Elgato adds NVIDIA Broadcast to its streaming software

NVIDIA’s Broadcast technology (which was previously known as RTX Voice) is an impressive piece of software that eliminates background noise from audio channels as well as allowing users to enable a virtual background without the need for a green screen.

Previously, in order to use NVIDIA’s tech, users had to download a separate app, but now Elgato (owned by Corsair) has partnered with NVIDIA to bring these features to their own software. Elgato/Corsair gear users will be able to seamlessly enjoy the impressive noise removal features as well as the background features, so long as you’re using an RTX GPU and compatible Elgato products.

Video Feed Backgrounds

AI-enhanced filters can apply a background to your video stream without the need for a green screen. This is obviously useful for streamers, but it also allows you to keep your surroundings private for work or school meetings. Results may of course vary dependent on lighting conditions but NVIDIA’s Broadcast technology works well, and not having to set up a bulky green screen is always a plus.

Audio Noise Removal

Corsair’s Wave microphones come included with their Wave Link software. This was already an impressive piece of kit and now comes enhanced with NVIDIA’s Broadcast technology in order to filter out background noise. The effect can be turned on with a simple toggle in the Wave Link software. Broadcast features are also available across nearly the entire range of Corsair headsets.

The noise removal can be applied to individual audio channels, and the feature uses AI to identify voices, thus separating them from unwanted sounds such as pet sounds, fan noise, background chatter, and so on. It also cancels room echoes, meaning that it is no longer required to use sound-dampening materials in order to get clear audio without any echoing.

All of these features are now available. If you have an eligible product you will receive a prompt in Corsair’s iCUE software to download the NVIDIA Broadcast add-on.

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