G-Wolves is a manufacturer of gaming mice from Beijing.

0.55% (8 of 1459) players are currently using G-Wolves equipment

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  • G-Wolves Hati Review
    Mouse, G-Wolves

    G-Wolves Hati Review

    Not too long ago our reviewer took a look at his first G-Wolves gaming mouse, the Skoll. That mouse was a rather unexpected hit, combining a number of great features and specs in a nice and solid package and thus it ...read more

  • G-Wolves Skoll Review
    Mouse, G-Wolves

    G-Wolves Skoll Review

    Ever since FinalMouse popularized the honeycomb design with their Ultralight line it’s been obvious that this ‘mouse with holes in it’ kind of thing has been the gaming mouse hype of the past year or so. It’s therefore not surprising to see ...read more