hard to see the forest for the trees when it comes to identifying individual iterations, and that can make things a bit complicated as some iterations of this mouse were definitely better received than others.

The current DeathAdder is a really strong effort, however. It’s packing a flawless sensor, nice cable, great clicks, and of course the renowned DeathAdder shape.

Comfy and familiar

Gamers of a certain age will definitely recognize a DeathAdder when they see one. The design is heavily influenced by the Microsoft Intellimouse which was a mouse that was omnipresent on the desks of gamers and casual users alike at its time. It’s one of the most recognizable shapes out there, and there’s a reason Razer hasn’t messed with the shell.

The DeathAdder has a really comfortable ergonomic design, and couple that with the consistently great internals and it’s no real surprise that this mouse has been around for longer than some of our readers.

Why This One?

If you have larger hands and/or you prefer slightly heavier (the DA Elite weighs about 96 grams) mice this could be the one to go for. You can’t really go wrong with the tried-and-true design of this mouse, and the performance won’t let you down either.

5. Logitech G703

As used by Mendokusaii, Flanker, LyndonFPS, …

More wireless action

The Logitech G703 is the third (!) wireless mouse on our list. As the wireless edition of the G403 it’s another one of those slightly older Logitech designs with a controversial shape (due to the pronounced hump at the back of the mouse) but it does pack some pretty impressive specifications, so if you can get along with the shape this is a top ergonomic wireless product.


If you’re comparing spec sheets you might notice that the G703 doesn’t have Logitech’s HERO sensor in it. It does have the 3366, however, which is simply the predecessor of the HERO (the HERO was created to have a sensor with the performance of the 3366, but less power draw) and as such is a flawless sensor as well. The key difference here is that this is a much more power hungry sensor, which translates to a battery life of about 24 hours. That’s still enough juice for very respectable gaming marathons, and the top Logitech internals and LIGHTSPEED technology make this another very capable wireless product.

Why this one?

If you like the idea of Logitech’s lossless wireless technology but you’re more of a fan of fuller ergonomic mice the G703 could be your ideal companion. The shape definitely won’t be for everyone but it’s the only ergonomic wireless mouse on this list so if that’s something you want to try out then this mouse is every bit as capable as the other mice on this list with its 3366 sensor, great clicks, and great build quality. It’s a bit on the heavy side though (at 105 grams) but that’s certainly excusable if you look at the size of the mouse and take the wireless aspect into account.

Conclusion: The best Mouse for Apex Legends

All the mice on this list have one thing in common: they’re relatively simple mice (on the surface at least) featuring the two customary side buttons but nothing else. There’s no need to go for a complicated mouse with a bunch of extra buttons if you’re going to be focusing on Apex Legends, since the game simply doesn’t require all of those extra buttons. Aside from that we can also see that Apex Legends professionals have embraced wireless technology to the fullest, which is an interesting development if you’re asking us.

We hope that this list has been informative and that you enjoyed reading through it. Thanks for reading!