Fortnite Double Movement – Best Settings

In a cross-platform competitive game like Fortnite, a developer’s main goal is to keep the game fair across the board. Thankfully, Epic Games have made huge strides in that area. It wasn’t so long ago that controller players had a surprisingly huge advantage thanks to what we call double movement in Fortnite though.

Controller players were able to move in one direction while looking at the other. Since this was not possible on the keyboard/mouse, it created a massive shift in the balance between both platforms. For a good while, the only way to get controller-like movement on KBM was through third-party apps. Even though it worked, it caused major system latency and input lag issues.

To fix this, Epic Games finally introduced settings that gave you controller-like movement. These settings are what this guide is about. In this piece, we will help you set up your movement just like the pros. For a detailed guide on Fortnite settings in general, check out our Fortnite Best Settings article

What is Fortnite Double Movement?

Essentially, double movement allows you to look in one direction while moving in the other. This way, you can strafe and look around simultaneously.

Double Movement Advantages

There are several advantages to using double movement:

  • You get a better view of your surroundings.
  • Building moves become easier, and things like cone jumps and tarping feel more fluid.
  • You can look left while moving right and vice versa.

Best Fortnite Double Movement Settings

Fortnite Chapter 5 completely overhauled the movement mechanics in the game itself, making your old double movement settings obsolete. You now don’t need to install any third party software in order to use double movement. The best double movement settings depend on your personal preferences, but we’ve got an ideal starting point. Follow these steps to get started with double movement in Fortnite:

  • Launch Fortnite
  • Navigate to Settings -> Keyboard
  • Under Keyboard Movement, turn Custom Diagonals to ON.
  • You should now be able to see three additional settings.

Our best Fortnite Double Movement settings are as follows:

Forward Diagonal Angle75
Strafe Angle90
Backward Diagonal Angle135

Feel free to test these settings out in creative! You can tweak them further so that they fit your style of play.

Best Fortnite Double Movement Settings


To be mechanically good at any shooter, you need to strengthen two main foundations of your gameplay; movement and aim. Of course practice is the most important thing you can do if you want to improve your gameplay, but having the best movement settings is sure to give you a head start in mastering movement in Fortnite.

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