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NameHarrison Chang
BirthdayFebruary 6, 1995
CountryUnited States United States
TeamFree AgentFree Agent

Harrison “psalm” Chang was born on February 6, 1995 and is a professional VALORANT player.


    VALORANT Settings

  2. Apex Legends

    Apex Legends Settings

  3. Fortnite

    Fortnite Settings

VALORANT settings


DPI 800
Sensitivity 0.340
Scoped Sensitivity 1
ADS Sensitivity Unknown
eDPI 272
Hz 1000
Windows Sensitivity 6
Raw Input Buffer Unknown



Color Cyan
Crosshair Color #00ffff
Outlines Off
Center Dot On
Center Dot Opacity 0
Center Dot Thickness 1

Inner Lines

Show Inner Lines On
Inner Line Opacity 1
Inner Line Length 4
Inner Line Thickness 2
Inner Line Offset 2
Movement Error Off
Firing Error Off

Outer Lines

Show Outer Lines Off
Movement Error Off
Firing Error Off

Crosshair Code

Code Unknown


Walk L-Shift
Crouch L-Ctrl
Jump Space Bar
Use Object F
Equip Primary Weapon 1
Equip Secondary Weapon 2
Equip Melee Weapon 3
Equip Spike 4
Use/Equip Ability: 1 Q
Use/Equip Ability: 2 E
Use/Equip Ability: 3 V
Use/Equip Ability: Ultimate R


Rotate Fixed
Fixed Orientation Based On Side
Keep Player Centered Off
Minimap Size 0.8
Minimap Zoom 0.6
Minimap Vision Cones On
Show Map Region Names Never

Video Settings


Resolution 1920x1080
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Aspect Ratio Method Fill
Display Mode Fullscreen

Graphics Quality

Multithreaded Rendering On
Material Quality Low
Texture Quality Low
Detail Quality Low
UI Quality Low
Vignette Off
VSync Off
Anti-Aliasing None
Anisotropic Filtering 1x
Improve Clarity Off
Experimental Sharpening Off
Bloom Off
Distortion Off
Cast Shadows Off


Enemy Highlight Color Unknown

Apex Legends settings


DPI 800
Sensitivity 0.955
ADS Sensitivity Multiplier 1.0
Per Optic ADS Sensitivity Off
eDPI 764
Hz 1000
Acceleration Off



Crouch L-Ctrl
Jump Space
Sprint L-Shift
Auto-Sprint Unknown

Weapons & Abilities

Tactical Ability Q
Ultimate Ability Y / Z
Interact / Pickup E
Alternate Interact X
Inventory Tab
Map M
Toggle Fire Mode B
Melee V
Equip Weapon 1 1
Equip Weapon 2 2
Holster Weapons 3
Equip Grenade G
Equip Survival Item Mouse 5
Use Syringe 5
Use Med Kit 6
Use Shield Cell 7
Use Shield Battery 8
Use Phoenix Kit 9

Video Settings


Display Mode Full Screen
Resolution 1920x1080
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Brightness Unknown
FOV Unknown
FOV Ability Scaling Disabled
Sprint View Shake Minimal

Advanced Video

V-Sync Unknown
NVIDIA Reflex Unknown
Anti-Aliasing Unknown
Texture Streaming Budget Unknown
Texture Filtering Unknown
Ambient Occlusion Quality Unknown
Sun Shadow Coverage Unknown
Sun Shadow Detail Unknown
Spot Shadow Detail Unknown
Volumetric Lighting Unknown
Dynamic Spot Shadows Unknown
Model Detail Unknown
Effects Detail Unknown
Impact Marks Unknown
Ragdolls Unknown

Fortnite settings


DPI 800
Hz 1000
X-Axis Sensitivity 6.0%
Y-Axis Sensitivity 6.0%
Targeting Sensitivity 70.0%
Scope Sensitivity 70.0%
Building Sensitivity Unknown
Editing Sensitivity Unknown



Crouch L-Ctrl
Jump Space Bar
Sprint L-Shift


Harvesting Tool 1
Weapon Slot 1 2
Weapon Slot 2 3
Weapon Slot 3 4
Weapon Slot 4 5
Weapon Slot 5 6
Use F


Wall E
Floor Mouse 5
Stairs Q
Roof R
Trap Mouse 4
Rotate Building G
Building Edit V
Turbo Building On
Confirm Edit on Release Unknown
Disable Pre-Edit Option Unknown

Video Settings


Window Mode Fullscreen
Resolution 1920x1080
Frame Rate Limit Unlimited
HUD Scale 100%


Brightness Unknown
User Interface Contrast Unknown
Color Blind Mode Unknown
Color Blind Strength Unknown

Graphics Quality

View Distance Medium
Shadows Off
Anti-Aliasing & Super Resolution Off
Textures Low
Effects Low
Post Processing Low

Advanced Graphics

Vsync Off
Motion Blur Off
Show FPS Off
Rendering Mode Unknown
Allow Multithreaded Rendering On
NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency Unknown


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He uses earbuds, the Bose soundsport


His keyboard is the 60% kbdfans customized keyboard gateron clear switches, !keyboard in twitch chat.


Psalm is no longer on clg he is retired

ProSettings | Max

Fixed, thank you! 🙂


Psalm changed back to 6%

ProSettings | Max

Fixed psalm’s sensitivity, thank you! 🙂


psalm changed from 0.06 to 0.08 sensitivity, check his stream !newsens

ProSettings | Max

Fixed psalm’s sensitivity, thank you! 🙂


Psalm now uses Deuteranope 5 and .68 brightness.

ProSettings | Max

Fixed Psalm’s settings, thank you! 🙂


Psalm now uses a custom keyboard from It is a 60%.

ProSettings | Max

Fixed Psalm’s keyboard, thank you! 🙂