What is mouse acceleration?

Mouse acceleration (or ‘mouse accel‘ for short) is when your cursor in the game moves further depending on how fast you move your mouse on your desk. This is generally considered to be a big no-no for gaming mice (gaming mice should be as ‘raw’ as possible when processing movement) though some professionals (for example swag) like to turn on mouse accel on the software side.

Why mouse acceleration is bad for gaming

As mentioned above; not everyone is in full agreement that mouse acceleration is necessarily a bad thing, although most gamers seem to agree that it is something to avoid. While some people might like mouse accel and turn it on in their (ingame) settings, a good gaming mouse should never have built in acceleration which can’t be turned off, as the majority of gamers will not want anything impacting their aim.

Having good, precise aim in any game is all about muscle memory. Those guys that you see racking up the crazy headshots game after game have been practicing and honing their aim for dozens upon dozens of hours, and most of the insane flicks that you see in montages aren’t really done ‘consciously.’ Yes, the player makes the decision to try and shoot that enemy player who is now the unfortunate victim in a frag clip, but the actual blink-of-the-eye movement that you see is done pretty much automatically.

That’s because, after hundreds of hours of practice, your brain and body knows exactly how far to move your mouse to reach a certain spot on the screen. You’ve done it so much that it’s become ingrained in your system. Think of having great aim like riding a bike; yes you have to be conscious and pay attention in order to not fall over, but the actual process of moving your feet on the pedals comes naturally, without thinking. It’s the same with aim.

That’s why it’s recommended to not change sensitivity all the time, and why it may take some time to get back to your regular skills if you get a new mouse (which can be heavier or lighter, thus messing with your muscle memory) or something like that.

If you want your aim to be consistent, your mouse should be too, and if you’re playing  with mouse acceleration on it’s simply not going to be consistent. You no longer only have to take the distance that you move your mouse into account, you also have to think about the speed at which you’re moving said mouse. That only adds another layer of difficulty, and it’s very hard to get your brain and hands properly ‘tuned in’ when using mouse acceleration.

As mentioned before; some people (even professional gamers) do like having mouse acceleration turned on, but in general we recommend to steer away from it.

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Why Xantares mouse acceleration 1.05 and other pro was mouse acceleration 1?


Is this post referring to the windows setting “Enhance pointer precision” ?


And if so can you guys add this to the pro’s overviwe page as well?

ProSettings | Lars

Yes, that is an implementation of acceleration indeed! There are also programs, older sensors, and so on that introduce acceleration, but the Windows setting you speak of is indeed one such application. We recommend turning that off for gaming.


About a month ago I decided to try mouse accel because I saw Xantares use it, and I thought that trying it wouldn’t cause any pain because I could just turn it off if I didn’t like it but now I can’t play without it on


Today i turned accel on and my flicks are better!


I turn it on and now I’m a beast like hell like XANTARES

ProSettings | Lars

Nice! Some people love to play with acceleration on so if it works for you that’s great!

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Mouse acceleration actually helps aim once you get used to it the default windows mouse acceleration is bad thats why you should turn that on but the kovaak interaccel one is really good and helps lots of pros so you should actually use it.

ProSettings | Max

We notice that almost no professional player across our analyzed games uses acceleration so we wouldn’t say that this is a black or white issue. Also worth noting is that, while KovaaK’s might implement acceleration ‘better’, it doesn’t mean that our analyzed games do the same. For consistency’s sake (definitely across multiple games) we recommend people to start with acceleration off for that reason. Of course everyone is free to do what they want so if acceleration works for you that’s great. There are pros who prefer it too, but a lot more leave it off.


Mouse accell your like its or you gate. I play por a years without accell. And now love Accel awp os more accurate and the game os smothier. Imo

ProSettings | Max

There are definitely people who like to play with it on but the vast majority of pro players that we analyze have it off which is why recommend people to leave it off initially. Of course everyone is different so if it works for you then that’s obviously fantastic!


Now i use mouse acceleration thank you

ProSettings | Max

You’re in a select club of mouse accel users now, but if it works for you then that’s all that matters of course!