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Gaming with a top tier gaming mouse on a subpar mousepad  (or no mousepad at all) is the equivalent of driving a tricked out sports car on flat, worn out tires. It might work, but it’s far from ideal. Getting the right pad is essential to unleashing your true potential, doubly so when you’re playing FPS games.

We here at ProSettings are dedicated to helping you be the best gamer you can be, and in order to help you pick out the best pad for you we’ve sent over a lesser known (though popular among enthusiasts) mousepad to our reviewer.

Read on to find out what he has to say about the Glorious 3XL.

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Glorious 3XL

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❝If you want a mousepad that covers your entire desk surface (unless you have a huge desk) then the 3XL is a great option. It has nicely finished edges and a smooth surface for maximum comfort.❞

3.5 of 5
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Stitched edgesYes


  • Desk-sized pad means that you won’t even run out of mouse space
  • Decent stitched edges
  • Smooth surface


  • Unwieldy and not very portable at all


The Glorious 3XL is large enough to comfortably host a full-course dinner party for up to three people, so it’s an absolute dream for low sensitivity players. I’m a low sens player myself and the feeling of having an infinite amount of mousepad space really is something special.

That feeling would all be for naught if the glide was rubbish though, and thankfully it’s not. The 3XL feels a bit coarser to the touch than some of its equal speed counterparts, but it has a relatively slick glide with a surprising amount of stopping power. That’s not to say that the pad feels slow or overly murky and controlling, because it doesn’t.

Executing big flicks on the pad doesn’t feel like a struggle at all, and the somewhat coarser feeling helps a lot with stopping at precisely the right point to get that montage worthy dome shot.

The surface also handles the variety of sensors I’ve thrown at it with no hiccups at all. That’s to be expected from any self respecting gaming mousepad though.

The 3XL’s main selling point is obviously the sheer size of it, but is it a gimmick or something that’s actually useful? That’ll  depend on your ingame sensitivity (and your desk size) but for me it’s alright. I like the look of it, that’s obviously entirely subjective, but using a mousepad this large also ensures that you have a completely even surface to move your mouse around across almost your entire desk. On top of that it’ll also make sure that your keyboard isn’t slipping away during intense gaming sessions.

Is it absolutely necessary to get the biggest mousepad in the world (at least according to Glorious)? No, it’s not. Not at all. Do I enjoy using it? Yes. 

Glorious also produces smaller pads, by the way, so if you like the sound of all this but want a smaller package you’ve got that option.

Glorious 3XL Review – Conclusion

I have to admit that I hadn’t thoroughly checked out Glorious PC Gaming Race until a few months ago. Some people might not expect it from a company named after a Reddit meme, but Glorious produces an extremely decent mousepad here.

The 3XL offers a medium-fast glide with a nice amount of stopping power due to its slightly rougher texturing. It’s a stylish plain black pad that’s finished off with high quality stitching as well, so there’s not a lot to dislike about this product. The feeling of the pad might not be for everyone, and its rather thin design means that it won’t cover up any major inconsistencies on your playing surface, but then again you probably shouldn’t be playing on those surfaces either way.

If you’re a bit turned off by having a magic carpet sized mousepad on your desk you can always go for one of the smaller sizes, so if you like what you’re reading about the pad you should really consider it. It’s a winner in my book.

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