ZOWIE G-SR-SE Divina Review

Mousepads come in a massive variety of sizes, textures, thickness, looks, and so forth so it can be kind of hard to find the one that’s right for you. Getting a pad that fits your playing style and personal preferences is a worthwhile search though, and we’re here to help you with that.

Today we’re taking a look at Zowie’s G-SR-SE mousepad in the pink Divina colorway. The G-SR-SE might sound as if it’s the same as the regular G-SR but there are a couple of differences to be found, mainly when it comes to the glide, so do read on to see what our reviewer thought of this mousepad.

At A Glance

ZOWIE G-SR-SE Divina Pink

Pro’s Choice

All in all the G-SR-SE offers a really nice and smooth glide which doesn’t rein you in as much as the G-SR does, while still offering a bunch of stopping power. If you have a tendency to overshoot your targets or you like the idea of a control pad such as the G-SR but want a bit more ‘freedom’ while executing sweeps then this could very well be the number one pad for you.


  • Smooth surface
  • Interesting glide


  • Humidity resistance isn’t the best


Stitched edgesYes


The regular Zowie G-SR is, as you might know, a very controlling pad. The SE definitely feels a lot different in my opinion. It sort of holds a middle ground between the regular G-SR and the faster glide that you get out of most ‘standard’ cloth pads. This makes it quite unique in the sense that a lot of cloth pads have a very similar glide when it comes to friction and speed, and this one comes in right below that usual sensation.

The foam that the pad is made out of is pressed together very tightly, so there’s almost no bubbling. This doesn’t mean much if you’re playing on a perfectly smooth surface, but once you get to a slightly rougher surface you’ll find that the G-SR-SE handles that a lot better than pads of a similar size. It won’t cover up any major imperfections but it’s definitely good enough to use on most desks that you’d see at LAN parties and the likes, doubly so because the pad lays flat almost straight out of the box.

Another difference with the regular G-SR is that the SE doesn’t have stitched edges. Whether or not that’s a downside to you will come down to personal preference (I am more fond of stitched edges) but there’s no denying that stitches will increase the durability of the pad.

On the pad itself it looks like the word ‘Divina’ is embossed in some way, but that’s (luckily, or else this wouldn’t be much of a gaming pad) only due to the printing. The pad itself is completely smooth across the entire surface. Some companies like to put raised logos on their mousepads and while I’ll admit that you normally never get to the corner where the little logos are usually placed it is a bit of a pet peeve of mine when the logo on a pad hugely interferes with the glide. That’s not the case with the G-SR-SE, as every sort of decoration is sublimated onto the cloth itself.

ZOWIE G-SR-SE Divina Review – Conclusion

The G-SR-SE Divina is a very interesting pad in the sense that it’s got a faster and less controlled glide than its G-SR namesake while still offering a more restrained feel when compared to the ‘usual glide’ that a lot of cloth pads offer.

It’s a relatively thin pad (at 3.5 mm) but because of the very tightly packed foam that the pad is made out of it seems to perform a bit better on slightly rougher desks/surfaces than pads of the same thickness, which could be very interesting to players who are often on the road to game. For that reason it’s also a bit of a shame that the SE doesn’t have stitched edges.

All in all the G-SR-SE offers a really nice and smooth glide which doesn’t rein you in as much as the G-SR does, while still offering a bunch of stopping power. If you have a tendency to overshoot your targets or you like the idea of a control pad such as the G-SR but want a bit more ‘freedom’ while executing sweeps then this could very well be the number one pad for you.

This product was received for free from the manufacturer and given to our reviewer to test and review. Brands and manufacturers have no editorial control over our reviews. For more information, check out our review FAQ.

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what’s the best mousepad for fortnite rn ?

Mousepad question

I want to get the Zowie G-SR-SE but i don’t know if the durability will be good how long does it last before getting slow


Playing at 400 DPI and 1.8 SENS. Is this considered as slow? Currently have the normal G-SR BLACK and I’d really like to test out faster pads. What would be better for my sensitivity in theory compared to other sensitivity/mousepad combos? Qck+ or G-SR-SE. Also, i am playing with a really lightweight mouse with 60g 🙂


It depends on what game you’re playing, as different games have different values for their sensitivity (which is why you usually cannot compare eDPI across games, unless both have the same engine). What would be best is entirely up to you to be honest. Some people really love to use the lightest mouse possible with the fastest pad out there, while others like to have a lot more control.

If you like the glide feeling that your current G-SR is giving you and you want just a little bit more speed while still maintaining that control I’d go for the G-SR-SE, if you want it faster you can go for the QcK+. If you want a LOT more speed there are other options for that too. I know this isn’t extremely helpful but these things really come down to preference so there’s not a lot that I can say to you that’ll really help you out.


Where could i get such a mouse pad? (Divina gsr-se)


It really depends. Zowie products sometimes aren’t as widely available as products from Logitech or what have you so I’d check around local (web)shops in case Zowie doesn’t ship to your country.


Which would you say performs better at speed, Logitech G-640 or Zowie G-SR-SE.


I feel like the G640 is the faster out of those two.


I use the razer chroma goliathus, is there any mousepad similar to that feeling at all ? I like the how i can control my aim very well and i also use a fast sens, is a slow mousepad the key for me ? I tried fast ones and I over aim and I cant control recoil, should i try the g-sr-se ?


If you like control you can indeed try the Zowie G-SR-SE. The regular G-SR is even more controlling, while the Razer Gigantus V2 has a similar feeling to the G-SR-SE but feels slightly faster in my opinion.

Alex Jipa

Can you tell me an alternative pink fast mosepad that size is like the Zowie G-SR-SE?


I don’t know of many pink mousepads sadly. Razer has a customizable Gigantus V2 that you could order in pink though! I haven’t yet reviewed the Gigantus V2 however so I can’t comment on how fast it is.


which EXTENDED mouse pad would you say is the closest to the GSR SE?


None that I’ve really tried to be honest, all extended pads that I’ve tested so far are definitely a bit faster feeling than the G-SR-SE.


what is the best mousepad in your opinion: the glorious mousepad, the zowie divina or qck from steel series?


I like the glide of the Glorious best but that’s completely personal. All three are great pads though; the Glorious and QcK have a very similar glide if you ask me while the Zowie G-SR-SE feels a bit more controlling.

Maks Polak

Which pad has similar control and speed as Zowie gsr-se, between Razer Gigantus, Qck, Logitech G640?


Difficult to say as they’re all pretty different from the G-SR-SE if you’re asking me but if I had to pick I’d say the Gigantus.


is the ZOWIE G-SR SE DEEP BLUE MOUSE PAD same as the zowie divina ones? the dark blue doesnt have a divina on it and the divina pink and blue do are they the same


It should be the same, yeah.


I have ZOWIE ec2-b divina mouse and which mousepad should I buy
DPI: 400
Sensitivity: 1.46
I play at low sensitivity


At that sensitivity I wouldn’t necessarily recommend a control pad (though everyone’s different of course) so I would maybe take a look at the SteelSeries QcK line or perhaps the Logitech G640. Really though, what kind of pad you go for is decided a lot by your own personal preferences, so I can’t give you a straight and decided answer here.


Where can I get this mousepad I am from Turkey I tried to buy it from amazon but it is not available.The only version I found is the red one and I don’t know if it is same with blue or pink one


The red one is the same as the blue or pink one; it’s merely a color change. That said: I do not know where to buy it from Turkey as I’m not from there, but you can definitely get the red one as it’s exactly the same save for the color.


Hey what can you say about this pad compared to Razer goliathus speed


I haven’t yet tested the Goliathus Speed, but the G-SR-SE isn’t marketed as a speed pad (and it really isn’t, as I’ve reviewed it already) so I would imagine that the Goliathus Speed is faster.

Brysen Duane Brandon

I have a UL2 and ordered this mouse pad do you think it’s the softest mousepad or is there any better besides Artisan I have a glorious xxl but I wanted to try this since a lot of pros have switched to this mousepads


I wouldn’t base myself on what the pros use. It’s good to know what they use as a sort of baseline, but in the end it comes down to what you prefer. Pros use quality stuff so it’s never wrong to go with what they use, but every human is different, so what works for a certain pro might not work for you at all and vice versa. That said, the G-SR-SE has a different glide than the XXL so I’d see how you like that first and then start to look at other pads (if that’s necessary; you might obviously like the G-SR-SE so much you don’t want to switch).


How Would you compare the g-sr-se to the goliathus cosmic speed?
Really interested in your opinion.


I’m sorry but I haven’t yet tested the Goliathus Speed so I can’t really make a fair comparison here.


How does the g sr se compare to the hyperx fury s controll edition? Wich one has more friction? Does the g sr se wear out fast and gets slower?


I haven’t yet tested the Control Edition so I cannot answer that question. The G-SR-SE doesn’t wear out as fast as the regular one though, in my opinion.


who has fast glide and low friction between the Zowie GSR-SE and the Logitech G640
Prosettings ?


The Logitech G640.


I have a zowie gsr mousepad and i dont like it,becouse is a “control” pad.I wont a speed>control pad…is the zowie gsr se divinia right for me?


No, that still has a controlling element to it. You’re better off with something like a QcK or Fury S in that case. If you really want speed you can also go for the Glorios Helios.


So,Is there a little bit of control?


Yes the G-SR-SE has a controlling element to it in my opinion.


is this mousepad for low sens gamers? i mean is this mousepad is a control mousepad?


Not as controlling as the regular G-SR but it definitely has a bit of a control element to it.


Hi would you recommend a GSR-SE or a SS Heavy for a low sens FPS player?


It really depends. Plenty of low sens players use either. It’s down to how much stopping power and friction you prefer, as the SE is a bit more controlling than the Heavy. That said; as a low sens player myself I would go for the SteelSeries, though that really just is my personal opinion.