Best Mouse for Overwatch - The Ultimate Guide

Overwatch is a shooter with plenty to love for everyone, and the combination of FPS gameplay and MOBA style heroes with unique abilities has spawned an entire new genre of games ever since Overwatch was released in 2016. None of them have been quite as successful as Blizzard's entry though, and even today new players pick up the game all the time. Admittedly it isn't as popular as it once was with the competitive crowd but a lot of people are still drawn to the game every single day, so if you're one of those people and you want to learn more about gaming mice you've come to the right spot.

We've been taking a look at our data and we've come up with the top five most used mice by Overwatch pros. In this list we'll sum them all up, along with a bit of information about the mice themselves.

As with every peripheral it's important that you choose whatever suits you best; just copying a professional's setup won't give you their skills, for instance. Regardless of that, it's hard to go wrong with that the pros are using, so this guide should serve as an ideal baseline for beginners and veterans alike who're looking for a new mouse.

The Top 5:
1. Logitech G Pro Wireless

2. Logitech G903

3. Zowie EC2

4. Logitech G703

5. Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse

What makes a mouse good for Overwatch?

This question is a little hard to answer since there are so many different roles and playing styles in Overwatch. A hitscan DPS player, for instance, will probably gravitate towards a more classic, lightweight FPS mouse whereas a tank player doesn't really need to focus on pixel perfect aiming all that much so it's definitely possible to go for a mouse that's got a little more weight and extra buttons in that case. But we're obviously generalizing things quite a bit here.

In the end you'll want a mouse with a flawless sensor that suits your grip style and preferences. Luckily flawless sensors have been the standard in any gaming mouse worth its salt for the past couple of years now so there really isn't a need to worry about the sensor quality if you're shopping with the reputed brands so what it really comes down to is the build quality, the quality of things like the cable and mouse feet, and of course the shape and features.

These things are a matter of preference, so with a game that's as varied as Overwatch it's kind of hard to pin down exactly what would be the perfect OW mouse, if the 'perfect mouse' even exists for any game or genre for that matter. What's interesting is that Logitech seems to really know how to please the OW pros.

Loving Logitech

Logitech mice have been well-liked by the gaming community (and the Overwatch community) for well over a decade now, and while some of their past releases had some design cues which landed them firmly in the 'love it or hate it' category their most popular mouse, the G Pro Wireless, seems to be an absolute smash hit. Its 'successor' (the G Pro Wireless is still being sold today), the G Pro X Superlight, is seeing similar success levels.

While the G Pro Wireless takes the throne Logitech firmly solidifies their grasp over the Overwatch kingdom by taking up most of the other spots in this list. So if the pros are to be believed you're good to go if you opt for a Logitech or a Zowie, with the other brands lagging behind by a lot. This of course doesn't mean that these other brands aren't worth the trouble : we're just commenting on the numbers before us.

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of analyzed overwatch pros use a logitech mouse

1. Logitech G Pro Wireless

Terrific technology

Details of this mouse were leaked way before any official announcement, but the hype train really got going when SF Shock (at the time) player BABYBAY showed off an early version of the mouse on his stream. Various gear-loving parts of the community started going wild shortly afterwards, and when the mouse finally released it became clear that the excitement wasn't for naught.

The G Pro Wireless sports the flawless HERO (High Efficiency Rate Optical) sensor, which is Logitech's own version of the 3366, and due to the changes they made to the sensor it consumes less power while still delivering the same performance, giving the mouse a very impressive 40 hour battery life. All of that is housed in a lightweight (81 grams) shell that's got a much safer design than their earlier top-tier wireless mice, so if you read all that it's not hard to imagine why this particular product is so widely used by professional gamers.


Logitech's Pro line is always aimed towards competitive gamers, and the G Pro Wireless isn't an exception to that. Going wireless is a great feeling in and of itself, but it's not gonna be of much use to professional players if it introduces delay or loses connection all the time. That's not the case with Logitech's LIGHTSPEED technology though. It's as fast as a good old wired connection and it's as stable as can be so it's safe to say that the days of subpar wireless mice are well and truly over.

To further improve on the Pro aspect of this mouse Logitech has added a rechargeable battery (so there's no need to carry extra batteries or rush to the store if you run out), internal memory to store your mouse settings, and even a little compartment to house the mouse's receiver, making it a super portable option for gamers who are often on the go.

Why this one?

Aside from the fact that it's an impressive technological feat, the G Pro Wireless is also just a great gaming mouse in general. It's got a top sensor, great buttons, a nice and comfortable shape, and configurable side buttons. If you want to hop on the wireless train without having to make any compromises this is definitely the one to go for, but even if you don't care about wires the G Pro Wireless deserves a thorough look, though the newer G Pro X Superlight is definitely an improvement over the G Pro Wireless if you ask us.

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Logitech G Pro Wireless
Logitech G903
Logitech G703
Zowie EC2
Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse

2. Logitech G903

The most feature-rich option

The G903 is the odd one out. Whereas the other mice in this list are mostly (on the surface) pretty basic mice with nothing extra tacked on, the G903 offers up a ton of extra features. Underneath the hood it's a 'standard' gaming mouse: it's got a flawless 3366 sensor, nice clicks and a zero latency (wireless) connection but this particular mouse also offers a tilting scroll wheel (which can be set infinite scrolling), configurable side buttons, and two DPI buttons (which can be programmed to do whatever you want) on the top shell. This all comes in an ambidextrous package which, if you look at all the features it offers, it still pretty lightweight at 108 grams.

Defying expectations

The G903 is the mouse of choice for some of the Overwatch League's most prolific DPS players, despite weighing (a bit) more than the magical 100 grams that's often cited as being the limit for FPS mice. There is obviously an upper limit to weight and there's no reason for pretty basic mice to weigh a ton, but the G903 comes with a whole host of added features on top of being a larger mouse in itself so the weight of it all makes a bit more sense if you see it in context, and there's also the fact that wireless mice often feel lighter to use.

Preferences are preferences, and some people definitely perform way better with lighter mice (and vice versa) but it's interesting to see some of the league's best DPS players using a mouse that would immediately be denounced by some people because of the weight.

Why This One?

If you feel like you do better with slightly heavier mice and/or you want a mouse with lots of extra features and buttons then this is definitely a great match.

3. Zowie EC2

The CS:GO classic

The Zowie EC2 is one of the most popular mice ever in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive world so it's not a surprise to see it pop up in other gaming scenes. The mouse has gone through a variety of iterations at this point (click here for a detailed overview of the different editions) but one thing has always remained the same, and that's the shape.

The EC is widely appreciated for having one of the best ergonomic shapes in the business, and that combined with a no-nonsense build makes it have a great deal of devoted fans.

No frills

Zowie is famous for their 'no BS' approach to gaming peripherals. When you get the EC2 there's no need to install any drivers or software prior to using the mouse since it's completely plug and play; you can change all of the most important settings (polling rate and DPI) on the mouse itself.

This does mean that it's not going to be the best option out there for people who prefer to have a great deal of customization, but for most competitive gamers this mouse does everything that it should do.

Why This One?

If you want to try one of the best ergonomic shapes in the business and you like your mice to be of the 'get in the saddle and let's ride' variety then this is a great option to try out.

4. Logitech G703

More wireless action

One of the main things that we've learned while compiling the data for this list is that the Overwatch pros have fully integrated wireless mice. If you'd have told gamers five years ago that almost half of professional gamers in one of the world's most ambitious esports leagues would be using wireless mice you'd probably be laughed at.

Wireless tech used to be utterly unreliable for pro gaming, but since Logitech's LIGHTSPEED technology that's a thing of the past, and now we see more and more brands coming out with their own wireless tech, which is something we can only applaud.

Great internals

The G703 has a rechargeable battery, nice clicks and a 3366 sensor. That sensor is the predecessor to Logitech's HERO sensor, but the 3366 performs every bit as flawlessly as its successor. The only difference is that it consumes more power while doing so, so if you're planning on doing a 24 hour stream with the RGB lighting turned on you'll be cutting it a bit close. An entire day of (ingame) battery life is definitely very respectable and more than enough for a lot of people so this shouldn't be an issue. Just remember to take your charging cable if you're going out gaming for the weekend.

The shape of the G703 has historically always been a hit or miss kind of affair. There's a pretty pronounced hump towards the back of the mouse which, depending on who you're speaking to, feels either amazing or super weird.

Why this one?

If you want a palm-filling ergonomic mouse with top internals this could be it for you. It's also wireless (with a rechargeable battery) so if you're looking to cut the cord and you prefer ergonomic mice this deserves a look.

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5. Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse

The former king

The G Pro Gaming Mouse was originally just called 'G Pro', but since the G Pro Wireless and the G Pro Gaming Mouse have almost nothing in common except for the name they decided to add 'Gaming Mouse' to the old monarch's moniker to further help differentiate the two. Yes, we do agree that Logitech can still improve their name game.

Regardless of that, the G Pro was (and still is) a great gaming mouse. When it was released along with the G403 they were among the first mice to introduce the flawless sensors that we now see in every gaming mouse worthy of the name, so we all owe a lot to this little mouse.

Recently refreshed

One of the major complaints that people had with the first G Pro was that it came with a stiff and braided cable which could absolutely interfere with gameplay. Some people are more sensitive to those kinds of things than others, but it remains a fact that the cable was by far the first thing that gamers wanted to see an improvement on, and when Logitech released the G Pro Wireless they showed that they listen to their audience by slapping a much more flexible cable on the G Pro Gaming Mouse. In addition to that they also replaced the 3366 sensor in that mouse with Logitech's own HERO sensor.

The shape still won't be for everyone (read our review on the wireless version of this mouse, called the G305, here) but now that the cable has been updated there's no reason to call this mouse anything but top tier.

Why this one?

If you're a fan of smaller ambidextrous mice and/or you're looking for a lightweight mouse with not a lot of 'presence' in your hand this is definitely worth your consideration. If you do decide to go for it we would certainly recommend to buy the newer version with the smoother cable however.

Conclusion: The best Mouse for Overwatch

Overwatch is a game that can be played by a whole variety of people. If you're someone who prefers the tactical side of gaming you can be a tank main, and if you're the best at clicking heads there's a myriad of DPS heroes to choose from. For this reason you'd be forgiven for thinking that this list would be a pretty varied one with a lot of different mice at almost the same percentage, but that's not really the case.

What is interesting that these mice are all used by a variety of roles. You'd think that a heavier, more tricked out mouse such as the G903 would be used by more tactical players who rely less on aim, but that mouse is the mouse of choice for some of the league's most celebrated DPS players, for example. That only reinforces the fact that a lot comes down to personal preference when you're choosing your peripherals. There are a lot of aspects to a mouse that can be judged objectively (build quality, cable, sensor, button travel, ...) but things such as weight and shape rely very much on preference.

In any case; we hope this list has been informative and that it's helped you create a sort of idea on what mice you should consider in case you're looking for a new one.

Thanks for reading!