PUBG PC Ranks Explained

PUBG PC ranks are a relatively new thing. For many years after the game launched, ranks were not part of competitive experience. With that said: PUBG ranks have been here for a while now, and they’re obviously here to stay. In this article, we’ll go over the different PUBG PC ranks, explain how the ranking system works, and give you some pointers on how to rank up in PUBG.

Note that ranks are different from XP levels. XP levels (which are numbers) only indicate how much time someone has spent playing the game, they’re not an indication of skill. These ranks are also not to be confused with PUBG Mobile ranks, which we have a separate article on.

PUBG rank tiers and divisions

Each PUBG rank has 5 divisions, ranging from 5-1. Once you reach enough ranked points (RP) to get to the next rank, you will start in division 5 of that new rank. The PUBG ranks are:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Master.
  • Grandmaster

Note that the Grandmaster rank is reserved for the top 500 players only.


How PUBG Rank Points (RP) work

In PUBG PC, players earn rank points based on their performance in matches. Points are awarded for kills, assists, and your placement within the match. 

The number of points earned or lost depends on factors such as the player’s current rank, the rank of opponents, and the player’s performance in the match. Perform well and place high, and you’ll get a lot of RP in return. If you place low and you don’t get any kills, you will lose RP.

No one knows exactly how these point gains or losses are calculated, so there’s no sense in trying to game the system. Just focus on your personal performance.

Players at diamond or above will see their rank decay if they do not play for more than one week.

Tips for improving your PUBG PC rank

Now that you understand how the PUBG PC rank system works, let’s explore some tips and strategies for climbing the ranks.

Focus on survival

In PUBG PC, survival is key to earning rank points and climbing the ranks. Focus on staying alive as long as possible in matches, prioritizing positioning, cover, and strategic decision-making to avoid early eliminations. Going for kills is obviously encouraged as it gives you more RP (see the next tip) but don’t blindly rush in, as early eliminations can be very costly.

Aim for kills and assists when it’s safe to do so

While survival is important, kills and assists also play a significant role in earning rank points. Aim to engage in combat whenever possible and secure eliminations to earn additional points and climb the ranks faster. Do be cautious here: there’s no need to dive into a 4-way fight in the early game, as early eliminations can be quite punishing for your rank. Always try to go for fights where you have the upper hand.

Play with a qquad

Teamwork can greatly enhance your chances of success in PUBG PC. Play with a squad of skilled and coordinated players to increase your chances of surviving encounters, securing kills, and ultimately earning more rank points.

Study the meta

Stay up-to-date with the latest strategies, tactics, and weapons in PUBG PC. Watch streams, tutorials, and pro-player gameplay to learn from the best and improve your own skills and strategies.

Adapt and evolve

The PUBG PC meta is constantly evolving, with new updates, patches, and balance changes altering the game’s dynamics. Stay flexible and adapt your playstyle and strategies to match the current meta and maximize your chances of success.

As you climb the ranks, you’ll notice that enemies start to play differently at higher ranks. This can take some time to get used to, but don’t be discouraged if this adaptation period has you drop rank for a bit. It’s all part of the process.

Stay Positive and Persistent

Climbing the ranks in PUBG PC can be challenging and requires time and dedication. Stay positive, learn from your mistakes, and keep pushing forward, even in the face of setbacks. 

With persistence and determination, you can reach the top ranks and become a true PUBG Grandmaster.

Conclusion – PUBG PC Ranks

The rank system in PUBG PC adds depth, challenge, and progression to the game, rewarding players for their skill, performance, and dedication, as well as giving players something to work towards. PUBG’s ranking system isn’t terribly difficult to understand

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