PUBG Mobile Ranks Explained

PUBG Mobile is one of the most successful competitive mobile games in the world. Much like PUBG PC, it has its own ranking system. The PUBG Mobile ranks are different from the PC version’s ranks though, so in this article we’ll explain how the ranking system works on the mobile version.

Understanding PUBG Mobile Ranks

Before sprinting to conquer the battlegrounds, one must understand the lay of the land. PUBG’s rank system is divided into eight tiers, each containing five divisions. Two exceptions to this are the Ace and Conqueror ranks. Ace only has 3 divisions, and Conqueror is reserved for the 500 best players in their respective servers.

Progression is measured through Rank Points (RP), which players get (or lose) after every match.

Ranking Points (RP)

PUBG’s ranking algorithm considers several factors when dishing out (or taking away) RP after a match. Among these factors are kills, match placement, match duration, how many supplies you’ve picked up, and so on.

No one knows exactly how the game calculates your RP gain/loss, so it’s pointless to try and game the system. Instead, focus on your own performance, and try to be as consistent as possible.

We’ve listed some tips at the bottom of this article for people who are keen on climbing the ranked ladder.

PUBG Mobile Ranks

The eight rank tiers in PUBG mobile are, from lowest to highest:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Crown
  • Ace (and Ace Master and Ace Dominator)
  • Conqueror

Climbing this rank mountain is not just a test of your reflexes but a trial of strategic prowess and adaptability. With every new season, expect a reset of ranks to keep the competition fresh and lively. Players will be dropped a couple of ranks when a season resets, and have to grind their way up again.

Bronze Tier: The Starting Line

Bronze is the entry-level tier in PUBG’s ranking system, where every player begins their journey. Here, you’ll find players exhibiting a wide spectrum of skill levels and game knowledge. 

With no demotion possible, there are players who spend their entire career in Bronze.

Silver Tier: The Learning Curve

In Silver, players are expected to demonstrate an understanding of PUBG’s core mechanics and basic strategies. 

Players must consistently perform to avoid demotion to Bronze, but the Silver ranks are still very much novice ranks.

Gold Tier: The Road Ahead

Gold is where the battle royale truly begins. Players here have a decent grasp of PUBG’s game dynamics and can easily navigate its environments. 

Consistency is vital in this tier.

Platinum Tier: The Middle Ground

Platinum is a melting pot where players are expected to have honed their skills and tactics. 

A steep climb from Gold, this tier houses (give or take) the top 30% of players.

Diamond Tier: The Stepping Stone

At Diamond, players are inching closer to PUBG’s elite. 

This tier is where things start to get serious.

Crown Tier: The Elite Few

Crown is a coveted rank that only the top 10% of PUBG mobile players reach. 

Here, you’ll find some of the most skilled and experienced gamers who have an high-level understanding of PUBG Mobile’s mechanics and strategies.

Ace Tiers: The Top Players

Ace is where PUBG Mobile’s top players reside. These are the crème de la crème.

Reaching this tier is a testament to one’s dedication, talent, and resilience.

Conqueror Tier: The Ultimate Achievement

Conqueror is the highest rank a player can achieve in PUBG, reserved for the top 500 players on each server. 

Reaching this tier not only requires exceptional skills but also an unwavering passion for PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile Ranks

Tips for improving your PUBG Mobile rank

PUBG Mobile is no walk in the park, but with a few easy tips you will shoot up the ranks in no time.

Master the basics

Before venturing into ranked matches, make sure you’ve mastered movement, recoil control, weapons handling, looting strategies, and survival instincts. 

These form the foundation of a competitive player’s skill set and are essential for consistency.

Master the maps

Map knowledge is the foundation upon which rank progression is built. It’s more than just knowing where to drop; understanding loot-spawn locations, vehicle availability, vantage points, and the magnetic geography that pulls in the blue zone is vital to strategic success. 

Consider hot drops and initial firefights

Landing in active areas, or ‘hot dropping,’ may feel like a gamble, but it’s a calculated risk that can pay off with significant RP boosts. 

Engaging in early skirmishes not only sharpens reflexes but also maximizes kill points. Be on the lookout for immediate threats and prioritize weaponry over survival—the rewards can be exponential for those who emerge victorious.

Weapon selection and combat tactics

Choosing the right tools for the job is critical. Every weapon in PUBG Mobile is tailored to a specific playstyle and situation. 

Pairing guns and attachments to create a loadout that serves both close-quarters battles and long-range engagements will provide a versatile edge. 

Furthermore, mastering recoil control and accuracy with your preferred arsenal is non-negotiable for any gamer aiming to climb the ranks.

The importance of team play

In a game that depends on survival, cooperation can be the ace up your sleeve. Understanding your team’s strengths and employing a strategic approach to roles and coordination can improve the squad’s performance. 

Effective communication, sharing supplies, and having designated snipers and leaders will turn your team into a rank-climbing machine.

Quick tips from the pros

Insight from the trenches can often be the most valuable. Here’s what the pros say about what it takes to reach the top of the ranking system:

  • Focus on consistent performance rather than winning every match.
  • Make smart decisions to ensure consistent, decent scores.
  • Balance risk-taking with maintaining control and initiative.
  • Develop quick decision-making abilities.
  • Prioritize accurate shooting while minimizing personal and team risks.
  • Analyze replays and opponents to identify areas for improvement.
  • Continuously seek to enhance gameplay with each game.
  • Stay updated on map additions, weapon balancing, and system upgrades.


For those willing to invest time and effort, the ranks in PUBG Mobile are not just virtual distinctions but a reflection of the dedication it takes to master a complex game. 

Remember, the path to mastery is filled with challenges, but each challenge is an opportunity to grow. Keep your strategies sharp, learn from the best, and don’t shy away from the grind. The battlegrounds are waiting, and the ranks are yours to claim.

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