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Playing at a disadvantage isn’t fun. The best monitors, gaming peripherals and in-game settings can make a world of difference for your competitive performance.
That’s why we research the settings and gear of pro players and present them to you in a meaningful way.
Because it’s hard to go wrong with what the pros are using.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this again? is a resource for people who are interested in finding the best settings and gaming gear for competitive games. We research the monitors, mice, and other gaming peripherals of professional eSports players and analyze them.

Finding the best monitor or mouse for games such as CS:GO or Overwatch can be a difficult task. This task can be made easier with this website. If a large percentage of pro players use a certain mouse then it’s probably a good choice for regular gamers as well. Similarly, we think that having a database of the most common ingame settings used by pro players can help our users decide on how to tweak their personal settings as well.

That’s why we’ve analyzed hundreds of pro players in order to find similarities between what gear they use, what settings they like to tweak, and so on. The aim is to help people decide on what their next gear purchase should be, or what kind of settings they need to change to get a competitive edge. You can start with our CS:GO Monitor and Gear Guide here. Alternatively, have a look at our data here.

You really don’t use ads?

No! We don’t like banner ads in general. Our site aims to be an unbiased source of information regarding the best gaming gear out there. We feel like it wouldn’t be entirely correct to promote one product in banner ads while talking about other products in our reports, for example.

We do have bills to pay though, so we use Amazon’s Affiliate program to generate our income instead. That means that if you follow the links on our website to buy the products you wish to buy we get a small percentage of that sale from Amazon. You don’t have to pay a penny extra for that and we get to keep this website up and running. Feel free to read our Privacy Policy and Affiliate Disclosure for more information.

How do I know your information is correct?

Professional players change their gear and settings all the time. As such it’s possible that small portions of our information might be outdated for a short period of time. We take pride in the fact that we research this information diligently and frequently though, so we hope that most flaws are minor and fixed quickly.

We have been doing this for over a year. We gather our information from appearances at tournaments, from Twitch streams and by simply asking the players themselves. We provide sources when that’s possible. On top of that we also have a very active community that’s always willing to help us find the correct information.

How do I correct information?

We really appreciate our very active and passionate community. Lots of people have already pointed out small mistakes or outdated information on our website in the past and we’d love to keep it that way.

Professional players change gear and settings all the time, so if you notice that we aren’t quite up to date on a certain piece of information feel free to Tweet us @ProSettings. You can obviously also use the forums to discuss gear choices or just talk to our other community members. We’re certainly very passionate about this project and we would love to have you join our community!

Mouse X or keyboard Y is a great product as well, why is it not mentioned?

We are aware of the fact that there’s tons of great gear out there that isn’t mentioned on our website. That is because we’re not a review website. We merely analyze what stuff the professionals use to try and give our readers a clear view on the gear that these players use to compete. When we say (for example) that the Logitech G Pro is the best mouse for Overwatch we don’t mean to say that there are no other options out there or that you’ll be handicapped if you use a different mouse, we’re just saying that it’s the most used mouse among Overwatch pros.

We do occasionally give our own short input on certain pieces of equipment but that’s about as far as it goes. It’s up to you to make an informed decision on what type of gear will suit you best. We’re just trying to shine a light on something that’s often difficult to find and/or figure out, which is the gear and settings of pro players. Everyone is obviously encouraged to comment on our posts to talk about all sorts and types of gear.

Lots of pro players use sponsored gear, right?

Professional teams do often have a gear sponsor. In most cases the players can still use their own personal mouse choice when competing though. There’s still cases of players being forced to use sponsor gear (even if they don’t feel comfortable with the mouse shapes the sponsor has to offer, for example) but we feel these cases are becoming increasingly rare. When we analyze a professional we will always consider the gear they actually use for competing instead of the gear that they’re paid to advertise.

We try to provide an interesting new angle for you to consider when buying your next gaming peripheral, and while almost every piece of gear that’s used by pro players is objectively a good piece of equipment we do encourage you to take our gear results with a grain of salt and to always do your own research before purchasing a new mouse, monitor, or keyboard.