Rarest Fortnite Emotes

The world of Fortnite is filled with colorful cosmetics and emotes. It’s always fun to see your character do a little dance after a kill or when you are waiting to get into a match. When it comes to emotes, the Fortnite library is filled with iconic emotes from your favorite TV shows, anime, and movies. 

Just like there are some rare Fortnite skins, there are also some rare emotes. Emotes that were once released and haven’t been back in the item store, or emotes that were just removed from the game. In this article, we will be exploring these emotes, and if you happen to own any of them, you have something to brag about to you friends.

5. Rage

Released in Chapter 2 Season 2, Rage was part of the Travis Scott set.  The set also featured a Travis Scott skin. The whole set was the result of the Fortnite x Astroworld collab, a collab that even gave us an in-game live event. While not everyone is a fan of Travis, the event was very enjoyable and it took you through some of the most popular Travis Scott songs.

The Rage emote was however removed from the game after the unfortunate Astroworld festival crush. We don’t know if there are going to be any future Travis Scott and Fortnite collabs, but it’s doubtful that we are ever going to see the Rage emote back in the Item Shop, making it one of the rarest Fortnite emotes.

4. Kiss The Cup

The “Kiss the Cup” emote was released back in Chapter 1 Season 9. Since then, we haven’t seen it in the item shop, making it one of the rarest emote in the game. Considering that it was released right after the Fortnite World Cup, the emote is in high demand.

It was inspired by Bugha’s moves after he won the World Cup, and given the fact that Bugha’s victory is still one of the most iconic wins in the history of the game, the popularity of Kiss The Cup isn’t all that strange. The fact was priced at 200 V-Bucks (pretty cheap considering the story of this emote) also probably has something to do with its popularity.

It has been almost 4 years since the emote was released and it has become a rare collectible for most people.

3. Widow’s Pirouette

Marvel has become a pretty integral part of Fortnite. From skins, emotes, and weapons to whole POIs, Marvel has played a pretty big role in the evolution of Fortnite. The Black Widow set was the result of one of these collabs, and it contained the Widow’s Pirouette.

The set was released in 2019, and since then the set has not been seen in the item store. There is no history of bad blood between Marvel and Epic (the developers of Fortnite) so theoretically there’s a chance that the set might return at some point in the future, but for now it’s definitely one of the more hyped and rare Fortnite emotes.

2. Head Banger

The “Head Banger”, like “Rage”, was also a part of the Astroworld Travis Scott Set It made your character bop his head up and down to music. A great emote to use after you get an insane victory royale. 

Similarly to the Rage emote, though, Head Banger was also removed following the tragic events at the Astroworld concert. Given the fact that this emote is highly unlikely to return to the game in a purchasable form, Head Banger is one of the rarest Fortnite emotes out there right now.

1. Fresh

Fortnite fans were excited to see an emote from the massively popular show Fresh Prince of Bell Air make its way to the game. The emote was a copy of Carlton’s dance from the show, a moment that had seen its own kind of revival after the dance had gone viral online. Since Carlton was also big and integral part of the show, his emote was very well-received. 

However, the emote was trademarked by the actor playing Carlton (Alfonso Ribeiro) who sued Epic Games for copyright. This resulted in the emote being removed from the game entirely. It was sad to see an emote loved and adored by the community being deleted from the game, but of course it would be wrong for Epic to profit off of someone else’s intellectual property. Given the popularity, status, and the story surrounding the emote, Fresh is without a doubt one of the most known rare Fortnite emotes.

Rarest Fortnite Emote – Conclusion

The developers of Fortnite are constantly putting out new emotes, skins, and other content, and most of it is based on pop culture. Basing your ingame cosmetics on real-life IPs, people, and events creates massive amounts of hype for those cosmetics, but it does come with an increased risk. Copyright disputes, artists or people who become controversial, … These things can all lead to certain cosmetics leaving the store forever, and once that happens they become extremely rare.

The Fortnite emotes mentioned in this article are some of the rarest and most relevant emotes in the game, so if you have one of these in your inventory, don’t be afraid to equip it and show it off to the rest of the server to show how much of a dedicated Fortnite player you are!

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Widows parlett isnt rare anymore fortnite recently added the og black widow set for the last day of chapter 4 in the OG season