Glorious (formerly Glorious PC Gaming Race) is an American PC peripherals manufacturer. They are known for their gaming mice and their gaming keyboards, though they also produce mousepads and a large variety of specialized PC gaming equipment such as key sets, cables, …

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  • Glorious Model I
    Mouse, Glorious

    Glorious Model I

    Glorious’ Model O and Model D mice have been around for some time now, and pretty much everyone who is somewhat into the gaming mouse scene knows about these mice and their shapes. What is a little less known is more

  • Glorious GMMK 2 Review
    Keyboard, Glorious

    Glorious GMMK 2 Review

    It could be a coincidence, but ever since the COVID pandemic forced the majority of the population to work and study at home, we’ve seen the (custom) mechanical keyboard scene boom like never before. In these past two years, standards more

  • Glorious Model D Wireless Review
    Mouse, Glorious

    Glorious Model D Wireless Review

    Glorious is a peripherals company that has had a meteoric rise over the past couple of years. Their first couple of releases were received in a rather ‘cold’ manner but when they announced the Model O mouse they almost immediately gathered an more

  • Glorious GMMK Pro Review
    Keyboard, Glorious

    Glorious GMMK Pro Review

    Custom mechanical keyboards have been rising in popularity for a while now, but the pandemic seems to have increased this growth immensely. With almost the entire world working from home at one point it’s perhaps not surprising that the demand more

  • Glorious Air Review
    Mousepad, Glorious

    Glorious Air Review

    When Glorious released their Elements mousepads some time ago they introduced all three pads simultaneously. There is the Fire, the Ice, and the Air. While the other two offered something new (for the brand) this Air pad reminds a lot more

  • Glorious Fire Review
    Mousepad, Glorious

    Glorious Fire Review

    Glorious PC Gaming Race is a company that’s seemingly on a mission to ‘upset’ (in a good way) the market in pretty much every peripheral division. Their Model O and Model O Wireless mice made huge waves in the mouse scene, and the new more

  • Glorious Ice Review
    Mousepad, Glorious

    Glorious Ice Review

    The people over at Glorious PC Gaming Race (often just known as ‘Glorious’) have been releasing some interesting products, some of which shook up the market in a pretty spectacular fashion. After going for the mouse market (and prior to taking a more

  • Glorious Model O Wireless Review
    Mouse, Glorious

    Glorious Model O Wireless Review

    Glorious is a company that has very much taken the world of gaming peripherals by storm. Their Model O mouse (which was the first mouse to be released in their O.D.I.N. lineup) shook up the scene in a permanent fashion, showing other more

  • Glorious Model D Review
    Mouse, Glorious

    Glorious Model D Review

    When Glorious dropped their first ever gaming mouse in the middle of last year it received a lot of praise, and rightfully so. The Model O shot up to be one of the most popular mice in enthusiast circles thanks to the more

  • Glorious Model O Review
    Mouse, Glorious

    Glorious Model O Review

    As far as gaming mice go the Glorious Model O is definitely coming in hot. The hype levels for this release have been reaching peak levels in enthusiast communities for a while now and we understand why. The Model O more