Zowie EC2-B Divina Review

When Zowie launched their new S2 model in the Divina colorways they also released a special edition of the EC2-B and EC1-B in these striking colors. Most people seem to think that this is just a recolor of the standard ECx-B models but there are definitely some differences between the regular EC2-B and the Divina edition.

We’ve gotten a lot of questions on those differences and we’ve also seen a lot of confusing information online, so in order to clear the air a bit (and to judge the EC2-B Divina on its own merits, of course) we gave a copy to our reviewer.

Read on to find out what he thought of the newest addition to this legendary family of mice.

At a Glance

ZOWIE EC2-B Divina Blue

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Pro’s Choice

❝The EC2-B Divina does everything that the regular EC2-B does, but the small changes make me prefer the Divina version over the regular one. On its own the EC2-B is a fantastic mouse with an amazing shape, flawless sensor, good buttons, and a nice and flexible cable, and I happen to think that the Divina version feels a bit better to use due to the coating and larger mouse feet.❞

3.5 of 5
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SensorPMW 3360
DPI400, 800, 1600, 3200
Polling Rate125 / 500 / 1000 Hz
Button SwitchesHuano


  • Great build quality
  • Move back towards larger feet is an improvement over the regular EC2-B’s smaller feet


  • Loud and rigid scroll wheel
  • Side buttons feel a little mushy

First Impressions

Obviously the first thing that anyone will notice is the color of this mouse. If you have the EC2-B Divina sitting on your desk you will inevitably draw some attention, but I have to add that the color isn’t that crazy. Yes, it’s baby blue (it’s also available in pink, check out our S2 Divina review if you want to check out that particular colorway) but in real life the color isn’t actually all that crazy. It’s fairly subtle, as far as light blue mice go.

I happen to quite like this color (blue is my favorite color) and the white scroll wheel and side buttons do look pretty good in combination with the shade of blue that they’ve used but I’m aware that this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. As I said though; the color isn’t jarring in real life (and your mouse is covered by your hand 99% of time the anyway) so don’t let the color stop you from trying out this mouse if you like everything you’re going to read about it.

Zowie EC2-B Divina Mouse Review

The EC2-B is a medium sized ergonomic mouse with one of the best shapes on the market right now. Not much can be said about this legendary shape that hasn’t already been said but I’ll talk about the shape later in case you’re not familiar with this mouse. For now I’ll just say that the EC series has a deserved status as one of the most comfortable mice around.

The other thing that’s noticeable about this Divina version is that the coating has changed from the matte/glossy mixture on the regular version to a straight up glossy coating on the Divina edition. More on that later as well.


Inside the box (which is white instead of Zowie’s regular black) you’ll encounter the mouse itself, along with the usual documentation and a Zowie sticker. That’s all rather standard, but Zowie also includes a pair of replacement mouse feet. They do that for all of their mice (as far as I’m aware) and it really is a nice extra touch in my opinion.

Zowie EC2-B Divina Mouse Review Packaging

Shape, Coating, and Mouse Feet

As I said earlier the EC series has a legendary reputation when it comes to the shape. If you browse internet forums that like to talk about peripherals odds are you’ll find a lot of people praising the shape of the EC series. It makes sense as well; if you like ergonomic mice you’ll be hard-pressed to find something about this mouse that’s badly designed.

Obviously personal preferences will always play a role when it comes to liking (or disliking) certain mice but I’m absolutely sure that the EC2-B will be a great fit for a large amount of gamers thanks to its amazing and pretty safe design. There are no sudden curves or bumps and the entire mouse has this natural ‘flow’ to it, so it’s not likely to offend any certain grip style either.

One of the major differences between the regular version and this one is that the Divina version has a glossy coating. Personally I’m not a fan of glossy coatings but objectively speaking this is well done by Zowie. I never had any grip issues at all and the mouse keeps performing evenly, no matter if my hands are dry or sweaty. Despite my preference for matte (or matte-ish) coatings I’d take the Divina’s coat over the regular EC2-B’s.

The mouse feet have also been changed. The Divina version goes back to two larger feet like the ones that can be found on the EC2-A. Whether or not that’s a good change will depend on your preferences, but I personally like the smoother and more controlled glide of the Divina version better. The little ‘tech info’ sticker that’s on every peripheral has been moved from the bottom of the mouse on the Divina version as well, as Zowie have opted to house that info on a little tab towards the end of the cable in order to reduce the amount of things that can interfere with the glide of the mouse to an absolute minimum. That’s a small little detail that many players might not even notice, but it does show how much Zowie cares about delivering an ultra reliable esports product.

I normally don’t like to spend too many words on comparing the mouse that I’m reviewing against another mouse since I think it’s more valuable to judge a product on its own qualities, but since I know that a lot of people are curious about the changes between the two versions I’ve included a photo comparing the bottom of the EC2-B Divina (left) versus the regular EC2-B (right).

Zowie EC2-B Divina Mouse Review

Recommended Grip Types

Getting the right mouse for your grip type is essential and the EC2-B has one of those shapes that can accommodate a very large variety of grip types.

It’s got such a nice shape that it’ll be comfortable to use for almost anyone (whether it’s perfect for your specific tastes is obviously another matter and you can sadly only find these things out by trying different mice yourself) if your hands are the right size for this mouse. If you’ve got bigger hands and you’re keen on trying this shape (I can only recommend it) there’s also the EC1-B, which is the exact same mouse with larger dimensions.

Buttons and Scroll Wheel

The EC2-B Divina houses Zowie’s regular Huano switches, and as some of you will know they’re something of an acquired taste. Huanos tend to be a bit heavier than Omrons (which are used by the majority of the big manufacturers) but that doesn’t mean that the clicks on the EC2-B Divina are bad. I don’t think that they’re the best clicks ever, but I also have absolutely no qualms about using this mouse for extended periods of time as I prefer heavier clicks over extremely light clicks anyway and Huanos are by no means an inferior product. Whether you prefer Huanos or Omrons depends on preference, so don’t come out of this thinking that the clicks on the EC2-B are objectively subpar because they’re not.

No complaints when it comes to the performance of these buttons and switches, though. The clicks are consistent with no audible or tactile differences between the two main buttons and while the clicks themselves are certainly on the heavier side they do actuate with a pleasant and crispy click. 

On to the scroll wheel then. Zowie mice might receive almost universal praise for their fantastic shapes but when it comes to their scroll wheels the general opinion definitely shifts towards the other side of the spectrum. The EC2-B Divina’s scroll wheel won’t change that. The low number of steps and rather loud and stiff operating feeling will rub some people the wrong way and while I usually have no real issues using Zowie’s scrolls I have to say that the scroll wheel is the most disappointing aspect of this mouse.

I get the idea that, for pure gaming usage, some people prefer fewer steps and I don’t really mind the fewer steps, but this scroll wheel is very loud and just feels kind of ‘off’ to me in the sense that it feels a bit flimsy. My issues are with the feeling of this scroll wheel though; when it comes to performance there’s no reason to complain. The middle mouse button is very easy to click (which is always nice) and the scroll wheel itself never missed a step when I was using it so you can certainly rely on this wheel to do exactly what it has to do, it’s just that there’s room for improvement on some fronts here.

The side buttons are located in a convenient position which makes them easy to reach with a variety of grip styles and they’ve got a clear and precise click to them when actuated, but they could do with a bit less travel distance if I’m nitpicking.

Zowie EC2-B Review Mouse

Build Quality and Cable

The Divina has the same cable as all of the other Zowie models. It’s a thin, pretty flexible, and lightweight rubber cable that’s still one of the best stock cables out there if you’re asking me. It’s perfectly usable without a mouse bungee though you will obviously encounter a bit of drag in some situations if you use it without one. Once it’s in a bungee (or some homemade contraption to achieve the same result) you’re not likely to ever be bothered by this cable.

These days some companies have been coming out with extremely flexible shoelace-like cables so I’m not gonna claim that the EC2-B Divina has the best cable out there but it’s definitely much more than adequate so there’s no need to worry on this front.

The build quality is excellent too. There’s nothing loose and nothing is audibly shaking or rattling when I’m tapping or shaking the mouse. When squeezing it there’s almost no give either so this mouse will definitely last you a while on top of being pretty sturdy and able to withstand most ‘regular’ fits of gaming rage.

Something that I feel I should mention as well is the lack of coil whine. Some early versions of the EC2-B had coil whine where you could quite clearly hear a high pitched sensor ‘zoom’ whenever the mouse was plugged in. To my knowledge this issue has been solved for a while now and there’s absolutely no noise coming from the sensor in this mouse so if you were worried about this you can rest easy.

Zowie EC2-B Divina Mouse Review

Sensor and Everyday Performance

The EC2-B Divina contains the flawless 3360 sensor, and as expected its performance is, well… flawless. Smoothingjittering, and all of those other annoying performance-limiting aspects really are a thing of the past now that we’re in the age of flawless sensors being readily available to every manufacturer, and that’s obviously a great development for gamers.

Zowie mice, as you may or may not know, are plug-and-play. There’s a button to change the DPI and polling rate on the bottom of the mouse and that’s about all you need to game according to Zowie so there’s no need to download software to configure the mouse. I quite like this approach and not having to download additional software every time you plug your mouse into a different PC is obviously an advantage for professional gamers or people who are often gaming on the go.

Zowie EC2-B Divina Review – Conclusion

The EC2-B Divina does everything that the regular EC2-B does, but the small changes make me prefer the Divina version over the regular one. On its own the EC2-B is a fantastic mouse with an amazing shape, flawless sensor, good buttons, and a nice and flexible cable, and I happen to think that the Divina version feels a bit better to use due to the coating and larger mouse feet. Combine all of the great aspects of the normal EC2-B with the little improvements they’ve made an you’ve got yourself a great piece of kit.

Points for improvement are the side buttons (which could use a little less travel time) and the scroll wheel, but aside from that this is a great gaming mouse.

The main differences between the regular EC2-B and the Divina version are that the Divina goes back to the two larger mouse feet, has the info sticker moved from the bottom of the mouse to a tab at the end of the cable, and has a glossy coating as opposed to the matte/glossy mixture of the regular version. Click here to go to Zowie’s own mouse comparison webpage.

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